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Look at a white hair in front of him, his eyes are black, his face is wearing a sinister smile, and he still holds a short gun in his hand.

Xia Yan knows that his final arrangement has been successful.

Opposite is the Hollow self, entering Hollowfication must first curb the soul to commit suicide, limit the unrestricted boundaries, and then control the Hollowfication in breaking Shinigami and Hollow boundary.

As long as you beat the opposite side, you can master the Hollowfication.

When Xia Yan appeared here, it also meant to curb the success of suicide.

In the entire Three Realms, there is only one person that can curb the soul and commit suicide, Kisuke Urahara.

Kisuke Urahara At Human World, how did Xia Yan reach Human World and find Kisuke Urahara?

This is going back four years ago, Xia Yan was attacked by Ramirez, Xia Yan lying on the hospital bed, not sure Aizen goal is to kill himself, but also to test Ability.

It seems to be testing the Ability now, but at the time it was hidden, but it was still found by Ramirez, most likely Aizen instructions.

So at that time, Xia Yan first determined that Aizen wanted to kill himself and made a lot of arrangements for it.

He first thought about how Aizen would kill himself.

Kill directly? This is unlikely, and Aizen is now in a state of concealment with the lowest probability of direct shots.

Fall? This is very likely, and you can achieve the result of sanctioning yourself by controlling the room 46. Kisuke Urahara, Tsukabishi Tessai, and Kuchiki Rukia are all the results.

So Xia Yan wrote a letter to these two results and handed it to Unohana Retsu.

But is it only possible to have these two? The biggest possibility is that it should be ambiguous.

Before 71 years ago (original work 100 years ago), Aizen experimented with four Captains and three Deputy Captains and one Vice Kidō Chief into the Hollowfication.

Without the final treatment of Yoruichi, all eight would die.

Hollowfication, let the seireitei solve, is the means that Aizen hits the opponent the most.

Therefore, Xia Yan, the first one considered the problem of Hollowfication.

So how to solve the Hollowfication? To suppress the suicide of the soul, only Kisuke Urahara can do it. Entering the inner space to defeat the Hollow is what the Kisuke Urahara and Visored Legion can do.

But in any case, you need to go to Human World and arrive at Karakura Town.

How to get to Human World?

Use a door.

But how to build a door? Xia Yan did not get an answer in the hospital bed. I wanted to go back to investigate. As a result, on the way out to the restaurant, Xia Yan saw the students of the Spiritual Arts Academy returning to the Human World through the border gate, so Xia Yan asked Soi Fon. (Chapter 74).

Soi Fon tells himself that there is a center door and a small door through the door.

Onmitsukidō troops sometimes need to follow up and investigate the assassination of Shinigami to Human World, so they can apply for a small door, but need to apply for a target.

Soi Fon then asked him why he asked this. He said that it was a Maldivian tour with Soi Fon to Human World. Soi Fon also said that Human World has something to look at.

At that time, Xia Yan real purpose was actually to build a door.

According to the style described by Soi Fon, I need an application goal.

So who is the target of the application, can you reach the border and go to Karakura Town in Human World?

So you must find a Shinigami stationed at Human World and always in Human World Karakura Town.

However, most of the Quests stationed were controlled by the 13th Division Purification Team. They could not know the internal information of the decontamination team. The survey areas were too wide and it was difficult to find results.

Kurumadani Zennosuke?

He was on duty to Human World after Rukia, and there is no trace of him yet.

However, until two years later, at the birthday party, Xia Yan learned that the Shinigami Women’s Association hosted the birthday party, but suddenly found one less. Kotetsu Kiyone. Soi Fon told himself that Kotetsu Kiyone and his team member went to Human World (Chapter 76).

At this time, Xia Yan wakes up. In the original work, Kuchiki Rukia has been to Human World twice. The first time was original work forty years ago, and the second time was before the original work.

The first time Rukia was to support Kotetsu Kiyone, and then was placed Hōgyoku by Kisuke Urahara, and the memory was erased. Kisuke Urahara lives in Karakura Town, that is, the Kotetsu Kiyone unvoiced by Rukia is in Karakura Town.

The second time was more than forty years later, before the original work began, Rukia replaced Kotetsu Kiyone again, came to Karakura Town and met Kurosaki ichigo.

Although this time is controlled by Aizen, Kotetsu Kiyone is still in Karakura Town.

That is to say, in the 40 years, Kotetsu Kiyone has been rotating there.

Kotetsu Kiyone is the best application target.

Therefore, Xia Yan applied for a cross-border door to monitor Kotetsu Kiyone, but it was not built in 2nd Division, but in the mountainous area of ​​the North Third District.

Why is it built there?

Because the Shiba family is nearby, Shiba Kaien and his own practice site are also there, so Xia Yan is convenient.

At the same time, the material used to make the door is shipped out. It also needs to be traded with Shiba Kūkaku. Under the trade of fireworks bombs, fish in the water and fish, and the materials that pass through the gates are transported out and assembled in the hill.

So where to assemble?

Xia Yan chose the mountain within the body mountain. He used Seppa learned from the Shiba Ganju to create a cave inside the mountain. After the door was built, it was not used, but closed the cave.

But once it is Hollowfication, the Reiatsu suddenly disappears and will be noticed by Aizen.

Therefore, Xia Yan was filled with gunpowder in the cave, and a huge explosive device was placed above the mountain.

Because he followed Kukaku to study the bombs and helped Kukaku to make Tremor bombs during the research, Xia Yan knew about the bomb technology, and there was the Onmitsukidō troops purchasing. Xia Yan could easily get the bomb materials.

Therefore, after Hollowfication, he rushed to the mountain with the final consciousness. At the same time, he pressed the timing device of the bomb and rushed into the door.

After entering the gate, the bomb exploded, starting from the top of the mountain and below the mountain.

The explosion above the top of the mountain shows the power with high-intensity bombs, which makes Aizen misunderstand that he is experiencing self-destruction, and it is not difficult to do with the disappearance of his Reiatsu.

The bomb below is used to destroy the cave.

When Xia Yan left the gate to reach Human World, the following explosion began and the cave was destroyed.

After arriving at Human World, Xia Yan could not control himself, making a roar above the sky.

Formidable Reiatsu will instantly attract the Visored Legion and Kisuke Urahara stationed in Karakura Town, and being spotted by Shinigami, where Human World is stationed, but before they arrived, Xia Yan lost his mind.

After the Kisuke Urahara and the Visored Legion all arrived, Xia Yan shouted at Kisuke Urahara to save me and lost his reason.

Later, Xia Yan was swayed by them and brought back the remedy to suppress the suicide of soul.

In order to fear that Kisuke Urahara gave up on himself, Xia Yan also prepared a backpack with a letter in the backpack. The letter tells the story of the discovery of Aizen and told him that once he was Hollowfication, it would have been Aizen.

And let Kisuke Urahara eliminate the memory of Shinigami stationed in Human World, just like he has been through Rukia.

This is to avoid the fact that the formidable Reiatsu is related to the time he has disappeared, which leads to strange speculations and possible disappearances.

Xia Yan, who was injected with the soul to commit suicide, was taken away by the Visored Legion. The soul entered the inner space and fought against the Hollow self.

This is the final arrangement of Xia Yan. As soon as there is a mistake, Xia Yan will die.

But fortunately, this arrangement was successful, Xia Yan looks at the Hollow in front of himself, the corner of the mouth reveals a smile.


At this time, in the underground enchantment of the abandoned warehouse, Sarugaki Hiyori pulled out her own Zanpakuto and said, “The first one, let me come.”

The next moment, Xia Yan, who was fixed by Gochūtekkan, the Hollow mask once again appeared on the face, and Gochūtekkan directly shattered under the powerful force of Xia Yan. Then he flew toward Sarugaki Hiyori, but he was kicked by her and Xia Yan flew to the ground, and the two men fought together.

“I hope he can grasp the Hollowfication as soon as possible, otherwise I will personally kill him.”

Hirako Shinji looks at the figure of Xia Yan, said softly.

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