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For a long time, there’s no movement, so Ye Guang  not pay attention and now the system suddenly came to the prompt.

Ye Guang slightly startled, task? What task?

Ye Guang said, “Liu’er, I’m full, I have something to do, so I’ll go back to the room first.” After speaking, Ye Guang got up quickly, wanting to see what’s going on with the system.

Liu Chiyan had some doubts, but she just nodded and didn’t ask much.

Yiyi is happy, Ye Guang stopped eating, and all the delicious food on the table is for her.

Back to the room, Ye Guang turned on the system in a hurry.

The system hasn’t changed much, except that the Prestige points and Disciple points have increased.

After such a long period of time, Ye Guang Prestige points reached more than 7 million. During this time, he made a lot of prestige because of the production of Running Man, but in fact, it’s still much worse compared to the previous “Sky Curtain” video.

Compared with the variety show like Running Man, the “Sky Curtain” video is easier to get the public’s favor.

Disciple points haven’t increased much, it is currently 1832, this growth rate compared to prestige points is the turtle speed.

At this time, Ye Guang also remembered that when the “Sky Curtain” video released, the system gave a nine-star award-winning task, but the task system not yet completed, and he didn’t know what conditions to achieve to complete it. As time passed, Ye Guang was busy and didn’t pay much attention to the system, so he forgot about this matter.

But today, eating breakfast, the inexplicable task was successful. It made Ye Guang felt very surprised. He didn’t know what happened, but something must have happened. Otherwise, based on his understanding of the system, the urinary ability of the system wouldn’t determine the mission to be successful for no reason.

Looking at the attribute panel, there is no special place. Ye Guang opens the storage area. There is a red diamond-shaped gem-shaped item in the first grid of the storage area. Ye Guang click on to check: random reward items for nine-star missions. After use, you can ignore the disciple points requirements and force the system to upgrade.

System upgrade requires disciple points to meet a certain standard, this Ye Guang know. However, the system didn’t explicitly tell what disciple points to reach to upgrade, and disciple points growth rate is indeed slow enough. Since the start of his system to the present, it has been nearly five months, but disciple points has been growing in turtle speed. Moreover, a large part of it is from the “Sky Curtain” video event, as for the natural growth rate, it is slower than snail.

Now, suddenly there is an item that can directly upgraded the system. Ye Guang is happy, what will the upgraded system look like? Ye Guang very curious, to tell the truth. For the current system, Ye Guang actually not very concerned, because it seems that the system is a dead thing. Except for the skills that can be provided to him, the store to buys consumables, oh, plus the function of storage space. Other seems to be nothing, some uninteresting. Now his prestige points have been increasing, but Ye Guang are lazy to raffle. Anyway, prestige points in there, it is not too late when he needs to raffle again.

What else do you want?

With a strong curiosity, Ye Guang click to use the gems.

“Ding, the system upgraded. The estimated upgrade time is 12 hours. The operation interface can’t be opened during the system upgrade.”

The system panel in front of Ye Guang eyes suddenly went black, and at this moment there’s a feeling of being electrified all over his body, he trembled, and then he didn’t feel anything.

Ye Guang tried it, the system panel really didn’t come out, and the others didn’t seem to change. Ye Guang muttered, “Is this finished?” He thought that there would be any unexpected changes, “Forget it, wait until the upgrade is complete. See what’s different in the evening.”


After leaving the room and going downstairs, Yiyi still eating at the dining table and Liu Chiyan watching TV on the sofa. Seeing Ye Guang went downstairs, Liu Chiyan quickly waved to him.

“Come here, come and take a look.” Liu Chiyan greeted him.

Ye Guang took a few steps quickly, “What’s the matter?”

Liu Chiyan pointed to the TV, “You watch TV.”

Ye Guang turned his head to watch the TV, on the TV is a column interview with a headline below: The Air Pollution Prevention and Control Law officially promulgated.

The person interviewed was a leader of the Environmental Protection Agency who was explaining the new Air Pollution Control Law to the reporter who interviewed him.

Ye Guang suddenly realized, why the task of “Sky Curtain” video suddenly completed. The root cause is here. I remember that after the initial “Sky Curtain” video impact broke out, the whole country became united and eventually led to the establishment of the air pollution control law. The air pollution prevention and control law project has officially promulgated.

Watching TV, at this moment, Ye Guang heart is full of satisfaction. Although in a strict sense, the introduction of the Air Pollution Prevention and Control Law has no direct or significant relationship with him. Because this bill in fact, the country has already begun to study, but Ye Guang can also say that it is the fuse or promoter of this bill. Perhaps, without the “Sky curtain” video, this bill may have a period of time, maybe a few months, maybe it will take one or two years to be officially released.

The Air Pollution Prevention and Control Law is something that is beneficial to the whole people. Although the original practice was a little impulsive, it can promote the introduction of this bill. Ye Guang is very happy and a little proud. I don’t know how to describe it. This is a kind of feeling. It feels refreshing and happy. Ye Guang has this feeling for the first time. It turns out that I can also do something for the people and this society.

In a daze, Ye Guang remembered what Teacher Fan had said to him: I hope you can become that giant.

Ye Guang smiled, with a bright smile.

Liu Chiyan also smiled, “So happy.”

Ye Guang nodded heavily, “Well, happy!”

The promulgation of the Air Pollution Prevention and Control Law has naturally aroused widespread attention. All major mainstream and non-mainstream media are competing to report. This is not a trivial matter. The promulgation of the Air Pollution Prevention and Control Law is closely related to everyone, and the hot topic of the promulgation of the Air Pollution Prevention and Control Law has rapidly increased in the past few days.

This topic also overwhelmed the enthusiasm of Ye Guang and Kim Tae-seo affairs on Weibo. The matter of Kim Tae-seo and Ye Guang was copied fiercely, but after all, there are still limitations and the following groups are also limited. In addition, Kim Tae-seo has already returned home in despair, even if there is a report. With the big news of Air Pollution Prevention and Control Law, it can’t last a few days in this era of information explosion. Moreover, the attention of Air Pollution Prevention and Control Law almost universal, so it can be considered normal to suppress Ye Guang and Kim Tae-seo incident.

However, the topic of the air pollution prevention and control law is very hot, but everyone became surprised to find many netizens invariably mentioned another person when they were discussing the new bill on Weibo. One, in their eyes, took the lead. The person who contributed to the introduction of this bill — Ye Guang!

Some netizens couldn’t help commenting, “Why do you have him everywhere? Isn’t the recent hot topic on Weibo about Ye Guang?”

It’s really true, all news from the cooperation between Ye Guang and Beijing Satellite TV. Running Man program caused a heated discussion, to record ratings. Then to sky-high Internet copyright fees, beating videos, and Air Pollution Prevention and Control Act introduction.

The recent hot topics on Weibo seem to be more or less directly or indirectly related to Ye Guang. After so long, his name has been on the Weibo hot search list, and there is no one else.

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