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“What today is your birthday? Sorry, I don’t know, I wish you a happy birthday first.” Lu Zixin said quickly, “I haven’t prepared a gift yet.”

“Without a gift, I am not so emotional, how? Is there time at night?” Xue Yao looked at him with some expectation.

“Well, yes.” Lu Zixin agreed.

Upon hearing his consent, Xue Yao showed a pleasant expression and said, “Well, wait until I will buy food and let you taste my craft.”

“Do you cook for yourself?” Lu Zixin surprisedly said.

“Of course! Do you want to go to the restaurant to eat?” Xue Yao asked.

“No, that’s better, I really want to taste Senior Sister food.”

The two chatted for a while and went to Xue Yao’s residence together. Xue Yao rented in an ordinary community, three rooms and one hall, with a kitchen and a bathroom. But instead of living alone, she shared the rent with two girls.

The two girls are her friends, one of whom is a college student, hardcore girlfriend. The other is a colleague who has worked together.

When Lu Zixin and her arrived, her shared roommates were not there. They all went to work. It is said that they came back at night and celebrated her birthday together.

When Xue Yao opened the door, Lu Zixin saw a scene of jealousy. On the sofa in the living room, a few pieces of underwear were left indiscriminately. A variety of colors and styles, a pair of lace pants also fell to the ground.

Xue Yao suddenly turned red and spit out: “It must be Xiaoyan. Every time she take my clothes, she throw them on the sofa and say it many times.”

“Cough.” Lu Zixin coughed twice and said, “It’s normal. Our boy’s clothes are also littered.”

“You sit down first, I clean up the room.” Xue Yao said.

“Yeah.” Lu Zixin looked at the environment inside the house. Except for the clothes on the sofa, the rest was very simple and clean. There are flowers on the balcony, and there is a turtle tank next to them, raising two small turtles.

The doors of the bedroom were closed, and Xue Yao took all the clothes into the room and closed the door. Lu Zixin is also very curious, what is inside.

“Lu Zixin, is there glasses on the table?” After a while, Xue Yao shouted in the bedroom.

“Yes.” Lu Zixin saw a pair of glasses. He just picked it up and the lens fell directly to the ground, missing a corner.

Xue Yao just came out and saw this scene. Lu Zixin said: “How did this lens fall?”

Xue Yao said with a smile : “The lens has been loose, I am going to take it to the optical shop. Now I don’t need it, I can change it directly.”

“Or I will pay you a new one.”

Xue Yao glanced at him and said in a blame tone: “Lu Zixin, are you floating? Do you think that you have a pair of glasses, I let you pay for it? It’s really a sister outsider!”

“I will say it with kindness,” Lu Zixin said with a cheeky face.

“You are free to do it.” Xue Yao said, “Now there is nothing at home, I go out and buy some fruits and vegetables, you are free.”

“Would you like me to help?” Lu Zixin asked.

“No, you can just sit there.” Xue Yao finished, and then went out again.

Lu Zixin is alone in the living room, playing with a mobile phone.

He entered Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group and chatted with several group friends.

Tony Stark is discussing the issue of energy installations with Bruce Wayne, Tony Stark said : “The small ark reactor I started with, using 1.6 grams of palladium, has an energy output of 30 billion joules per second. But this energy output Only MARK-1 can be operated, and later a new element is used as an energy response board. The energy rate is increased by a factor of ten, and even a laser weapon can be launched.”

Bruce Wayne : “I am researching micro-controllable nuclear batteries. If successful, it should be comparable to the energy of the Ark reactor.”

Mr. L : “Bubbles.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: puncture.]”

A few people talked casually, Lu Zixin said : “Now it’s awkward, my friend’s birthday, not only did not prepare a gift, but also dropped her glasses.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: gloating.]”

Tony Stark : “She? This is not enough for a gentleman.”

Bruce Wayne : “This is just a small mistake. It’s easy to make up. Just send some gadgets.”

Mr. L : “But I didn’t know it beforehand, so I was not prepared. I am already at her house now.”

Tony Stark : “You must have a romantic day.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: I seem to understand something.] The owner, have you changed the mating object?”

Mr. L : “@Red Queen, don’t just talk!”

Bruce Wayne : “Hahaha, this is too straightforward to describe!”

Tony Stark : “It seems that you still need the old driver to take you on a journey. I have glasses here, which can be used as a small gift.”

After that, he sent a Red envelope directly to Lu Zixin.

Red Queen : “[Little girl emoticon: I am not envious!]”

Tony Stark : “You don’t have to envy, it’s not a valuable thing. You two must have a lot, but it may be useful to the owner.”

Lu Zixin is also very curious about what it is, so he opened the Red envelope.

Group Tip : “Congratulations to you for receiving Red envelope from Tony Stark and getting ten sets of Stark Industries smart glasses.”

“Smart glasses?” Lu Zixin took a set out of the group space and took it out for observation.

Glasses, glasses case, charging head, and instructions for use.

The glasses themselves are small and very lightweight, and they don’t feel any weight at all. It also has no color itself, like it is completely transparent.

The smart glasses have only one horizontal frame. In the upper right corner of the lens, there is a slightly thicker frame structure that seems to contain something.

Lu Zixin opens the manual, which reads: “G-551 smart glasses are intrusive smart glasses. The LCD screen on the glasses can directly project the image in the eyes of the user, expanding the user’s field of view and displaying large-area stereoscopic images. Image, boosting pixels and sharpness.”

“G-551 smart glasses contain high-performance chips and micro-batteries for wireless charging and wireless connection of smart devices. With augmented reality, remote communication, voice transmission, iris recognition, intelligent navigation, intelligent commentary, and myopia adjustment.”

It is also suggested in the manual that the G-551 smart glasses can also be connected to the smart device to perform function adjustment and modification on APP that comes with the glasses.

The reason why this smart glasses is completely transparent is because its color can also be adjusted! Through different color combinations, you can show different shapes, it is so handsome!

Tony Stark said : “This is my favorite one. Whether it is life or work, smart glasses are a rare helper.”

Especially when doing research, wearing smart glasses to connect artificial intelligence, Tony Stark wants to record or find information, it can be displayed directly in front of the eyes, more convenient.

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