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China, Beijing, the national communications industry management department, a group of experts are studying the project approval data submitted by Red Letter.

The “Net of the Sky” plan proposed by Red Letter is of great significance. Whether it is small satellite technology or sixth generation mobile communication technology, each item is enough to change the current communication industry.

And at the beginning of the year, senior leaders of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology also announced that the country has begun to study sixth generation of mobile communication technology.

The National Aerospace Division and United Nations Aerospace Science and Technology Group have released a “Space-Based Internet” program, equivalent to a smaller version of “Star Chain Program,” which is also a small-satellite network communication system.

Therefore, when the plan of Red Letter Net of the Sky was put forward, the relevant departments immediately organized the personnel to understand and see its feasibility.

At the beginning, the experts who were transferred also sneered at the “Net of the Sky” and thought it was the commercial hype of Red Letter Group.

However, when they saw some of the audit materials submitted by Red Letter, the attitude took a 180-degree turn!

Although the contents of the audit data are not available, through the data and budget, they faintly feel that this plan is really feasible!

The key is whether Red Letter has mastered the sixth generation mobile communication technology and the manufacturing technology of this high-power small satellite.

The expression of Red Letter is also very clear. It has mastered the basic technology and is only a short distance away from the mature application.

This time, the leaders of the relevant departments immediately excited, if it can really grasp, it is a huge leap for the entire Chinese communications industry!

Nowadays, the ground station service is widely used in China, and 3G and 4G mobile communication technologies are used. But the core patents of these two communication technologies are in the hands of foreign companies.

For example, Qualcomm of United States, using the mastery of mobile communication patents in China, can charge a large amount of patent fees each year. Until now, most mobile phone manufacturers in China have to use Qualcomm’s communication technology to pay high patent fees. These costs, In the end, they were all transferred to the consumer.

Therefore, the Chinese communications industry has learned the lesson and wants to develop 5G communication itself. The country has also carried out 6G communication research.

However, no one knows whether foreign countries will develop these technologies first and foremost. After all, in this respect, China’s research strength is still weak.

Now that I saw the “Net of the Sky” plan of Red Letter, the relevant departments immediately organized the meeting, and also conducted research with other departments to discuss the plan.

On the third day of the approval data, Lu Zixin arrived in Beijing. For Net of the sky plan, the relevant departments need to negotiate with Red Letter to discuss specific conditions.


The process cannot be described, and the two sides studied for a full week before they reached a preliminary result.

The sky net plan will be allowed to execute, and not only that, but also some other partners will come in and work together to complete the plan.

For example, the National Aerospace Science and Technology Group will provide technical, material, and venue support for the design and manufacture of small satellites of Red Letter. At the same time, they and another commercial rocket launching company in China will jointly cooperate with Red Letter for rocket launch.

The giants of the national telecommunications industry will also participate in this project, responsible for the construction of ground-signal base stations and the completion of sixth-generation mobile communication technology.

If this plan is successfully completed, China 6G communication market of Net of the Sky will be authorized to operate for domestic telecom operators. Domestic telecom operators need to pay relevant technical patent fees and usage fees to Red Letter Group.

As for the foreign telecom operation, it is operated by Red Letter Group itself; there are still some more advanced levels, only a few people like Lu Zixin know.

All in all, the plan was approved and given preferential policies and support.

Next, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology officially announced  of this matter!

In the past few weeks, Red Letter’s Net of the sky plan has been questioned, guessed, and ridiculed. However, when the state department officially announced it, it said in the statement that state-owned giants such as National Aerospace Science and Technology and National Telecommunications will also participate in the plan. At the time, the whole country was shocked!

Because Chinese people know that behind these big groups is the support of national Science and Technology department. This is disguised. The relevant departments have already confirmed the plan of red letter and believe that the plan is implementable and to promote the completion of this plan!

This announcement was published on the headlines of People’s Daily. The China Television News specifically announced this news. China International News also announced the news.

A hammer! Who else dares to question?

The major news immediately followed them, and they were reprinted, and at the same time they used up the praises.

New Wolf Headline: “The Red Letter Sky Net plan is approved! It will cooperate with China Aerospace Science and Technology, China Telecom and other groups. It is expected to complete the Sky Net plan within three years!”

Tencent News: “Red Letters opens a new era of communication! The Sky Net plan has been approved and will be implemented!”

Science and Technology Frontier: “The Sky Net Project is not a commercial hype, the era of global satellite 6G communication network is coming!”


Seeing these news, the people of China are even more novel and happy.

“It is true! The country has recognized that the global 6G network is too forked! In the future, whether it is home, street or country, you can use 6G network. Think about it!”

“Red letter is not a red letter! This trick is beautiful, if it is really built, let the United States cry!”

“If we use 6G communication network in the future, they still use 4G, 5G, haha, then they are behind us!”

“There was so much hype before? A bunch of garbage, don’t dare to talk now?”


On Weibo, the big V Hu Qiuzhi who questioned the red letter before was also smashed by netizens.

“Hey, you said have a red letter to lose money to foreign countries, it is you who lose face!”

“Are you accepting foreigner’s money?”

“Garbage, still analyze, do you understand? Is it better than being beaten?”

“I suggest that Red Letter pull this guy black, don’t sell his mobile phone, don’t let him use the net, let him go to United States.”


Hu Qiuzhi quickly deleted the previous Weibo and issued the latest apology statement, indicating that he was misled, supported red letter, and supported Sky Net plan. However, he was already a clown and was still being shackled.

For him, it’s just a matter of being embarrassed. For those companies in the communications industry, it’s a major event like an earthquake!

As soon as the news came out, major companies were convening an emergency meeting to discuss the impact that this matter might have on them and the measures they would take.

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