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“The second press conference has finished.” In the technology tower, Xue Yao and Lu Zixin walked to a higher level.

“The effect is not bad, now the network platform is coming.” With Hong Xiaoxiao, Lu Zixin can know the latest data on the Internet at any time.

As soon as the conference was over, the robots blew up all over the world.

On Weibo, a local tyrant immediately showed his order. The order showed that he had ordered a medical assistant robot from Future City Intelligent Robot Technology Co., Ltd., plus after-sales, insurance, etc., the order price was 250,000 Yuan!

That’s right, because robot manufacturing is extremely complex and technically high. Therefore, the price of each robot is comparable to that of an unmanned electric car, which is still a household medical assistant robot.

If you change to those industrial robots and special rescue robots, the price will be hundreds of thousands to millions! These robots currently not in mass production and only accept orders.

This also gives people peace of mind for the time being. If robots are cheap enough to replace workers, then I am afraid it will usher in unemployment and economic crisis in the world!

Under the local tyrants on Weibo, the message below brushed to thousands of times in ten minutes.

“Local tyrant, are you still missing dog legs?”

“Envy, big white, big white, I really want it, @boyfriend here!”

“I’ve saved a lot of money. I originally wanted to buy a driverless maglev electric car. After reading this, I decided to buy a robot first. This robot, more compelling than a car!”

“So, upstairs, do you plan to ride Big White to pick up girls from now on?”

“666, the robot can still be a mount!”

“The reaction is very strong!” Xue Yao took off her smart glasses and revealed a pair of coquettish eyes. She smiled and said: “This conference abruptly built by you into a large-scale serial performance for the whole world!”

“Haha, this shows the public’s interest in technology still quite tall.” Lu Zixin smiled.

“Then I can’t be idle. Let you watch my performance.” Xue Yao said. Then she gave an order on the company’s internal quantum information network.

“What performance?” Lu Zixin was curious.

“Look at it.” Xue Yao finger touched the virtual screen in front of her. Then an application opened.

Phantom, this is a virtual social platform launched by Red Letter Virtual Entertainment two years ago. It focuses on real-time virtual images, it also has various functions such as posting updates and making friends.

At that time, relying on the popularity of the red letter virtual projection mobile phone. Phantom became popular, but later, social platforms such as Penguin and Weibo also launched this feature, which brought back a large number of users and still occupied a dominant social position. Because of the existence of anti-monopoly laws, Red Letter Group can only compete fairly with them.

And in terms of social software, major companies also have their own cloud technology. With their years of experience, they have done better than Phantom, which has caused the number of users to never increase.

After Xue Yao issued an order, on the phantom, Red Letter officially sent a post, saying: “[Wish you become Big White Guardian]. Everyone and friends who have followed Red Letter Group, in order to thank you for your support. Forward this post and on the 8th of this month. Big White Guardian will be selected to get cute medical assistant robot! There are more benefits, please see the comment area!”

In the comment area, it is the welfare from the partners of Red Letter Group and Red Letter Group.

Red Letter Virtual Entertainment: “Congratulations on becoming Big White Guardian, we will send you two tickets for the annual virtual idol concert of Red Letter Virtual Entertainment and the latest virtual game equipment!”

Red Letter Electronics: “Congratulations on becoming Big White Guardian, we will send you the latest HX4 smartphone and HX GLASS smart glasses!”

Red Letter Quantum: “Congratulations on becoming Big White Guardian, we will send you the latest Red Letter Quantum Computing Ball!”

Pengyun Auto: “Congratulations on becoming Big White Guardian, we will send you the latest magnetic suspension private spherical car!”

Thunderstorm Appliances: “Congratulations on becoming Big White Guardian, we will install a full set of smart homes for your family for free!”

Red Letter International Hospital: “Congratulations on becoming Big White Guardian, we will provide you with a whole year of free medical care!”

Future City Travel Center: “Congratulations on becoming Big White Guardian, we will send you one week free tour of Future City. You can travel with friends and family of less than five people! Enjoy the beauty of Science and Technology!”

Red Letter International: “Congratulations on becoming Big White Guardian. If you want to go to the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany… these countries, we will provide you with a three-month free travel tour…”

Dayuan Real Estate: “Congratulations on becoming Big White Guardian, we will provide you with qualifications in the future city and a 10% fee reduction!”


In the list, there are nearly 100 benefits, each of which is enviable! It can be said that winning this prize is even better than winning 10 million lottery tickets!

For a lottery ticket of 10 million, you will have to deduct several million just for tax deduction. If you win this prize, you will be worth several million by winning the various smart products of Red Letter Group!

Other affiliated products, such as tourism, such as permanent members of Red Letter Group, free medical care at Red Letter International Hospital and other benefits. It is impossible to buy with money, and their value is limitless!

After Red Letter official posted this news, it immediately exploded on the Internet!

On the Phantom, users who followed the Red Letter official forwarded it one after another. Not only that, they also called friends and acquainted them to make friends forward. Although everyone knows that the odds of winning are slim, what if you win? Anyway, forwarding doesn’t need money!

In a WeChat group, someone sent a link and shouted: “Look, red letters are sending welfare, damn it, so many of them are blindingly blind, every item is hanging to the sky!”!”

“Big White Guardian, my god, so many benefits?” This welfare shocked the people in the group. This series of benefits really made people blush!

“Is it true?” Some people doubted.

“Nonsense, 100% true! Red Letter officially sent it, do you believe it or not?” said the forwarder.

“Of course, I believe it! Damn, what software, I want to forward it!” When they heard Red Letter official, the people in the group immediately believed, because Red Letters have a lot of money, and they have the ability to give such benefits!

“Welcome, brother, don’t tell me you don’t have a Phantom account!”

“Of course, have! I haven’t used it for a long time, I’ve just playing Douying! I’ll do it now!”

“I want to forward it too. I have three trumpets, can all of them released it?” Others also went to join in the fun.

“I don’t know, I’ll post it, if I win, I was lucky!”

On Weibo, after the second conference of future city, the topic of various robots has just become hot, and the new topic “Big White Guardian” rushed forward.

At the backstage of Weibo, executives rushed to order: “Quickly, limit current, let technology team erase it from hot searches and hot topics!”

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