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In the news that day it was reported, a high-rise building caught on fire and many people is trapped in it and is in danger. With the cooperation of firefighters and robots, the firefighters can successfully rescued all trapped people.

These text descriptions are not enough to show the performance of the robot, and the video posted on it makes people really appreciate the powerful effects of fire fighting robots.

On a video website, a video of a fire-fighting robot saving a person uploaded and edited by netizens has reached tens of millions views on the same day!

Below the video, netizens expressed an eye-opener and noisy.

“Like firefighters and robots, thank them for protecting people’s lives and property!”

“My God, can robots so smart now? More powerful than real people!”

“So big fire, robots can save people! If people can’t do it!”

“This robot is more powerful than American robot!”

“After watching this video, I only have to worry! Robots are stronger than humans. What if they awaken their self-consciousness and rebel? Then we have to wait for death!”

“Worrying, don’t other scientists think of it?”


This video also uploaded on YouTube, and netizens all over the world can see it.

On YouTube, the comments also varied.

“This movie is not good at all!”

“This is not a movie. They all admit that, this is a real robot!”

“I don’t believe it, they can’t have such a robot! We haven’t made it yet!”

“It’s so cool, I hope our country can also have such robots. So that when I encounter danger, I can also ask robots for help.”

“Terrifying! If these robots have weapons, it is a robot army! Our government must be vigilant!”

In the United States, Stanford University, a blond man is excitedly saying to his girlfriend: “Tracy, I want to tell you the good news. I have passed the interview with Boston Dynamics Robotics. In two days, I will go to work on their Robots Research center!”

“I’m so happy, it is the world’s most advanced robotics research base. This is my lifelong dream!”

His girlfriend, Tracy is not as happy like he thought. He wondered: “Aren’t you happy for me?”

“No my dear, I’m proud of you. It’s just that I saw a video that might blow your confidence.” Tracey said.

“What video?” The blond man asked, his girlfriend opened the video of China fire robot rescue.

“OH, MY-GOD!” The blond man immediately shocked, “This is impossible. It must be a movie! Tracy, it is a movie clip, isn’t it?”

“Unfortunately, I also hope that is a movie clip. But in the news report, the Chinese official has confirmed, this is their new special rescue robot. It seems to be more powerful than Boston company.” Tracy helplessly said.

The blond man immediately took out the mobile phone to inquire, and sure enough, the Chinese official has confirmed it. Not only that, but they also showed another industrial robot called Industrial Octopus. And China Future City Intelligent Robot Science and Technology Co., Ltd developed all of this.

“What company is this? Why have I never heard of it?” He quickly inquired the company’s information and found this company just founded less than half a year! And these two robots are their research and development results!

From the published data, they clearly have far exceeded the products of Boston Dynamic Robotics. While Boston Dynamic Robots still doing balance training, they have make robots for industrial production and emergency rescue!

At this moment, the blond man suddenly felt he’s not so lucky to work at Boston Dynamic Robotics. Compared to this, he would like to go to the mysterious future city intelligent robot Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

A row of military robots in a special operations unit under the US Department of Defense in Sergeant Base, is undergoing a demonstration.

This is a top-secret military robot for special operations developed by Boston Corporation. It’s including battlefield transportation, reconnaissance, minesweeping and other robots, but the most importantly is armed robots.

This robot is a human-like warrior type, capable of carrying certain thermal weapons and conducting special operations under military orders.

Here is a simulated confrontation, a small military exercise, where American soldiers and robots is fighting each other. Of course, they all using plastic dye bombs.

In the command room, several US military executives and Boston company executives watched the battle in real time.

“The robot’s mobility, flexibility and ability to respond to emergencies are not enough,” said a military officer.

“Yes, we admit that. The current product still flawed, but compared to the previous generation, it has made great progress. The robot attack is more precise than human soldier, not afraid of death, will not defy the command, how excellent is this quality!” said an executive from Boston company.

Several senior military officials agreed. This is indeed unmatched by human soldiers. After a simulated battle, although their soldiers won in the end, they also very satisfied with the robot’s performance. According to this situation, only a few more generations of improvements, they can fight on the battlefield.

“I will apply above approval for more funding to invest in robotics research!” said a general.

“Our company will also come up with better products to complete military orders. Robots will definitely be one of the most important technological products in the next fifty years!” The senior executives of Boston Robotics are also satisfied, since the military is sure with their products. Arms dealers around the world or other capitalists who need robots will continue to give them new orders.

Perhaps the future technology giant is their Boston Dynamic Robot Company!

Just as the two parties had a good time and prepared to talk about the next cooperation, a soldier brought the latest news to the officers.

“China’s firefighting robot?” This group of senior military officials in charge of the military robot project immediately checked the latest news they collected.

The news they got is more accurate and detailed than the folks. When I saw the actual use of fire-fighting robot, everyone in the room frowned.

“Damn! When did they develop something like this?”

“I’m sure, there must a batch of such robots in China military. As long as this robot is equipped with weapons, it can immediately go to the battlefield!”

“This is a threat!”

They can see, it’s a breeze to develop a military robot equipped with weapons with the manufacturing technology from this robot. They don’t believe Chinese military will not will not use such a good military weapon!

Boston Dynamics Robotics executives also obtained this information. After reading them, all of them looked extremely ugly. What they are proud of has been surpassed!

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