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“Extract red envelopes!” With Lu Zixin instructions, a bright black luxury sports car appeared in front of him.

The angular front of the car, a golden “Celebration Goddess” logo is built on it, showing luxury and extravagance. The streamlined body is longer than the average car and is obviously an extended version.

Lu Zixin saw a key on the front of the car and picked it up to get ready to open the car.

Who knows that just starting the car key, I heard the electronic sound: “In the smart driving system startup, Stark intelligent system is at your service.”

This car was modified by Tony Stark, the original driving system has been him Replaced and turned into a more intelligent system.

In this regard, Tony Stark’s technology is much higher than the car company. The door is automatically opened, and the interior is simple and without the general interior space.

The leather inside is made of leather. At first glance, it gives a feeling of comfort and comfort.

When Lu Zixin sat in the car, the sound of the intelligent system sounded again: “The pupil confirms, please give your car a name.”

In front of Lu Zixin, a virtual projection appeared. This is definitely Tony Stark’s technology. It is a big problem to know that the operable light curtain projection technology is on the earth where Lu Zixin is located!

Not to mention this car, just this technology, I don’t know how many billions. Unfortunately, Lu Zixin has not yet developed the ability of this technology, or you can ask Tony Stark to ask relevant technical information.

“The name of the car is called ‘Xiaohei’.” Lu Zixin took a simple name based on its body color.

“The car name has been confirmed, Xiaohei. Please familiarize yourself with the intelligent driving system…” The system inside the car began to introduce various functions, and the basic car functions needless to say, Lu Zixin can understand. But after Stark’s modification, it has a few more features.

Mature intelligent driving, human health monitoring, bulletproof, most let Lu Zixin feel speechless, this car actually has a weapon attack system, as long as the installation of bullets or small bombs, can carry out small-scale attacks.

Fortunately, Tony Stark had already unloaded the weapon before giving it to him, or Lu Zixin really did not dare to open on the road.

“I finally got a good car!” Lu Zixin is very confident. He used to drive a regular car of relatives and friends, or to learn to drive to get driver’s license.

He started directly and enjoyed driving on the roads in the suburbs. This car is very comfortable to drive, especially the intelligent driving system, which will detect the road conditions and react.

Even if Lu Zixin does not operate, it can handle the emergency.

“Wow, look at the front, is it Rolls-Royce Phantom?” After look at Lu Zixin car, a driver exclaimed.

“The cow ratio is definitely a local tyrant!” said the co-pilot, envious.

Lu Zixin took a circle in the suburbs and experienced the feeling of driving a luxury car. Then call Liu Tong and ask about things like formalities. There are some formalities that still need to be done.

“This? I know a friend, he can do it, just spend some money and give it to me.” Liu agreed to solve the problem.

Xiaohei was parked in the garage. Before the formalities were completed, he could not open in the city. It is estimated that it will be a few days.

In the past few days, Lu Zixin still went to the corporate training class.

What is learned is not the focus until now. Upon arriving at the classroom, Lu Zixin saw Su Zhirong and then sat next to her.

She is looking for something on the laptop, “Hello.” Lu Zixin greeted her.

“It’s you.” Su Zhirong looked at him and smiled.

Today she is wearing a white shirt with a denim skirt, fair skin, bright and fresh.

“What are you doing? Looking for a job?” Lu Zixin saw that she was searching on the recruitment website.

“Looking for an internship unit!” Su Zhirong nodded. “It’s really hard to find a good unit, especially my profession.”

As a student at Jiangcheng University, she can’t find a job. The key is that everyone’s requirements for work are different. I want to find the difficulty of my own heart.

“What kind of job do you want?” Lu Zixin asked. “Maybe I can help you with advice.”

“Well…” Su Zhirong squinted her head and thought, “Internship, it’s definitely a company that can exercise your ability. Well, it’s the market, finance and human resources.”

“Then I really have suggestions.” Lu Zixin said, “I have a friend who is opening a company and can help introduce you.”

“Really? What company?” Su Zhirong curious.

“To do the Internet, call Red Letter.” Lu Zixin said.

“Red letter?” Su Zhirong revealed a puzzled expression, she shook her head: “I have never heard of it.”

Red Letter games are only famous in the industry, outside the industry, basically no one knows. After all, everyone only pays attention to the “Desolate Battlegrounds” game itself, and does not pay attention to which company it is produced.

“Zhirong” Cao Nan came over, seriously said: “… Do not go to those small companies I listen to school seniors say that small companies can hang out whether the treatment or working conditions, will not work”

“Specially went to a small company and couldn’t learn anything. Our qualifications, going to a big company, the opportunity is still very big!”

In fact, SuZhirong thinks so, she said to Lu Zixin: “I have to understand it first.”

Lu Zixin nodded, Said: “I will sent my friend’s company information later.”

“Looking for a job? Tell me!” Xu Cheng voice came, he just went to the classroom and heard their conversation.

“Brother Cheng!” Cao Nan shouted, these days, her name for Xu Cheng has been upgraded to become a brother.

“Do you want to find an internship unit?” Xu Cheng came over, his hair and clothing were carefully managed, and it looked like a dog.

“Yeah, our professional courses are over, looking for an internship unit.” Cao Nan replied that she has recently dressed up and is diligent, and she has long hair in the barbershop before class. Regardless of the temperament, Cao Nan is also a beautiful woman among passers-by.

It’s a pity that Xu Cheng and Lu Zixin don’t have a face for her.

“Internship is not good to say? Go to my company!” Xu Cheng sat next to Cao Nan, but his eyes were staring at Su Zhirong and said: “I can arrange for the internship.”

“Really?” Cao Nan said, ” Will not bother you?”

“Haha, of course, no trouble.” Xu Cheng from the channel, “I can do this myself, and then, my company will recruit a lot of interns every year. Under your conditions, completely You can come in.”

“Well, then I will hold your thighs in the future!” Cao Nan said without thinking.

Xu Cheng looked at Su Zhirong, but Su Zhirong said: “Thank you, I haven’t thought about it yet.” Her heart was clear. If she entered Xu Cheng’s company, Xu Cheng would only be harassing her every day for various reasons.

Sisters, screaming with a heart, uneasiness is called harassment. Su Zhirong always felt that Xu Cheng’s sense of superiority was too heavy, and in addition to being a good attitude towards the girl, it was not good for other people. Even the older sorghum than him was also called to drink, which made Su Zhirong look down.

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