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“Thank you, but I still want to play fighting.” Su Xiaomeng said, she has stepped forward and challenged the artificial intelligence “Xiaoyou” that was specially trained to accompany players to play games.

Xiaoyou image is a young girl. After Su Xiaomeng chose a projection fighting game, she competed with her.

In fighting games, the speed of artificial intelligence will be limited, otherwise it will be the top masters, and it is difficult to exceed them in operational response.

Five minutes later, Su Xiaomeng failed, Xiaoyou defeated her. The next Xue Yao, who lost in less than a minute, Lu Zixin stayed for a while, and finally lost in the precise calculation of artificial intelligence.

“It’s a pity, there is no way to win the prizes.” Su Xiaomeng was somewhat disappointed. The boy just reminded her: “You can also challenge the third level without passing the first level! There is no bonus, but there are prizes!”

“Which do you like, I won to send you!”

“No need.” Su Xiaomeng is familiar with rejecting him. She has met countless times.

However, after the boy heard Su Xiaomeng, he felt that she could not pass the challenge and said: “It doesn’t matter, I can definitely win. Let you know, I am ‘Xiaozhi’ of small smart community.”

“Xiaozhi? You are the hot artificial artificial intelligence trainer Xiaozhi?” Su Xiaomeng said with amazement.

On the Internet, the artificial intelligence trainer with the net name “Xiaozhi” is particularly famous. He developed many artificial intelligence functions and became the unofficial first artificial intelligence trainer in the smart community.

His smart feature templates released in the smart community are still ranked first.

“Yes, it is me.” He said confidently, “The third level, I can pass the customs!”

With that said, Xiaozhi went to the challenge to challenge. Xue Yao said: “The dream of Xiaomeng is really good!”

Su Xiaomeng refused to accept: “I didn’t agree with him. He went on his own, and it was inexplicable. I will never accept any gifts.”

”Lost! Lost again!” On the third level, there was a shout from people, and another challenger fell under the hands of AI ​​trainer.

Very often, people are challenging the third level. Even if they don’t get the bonus, they are curious and look at the intelligence of their artificial intelligence.

Before the third pass, there were several professional artificial intelligence trainers from AI Masters.

And there are already hundreds of challengers who fall in front of them!

“No. 448, it is a pity. So far, 448 challenger has failed!” an event host announced aloud.

The activity took place all day, and no one’s artificial intelligence could beat the artificial intelligence that the company specialized in training.

“This third level is estimated that no one can pass?” The audience talked.

“People are professionally trained artificial intelligence, smart and not like words!”

“It seems that no one can get the third level reward today.”

“This artificial intelligence is really amazing. Can you make me like this?”

The event host took the opportunity to introduce: “As long as you download our AI Master software, you can download different kinds of artificial intelligence in our AI community to make your AI smarter! Make your AI more intimate!”

“We have the most professional artificial intelligence trainers, the artificial intelligence we cultivate, and are extremely smart!”

“Is there anyone else to challenge?”

The event host asked several times. No one answered at the moment. It is probably that everyone thinks it is impossible to defeat the professionals.

“I am coming!” shouted Xiaozhi.

“Very good, welcome, you are the 449 challenger!” the event host shouted. “What is your name?”

“My net name is Xiaozhi.” He did not disclose his real name.

But after hearing the name, several artificial intelligence trainers of AI Master looked up.

“Xiaozhi? It is the famous Xiaozhi in ‘Xiaoxiao’!” Someone recognized him.

“I don’t think there is a net red to participate in our challenge, it’s interesting!”

“I heard that the artificial intelligence he cultivated is very powerful! Should you be able to pass the challenge?”

“It’s so interesting to see the game between artificial intelligence!” Some of the audience were excited, as if they were watching an exciting game.

Xiaozhi has remotely connected his quantum computer to his smartphone, reads the entry title with his smartphone, passes it to the artificial intelligence at home, and then makes an artificial intelligence.

During this period, the smartphone is equivalent to a tool for information transfer, and intelligent computing is still done in a quantum computer.

“The first question, look at the picture! Make the description of the scene and characters in the picture that best suits the human mind!”

A picture is projected into the projector, allowing both sides of the artificial intelligence to map and describe in natural language.

This kind of topic is very similar to the exam question, but the information in the picture is more complicated. Artificial intelligence can be misled if it is accidentally, and it can be said to be messy or not in line with the description of human language habits.

In addition, there are story Solitaire, polysemous words in different contexts, etc. Some topics, even humans themselves may understand the mistakes, for the computer, it is very difficult.

Xiaozhi and AI Master’s AI trainers competed for several rounds, and the AI ​​was very incomparable. The reaction of artificial intelligence sometimes exceeded the expectations of the audience, and everyone applauded.

Unfortunately, Xiaozhi still failed. In the final game total score, his intelligence score was three points less.

“Xiaozhi also failed the challenge? This AI master company is a bit powerful!”

“Even the first in the community, Xiaozhi has failed. It is estimated that no one can succeed!”

“The intelligence of this AI master is really smart, I will download it when I go back!”

“Is there anyone still challenging?”


“Sorry, I didn’t get the reward. I still want to ask, can the sister stay a contact?” Xiaozhi went to Su Xiaomeng and asked.

Su Xiaomeng smiled slightly and then euphemistically refused him.

“I will try it too,” Lu Zixin said. “Help you get your figure back!”

“Impossible!” said Xiaozhi. “Their artificial intelligence has been specially trained on the subject, otherwise I will not lose! If the average person, it will definitely not win.”

“He must be able to do it!” Su Xiaomeng is full of confidence in Lu Zixin.

“Hehe.” Xiaozhi was rejected by her, and his heart was slightly uncomfortable. He said: “The intelligence I cultivated is now ranked first in the smart community rankings and has been lost.”

“He wants to win, unless it is stronger than my intelligence, is it possible?”

“Look at it!” Su Xiaomeng said, “He will do it!”

Xiaozhi hugged his hands on his chest and stood by.

“Well, welcome to the 450 Challenger!” The event host has begun to announce the start of the game, Lu Zixin’s smartphone signal is connected to quantum brain.

“Dad, there are so many people here!” Hong Xiaoxiao voice sounded, and it could “see” the picture through smartphone camera.

“Xiaoxiao, now we have to participate in a competition, you look at these rules.” Lu Zixin swept through the rules with a mobile phone, and Hong Xiaoxiao instantly read the information.

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