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“Think about it, what if you are lucky?” said Dong brother.

Xue Yao smiled and continued to organize her own information. Although Lu Zixin said it is not detailed, she does not think it is a big order, but according to her habits, it is still necessary to prepare in advance, like mosquito is small and meat.

The next day, Lu Zixin confessed to the company in the morning and went to the place agreed with Xue Yao.

He did not drive, because there is a subway station from Red Letter game to the destination, and today the road is more blocked, it is more convenient to take the subway.

At 10 o’clock in the morning, Lu Zixin arrived at business district subway station. Just arrived at the B1 exit, he saw Xue Yao waiting for him.

Xue Yao is tall and wearing high heels, which is very conspicuous in the crowd. She is dressed in a mature style, with long-sleeved sleeves and an arc on her chest.

Wearing a high-waist A-line skirt below, this kind of professional dress skirt must have a woman with long legs and a thin waist to wear the charm, Xue Yao belongs to this. When you have a waist, you will be able to hold it. The lower buttocks of the lower part of the box are in sharp contrast with the waist.

The front section of skirt has a partial split, similar to the side of cheongsam, but the position of split is different. The long legs wrapped in two black silk socks are hidden under the skirt, sexy and mysterious, and it’s never too much to judge the legs!

Xue Yao long hair dyed brown, the lower end of the micro-volume, placed on the shoulder. The eyebrows are meticulously painted and coated with bright lipstick. Standing there, it is ten times brighter than the billboard of the plastic star behind!

“Senior Sister!” Lu Zixin shouted at her, she looked over.

“Senior Sister, I haven’t saw you for two years, you are getting more and more attractive!” He praised sincerely.

“Is it?” Xue Yao smiled. She did have a well-dressed dress. Although it is not very mixed now, women are all face-to-face. This image must be there.

“Hey, I found that you are much older than before? Have you grown up after graduation?” Xue Yao looked up and down at Lu Zixin and said.

Although Lu Zixin can’t talk about how handsome he is, the momentum of the whole person is very different. The feeling is obvious, dressing up, talking, walking, and even a smile can make people feel different.

“Men, always grow up.” Lu Zixin said with a deep heart.

“Cut.” Xue Yao pressed an onion finger on his head and said: “In the sister, you are still the hairy brat.”

Her move was a habitual action that she had in college. When she met again, Lu Zixin felt a little touched. The Senior Sister didn’t change at all – not right, it became more mature.

The two chatted while walking out of the subway station. Xue Yao said: “My company is next to you, take you to the company to sit first?”

“Okay.” Lu Zixin nodded.

The two went to sales department of Baijia Real Estate. Xue Yao introduced him and said: “You sit first, I will pour you a glass of water.”

Lu Zixin sat on the patron and picked up the information on the table to read.

In the sales department, Dong Yan saw it clearly. She saw Xue Yao dress today, and she was envious and jealousy.

“Would you wear such coquettish clothes, who she is going to seduce?” Her heart was dark. When her husband took her off work yesterday, his eyes were not removed from Xue Yao.

“Xiao Zhao, come to the guest, you go to the reception.” Dong Yan said to a salesman.

The salesman hesitated: “Is it guest of Xue Yao?”

In this line, whoever talks about the customer who took the commission, Xue Yao did not ask him for help, he went up to grab the customer resources.

“Who is the one who brought him? It is our top 100 customers. Can you still entertain?” Dong Yan yelled.

“Yes, I will go.” The salesman walked over and asked Lu Zixin: “Hello, may I ask if you need any help?”

“No, thank you.” Lu Zixin decisively refused.

The salesman quickly looked at him again. Lu Zixin casual wear today is relatively young, with no famous watches on hand, and it doesn’t look like a high quality customer.

“Okay, please let me know if you need it.” The salesman said politely.

He returned and Dong Yan asked: “What is the situation?”

“I don’t know, it’s not like looking at house,” the salesman replied.

At this time, Xue Yao poured water on Lu Zixin. She also saw the situation just now, and her heart was slightly unhappy.

“What’s wrong, Senior Sister?” Lu Zixin asked.

“Nothing.” Xue Yao said, “What are you planning today? Is it busy working first, or is it a break? It’s time to go to noon, just sister, please have a meal.”

“Work first, I want to take a look at the surrounding office buildings,” Lu Zixin said.

“Well, what do you look for, I will give you a guide.”

Xue Yao talked with Lu Zixin and there were customers coming out.

This time is a middle-aged man with a beer belly, a Mediterranean hairstyle, only a few sparse hairs. Wearing an oversized suit, the head and boots are as bright as the reflective. In his hand, there is also a string of beads and bracelets, which is eye-catching.

“Ma, you are here!” Dong Yan come hurriedly greeted him. This Ma Mayuan is a CEO of an internet finance company, not a local. Recently, he wanted to rent several floors of office buildings in the business district as the office of new company. He is a few million, and Dong Yan is very fancy.

“Sister Yan, you are so enthusiastic, I am embarrassed.” Ma Zhiyuan said so on his mouth, but his face was full of fat, what is the embarrassing look?

“Come on is the guest, you are sitting here.” Dong Yan entertained, she saw Ma Zhuyuan bead bracelets, and quickly praised: “You look like this bead is really good, where made?”

Referring to this, Ma Zhiyuan immediately said: “There is a vision. This is my Bodhi bracelet that I specially asked for friends from Tibetan monks, and they are also top-level longan Bodhi! One has to be thousands of pieces. This series of unit price is more than ten thousand. After the master opened the light, there is money to buy it!”

“So rare baby? You are amazing!” Dong Yan boasted Ma Zhiyuan laughed heartily.

“Right, have you seen the building last time, is it in the middle?” Dong Yan asked, “If there is any problem, even if it is mentioned, we must do our best to solve it for you.”

Ma Zhiyuan sat down and said: “The place is good, but there are still some problems.” He said while looking around and looking for something everywhere.

Until he saw Xue Yao, his eyes were bright and he showed a very interested look.

“Sister Yan, what did the name salesman last time? The last time she introduced it to me was quite good, let her come over?” Ma Zhiyuan suggested.

Dong Yan immediately said to him, said with a smile: “That is Xue Yao, I call her.”

Said, she turned back and yelled at Xue Yao: “Xue Yao, come over.”

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