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The employees circled Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan.

Ye Guang still doesn’t know, the employees has seen his kiss with Liu Chiyan. He smiled and said, “Oh, what are you all doing? Welcome me?”

The staff were silent, no one spoke. They looked at Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan with a weird faces.

Jiang Xin also present, looking at Ye Guang with a weird expression, “Little Ye, just… you and… We saw it.”

Ye Guang startled, Liu Chiyan also taken aback, his eyes widened slightly.

Bang!” A firework accidentally unscrewed by a gnashing employee.

Falling colorful.

“F*ck! Scourge Ye! What did you just do! You… You… actually…!” The employee called out Scourge Ye on the spot, apparently not mad at heart.

Ye Guang understands it too, well, his relationship with Liu Chiyan was exposed as soon as accidentally exposed his feelings. Looking at the employees one by one wondering or incredibly surprised or gnashing his teeth. Ye Guang smiled freely, then reached out and took Liu Chiyan’s hand, gently pulled Liu Chiyan over, and then hugged her.

In the employee’s angry eyes, Ye Guang said calmly, “Hello everyone, let me introduce to you. This is my wife, Liu Chiyan.”

Bang!” Another employee accidentally unscrewed the fireworks.

In colorful rain, all employees stunned. When they were in ambush, they saw Ye Guang kissed Liu Chiyan. They had already imagined countless kinds of guesses in their hearts. Like, Ye Guang strongly kissed Liu Chiyan, Ye Guang carrying his wife and dating Liu Chiyan, Ye Guang is actually small white face raised by Liu Chiyan and so on. The employees have thought all kinds of ideas, but they only didn’t think Liu Chiyan is Ye Guang wife!

It tends to Liu Chiyan’s identity problem. Subconsciously, everyone thinks Liu Chiyan can’t get married during the golden period of her career. Moreover, even if she gets married, it will be with big figure with a good face, definitely not Ye Guang… Well, Ye Guang is not too bad, but in the subconscious mind of many employees thinks that Ye Guang didn’t worthy of Liu Chiyan, the status disparity is too big!

“F*ck!” An employee’s uncontrollable foul language broke the strange silence.

Then the employees exploded.

“Scourge Ye, You dare to marry Goddess Liu!”

“Scourge Ye and President Liu are husband and wife? I am tm…”

“Ye Guang, you bastard! You actually dare to marry Goddess Liu!”

“Scourge Ye, I’m fighting with you!”

“I must haven’t woken up today. Illusions, hallucinations, Illusions… Ah! Why are you hitting me?”

“I confirm if I am dreaming.”

“Then why don’t you hit yourself.”

“I am afraid of pain, don’t care about these details, tell me you don’t hurt, this is a dream!”

“It is painful to labor and capital, your tm’s start is really black, no, I have to fight back!!”

“Ah! Damn it! It really hurts, your brother-in-law is not dreaming, my God, my Goddess Liu.”

The employees are in a mess. Some yelled at Ye Guang directly, and some were unbelievable, pinching their thighs to try if they were dreaming. Jiang Fengxian also surprised and muttered, “It turns out… it turns out this way.”

It’s no wonder Liu Chiyan is so good to Ye Guang, defending him everywhere, and relying on him everywhere. Sometimes Jiang Fengxian often regards Ye Guang as the leader of the company. When there is something to the office to talk about, the first report is not Liu Chiyan but to Ye Guang. However, Liu Chiyan never seemed to care about it. On the contrary, it was only natural. Jiang Fengxian had doubts about this, but he couldn’t figure it out. He also accepted the rumors that Ye Guang is a relative of Liu Chiyan’s family. But, after learning this amazing news today, it’s really scared him and solved all the doubts in his heart.

Yu Xuejia at the front desk looked dark. She likes Ye Guang. Ye Guang is considered young and promising, and people also good. It’s always inevitable for a girl to like him. Then Ye Guang self-explosion he has married gave Yu Xuejia a blow. Although she gave up the idea, Yu Xuejia still couldn’t help thinking, why Ye Guang got married early. Is his wife as beautiful as me? Young like me? Is it gentle and virtuous? Huh! Ye Guang married casually so early, that was his failure! He missed a good cabbage for nothing!

But, today, I know, Ye Guang wife is Liu Chiyan. Yu Xuejia feels ashamed in an instant. She compares herself with Liu Chiyan. The difference between the two is like a beautiful white lotus on a snow-capped mountain and she herself is a small wild flower at the foot of the mountain. It is not a level at all.

The only one normal is Jiang Xin. She is the only one among the studio staff who knows the relationship between Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan. Of course, this shocked her when she first knew this fact.

Faced with the excitement and uncontrollable yelling of the employees, as well as the outspoken yelling Scourge Ye or even direct yelling, Ye Guang didn’t care. Of course, Ye Guang knew how surprised the studio employees by this news. However, Ye Guang is not a good thing. Although he is not angry, but it does mean not.

So, Ye Guang said this, only to see Ye Guang sneered. Then said, “Why? Goddess Liu is my wife, you don’t agree?”

The employees looked at him one by one.

Ye Guang said very hard, “If you don’t accept Liu Chiyan is my wife.” Say, Ye Guang kissed on Liu Chiyan’s face, “You see, my wife. I will kiss if I want to. Just ask if you are angry!”

There is a lesbian in the staff, who is Liu Chiyan’s makeup artist, whose surname is Tang. Everyone calls her Tangtang. She usually talks a little irritably. Ye Guang asked if you are angry, and asked you not angry! She stomped her feet and said, “Oh~ I’m so angry~”

This babbled voice with a sense of joy, on the contrary, made the original strange atmosphere gone, and the employees couldn’t help but to laugh. The sound of laughter made the atmosphere much better.

In fact, everyone is not really angry or sad about the fact Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan are husband and wife. It’s purely because of surprise. Speaking of Liu Chiyan marry them, but Liu Chiyan’s identity lies there. Everyone suddenly learned Liu Chiyan has married, and she married to someone they thought almost impossible. How couldn’t this not surprise them? Coupled with their love for Liu Chiyan, it’s inevitable they would lose control emotionally.

Liu Chiyan gently broke away from Ye Guang embrace, and said to the employees, “I’m sorry everyone, this matter has been kept from everyone, I really don’t know how to tell everyone. Everyone also saw it today, we didn’t find a reason or excuse for it, because I don’t want to deceive you. This is my personal problem. We also hope everyone can understand and support us, and keep it confidential for us. Everyone knows my situation. This matter is not yet open to the public.”

Liu Chiyan still has a prestige in Studio. Her remarks justified and well-founded, and everyone’s atmosphere has eased, and this is already a fact, and everyone has no choice, so they all cater to it.

“Don’t worry, President Liu, we won’t talk nonsense.”

“Goddess Liu, don’t worry, we know the importance and must keep it secret.”

Liu Chiyan nodded and smiled, “Thank you all, find a time, I and Ye Guang invite everyone to eat.”

Another employee said, “But… President Liu, I just want to ask. President Liu, why can’t you think about it? It’s not good to find someone, but…”

Ye Guang has a black line.

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