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Dong Xiaoxiao : “I raise, a seed of T.”

Fire Hole : “I will talk about it and withdraw it.”

Fire Hole exited the group chat, and again searched the red letter film through the network, but found very little information. Although Red Letter Film exists, nothing is available.

They have not produced a movie, nor have own video website or APP.

“Should it be fake?” Fire Hole thought, just deleted the contact information of that person, simply ignore it.

“Or write a book.” He opened WORD and started write.

An hour later, Fire Hole was in writing, and suddenly the chat window popped up a message, and many people in the author group were in @.

Fire Hole opened and saw that the editor was looking for him. Everyone helped @ him. The editor-in-chief found his QQ and sent a message to him.

“Is Fire Hole in? Urgent!” wrote the editor’s message.

Seeing this news, Fire Hole heart startled, under normal circumstances, the editor is not looking for the author, even the editors rarely find the author, he has a bad hunch.

Is it that the story written is too yellow and too violent so have to be sealed?

Fire Hole quickly replied : “The editor-in-chief, what are you looking for? I have stated in advance that I have not written anything. There is no interactive story below the neck! There is absolutely no driving in the book!”

Editor-in-Chief : “Where do you want to go? Looking for you is something else, would you write a script?”

Fire Cave : “The script? Researched, not very familiar.”

Editor-in-Chief : “I won’t have it anymore! A great opportunity for a big day, Red Letter Film wants to contact you and wants to adapt your work into a movie!”

“What?” Fire Hole was stunned. “Really?”

“Of course it is true. I didn’t believe it at first. Your book is not on our copyright recommendation. Who knows that people are fancy!” The editor’s words also revealed surprises. In this year, there are still people who buy this kind marginal science fiction copyright content.

This novel can be adapted, how can the film be changed? The special effects can’t be done at all, and at most, they make a big online movie and scam clicks.

When I saw the editor-in-chief, Fire Hole immediately thought of the person who was before. What did that person say is real?

He replied : “Someone was look for me before, saying that it is the chairman of Red Letter Film. I thought he was a liar and deleted him…”

Editor-in-Chief : “You are stupid! That is a real person! You actually deleted him? He is definitely the big brother from Red Letter Group!”

“I’m finished! Editor-in-chief, I am really careless, I don’t know!” Fire Hole suddenly regretted that he had thought it was a poor liar. Who knows that the other person is actually a big man!

Editor-in-Chief : “Nothing, people have already contacted through the company. If you have time, go to Jiangcheng as soon as possible and talk about it. You must pay attention to it. This is your chance!”

“Yeah, I am ready!” Fire Hole hurriedly agreed.


Jiangcheng, Red Letter Virtual Entertainment Co., Ltd., Lu Zixin saw Fire Hole real person, a very handsome young man, not at all the fat otaku he imagined.

“You are Qin Shihuang? Is it still time to give you 10,000 pieces? When will I be the commander of three armed forces?” Lu Zixin said.

“Amount, President, that’s all kidding.” Fire Hole showed a sly smile. “I didn’t know you at first.”

If he knew that the other person was Lu Zixin, then he would say that it is estimated that it has long been a boon!

“Haha, I know.” Lu Zixin said with a smile, “Today, please come, things you should know. We think your sci-fi works and our virtual projection movie theme are very suitable, so I want to discuss business cooperation.”

“Our strength, someone should have already introduced it to you!”

Fire Hole nodded again and again: “All introduced! Very powerful, the world’s first virtual projection film, definitely sell!”

“That’s not good. These are all counted. Since it is cooperation, both sides must come up with their own strength. Can you please tell us about your work now?” Lu Zixin asked.

“Of course!” Fire Hole was ready, and from the news that the editor told him, he began to think about the filming work.


“Overview of the successful commercial novels at the box office, or commercial films, the essence is actually the same. To put it simply, it is the small person who counter-attacks and becomes the winner of life. This is the easiest way to drive the audience’s emotions.”

“This is the backbone, and then add drama, enrich the characters, join the popular elements, and drive the audience’s emotions with the story…”

In front of Fire Hole, Lu Zixin listened carefully. He nodded. “You said it makes sense, but I am a layman. If the director agrees with your ideas, we can start cooperation.”

“What about the director?” Fire Hole is just able to say, “As long as he is a commercial film director, I can convince him. If he is a literary film, the kind of sentimental feelings, when I did not say.”

“I don’t like the movie of love!” At this moment, a voice came from outside the living room. I saw a woman with a temperament and a middle-aged man with a slap in the face, the middle-aged man was talking.

“President Lu, and this friend, how are you.” The middle-aged man greeted.

Xue Yao said: “This is director Wang Luyuan and the main director of virtual projection film we selected.”

Lu Zixin nodded and stood up and shook hands with Wang Luyuan. He has read Wang Luyuan’s information and is a well-known second-line director. He has no fame in the film and television industry.

This does not mean that his strength is poor, but that his fortune is not good. When Wang Luyuan debuted, he took a big online movie, and it was the science fiction theme, which received a good response.

After that, he took the first official film and encountered several “film cancers”, which is the kind of entertainment star without acting. The result was a bleak box office and a low score.

Then, he managed to direct a sci-fi blockbuster movie. As a result, the film starred in the drug addict, and the movie was also banned from broadcasting. It can be said that it was declining.

After screening, Red Letter Film and Television chose Wang Luyuan, who is now at a low point in his life.

Wang Luyuan shook hands with Fire Hole and said: “The commercial film does not represent vulgarity. It just means that it can arouse the emotional resonance of most viewers, and let the audience feel the same emotions. Only those who feel the life can understand these emotions and create such works. You are quite right, I have seen your work, I hope we can cooperate happily!”

“Happy cooperation!”


In this way, the main structure of virtual projection film of Red Letter Film was established, with Wang Luyuan as the main director, Fire Hole as screenwriter, Yan Wei as deputy director and technical director, officially announced, and ready to start the election of actors and recruit team members.

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