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This month, Lu Zixin also found time to go back to a trip to his hometown He County. The villas have been built, and the area is very large. There are also swimming pools, gardens, parking lots, and even Parkview Real Estate has built a special apron for him.

The decoration in the villa is also designed according to intelligent home design. All the circuits, home appliances and System will use the most advanced smart home, which has not yet been completed.

Lu Zixin didn’t see his parents when he went back because the two went to the beach for holiday.

He actually saw Xue Yao, who is now the head of Baijia Real Estate’s development project in He County, so she stayed here most of the year.

“It’s been half a year since we met last time?” In a roadside coffee shop, Xue Yao said with a very emotional tone.

The last time the two met, it seems that it was still Xue Yao’s birthday. Since then, Lu Zixin has rarely stayed in Jiangcheng and He County, but has been parked around.

For a long time no see, Xue Yao is still so bright and moving. Her makeup has become more refined, and her body has become more and more beautiful. It is estimated that she has not spent much time on diet, fitness and beauty.

“Yeah, it’s like a month after half a year, and it feels like it’s gone.” Lu Zixin was also very emotional. When I came back last time, the land I bought was still a wasteland, and now it has become a refined and elegant high-end villa area.

Mom and Dad are very comfortable, not only go out to travel, but also send photos in the circle of friends every day.

“I feel very slow.” Xue Yao held a cup of bitter coffee and said: “It seems like three years.”

“One day not seeing, such as every three days” Lu Zixin blurted out, then I feel there is something wrong, but found Xue Yao laughed at him, said: “You are so narcissistic.”

“People don’t narcissism, do you want to hate yourself?” Lu Zixin said with a smile, “I am not only narcissistic, but also very fraternal.”

“Fraternal? What do you love to make money?” Xue Yao criticized. “The project of Red Letter is one by one, and the news can be seen every day.”

“It’s an interest to make money, but it’s mainly to promote the development of Science and Technology. It’s a great achievement to see the latest results.” Lu Zixin said, “Now I’m not just pushing the company, it’s also the company has to push me away!”

“This is the big truth!” Xue Yao agreed to nod. If they are ordinary employees, they only need to worry about their work tasks and salary.

But as a boss, you need to consider the company’s development, reputation, tax, revenue, cost and so on. The major subsidiaries of Red Letter add up to tens of thousands of employees. The cost of one day’s expenses is hard to imagine. If the company does not move forward, it will face huge losses.

“Speaking of this, I really admire you.” Xue Yao and his aunt looked at him and said in an admirable tone: “You can actually create such a big business at a young age, with the degree we can feel the change in our lives. If I don’t know you, I don’t believe that there are such people in the world!”

Lu Zixin was slightly touted by her, and said: “Probably I was lucky and got some help from friends.”

“Good luck can’t explain everything, and it has a lot to do with your personal character and behavior habits.” Xue Yao said.

“I’ll blow you and then carried away.” Lu Zixin stood up and said: “You do not say to have something I will send you.”

“You are so anxious to get rid of me? Oh, it really is a high vision, not to look at the previous Senior Sister.” Xue Yao said with a complaint.

“Don’t dare, Senior Sister is the object I used to worship, I can dream of dreaming.”

“What dreams?” Xue Yao said satid curiously.

“Amount…” Lu Zixin tone was stagnation, Xue Yao’s brow slightly rose, looked at him with a bad eye, and said: “Isn’t that kind of dream?”

“At that time, young and energetic…” Lu Zixin snarled, I thought that when I was still a bloody boy, I saw that Xue Yao was so tempted to be beautiful and understanding Senior Sister. It is also normal to dream.

“Cut, it’s like how big you are now, don’t forget, you’re full of money, and you’ve been two years and two months after college graduation!” Xue Yao was not only not angry, but slightly smug, even the chest is more proud of it.

Lu Zixin said that he would send Xue Yao, Xue Yao said: “No, I am going to Di Chao wedding tomorrow.”

“Ah? You are also invited by him?” Lu Zixin asked, surprised.

“Not that he invited me.” Xue Yao emphasized, “I am not familiar with him, it is his wife, Bai Qian, is the school girl I know.”

In fact, Xue Yao was not very familiar with the school girl. She didn’t want to go. Later, she saw that her husband was Lu Zixin roommate and thought that Lu Zixin would go, so she readily agreed.

“That’s just right, I have to go, let’s go together.” Lu Zixin said, Xue Yao said with a smile: “Just wait for you, just have a companion.”

The next day, Lu Zixin and Xue Yao rushed to the wood market. This is the second largest economic city in Jiangbei Province. The development is not bad. He called Di Chao’s specific address.

At this time, in a five-star hotel, Di Chao, wearing a suit, was chatting with a group of old classmates and friends.

Upon receiving a call from Lu Zixin, he wanted to call people to pick up people.

“Brothers, Lu Zi horses get on and off the train. Who can help pick it up?” Di Chao asked the old classmates who had arrived.

“Lu Zi? Which Lu Zi?” said a guy with a big face and a fat head. He is called Chen Daming. In the past, there was a person with a small sense of presence. Now sitting in the center of the classmates, the laughter is very loud. It is the second “master” here.

“Lu Zixin, my buddy.” Di Chao said, “I am going to pick up the family right away, can’t walk away! Who can help pick him up? Brother Chen, are you driving? Are you working hard?”

“Lu Zixin?” Chen Daming thought for a while before he thought about it and said, “Oh, that brat, he still have trouble with me at college. What is he doing now?”

Lu Zixin had some squabbles with him before, and he didn’t do it. Who knows that he actually remembers.

“It seems that he still do Internet, I don’t know.” Di Chao said.

Chen Daming did not care, saying: “The two years of class reunion, the class did not see him, I can’t remember it. Since he was in the car, let him take a car and come by himself. My Porsche runs one. I am not enough fuel.”

“This is not very good?” Di Chao frowned.

“How can I not, such a big person. Do you still worry that he is lost?” Chen Daming asked.

Di Chao saw that he didn’t want to go, not much to say, had to find his family, let his uncle help run a trip.

Others continue struck up a conversation, a female student said curiously: “Ah, Chen Daming, buy a Porsche, and how much money.”

“Not expensive, the whole car is about 1.6 million.” Chen Daming said with a big hand, proudly said.

“Local tyrants, 1.6 million is not expensive? I only pay more than 10,000 a month!” said the female classmates enviously.

Other students also expressed their emotions and said: “Chen has grown up! What do you earn so much?”

Chen Daming said quite proudly: “Real estate. When I graduated, I was also bitter haha. Who knows that our family suddenly demolished, my Grandfather, my dad damn it two suites, demolition and replenishment tens of millions There are four suites, and I have rented more than a dozen sets of sub-leasing. Now I rent them rent every month, which is quite good.”

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