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  After more than three hours, Ye Guang went out Nanchang Changbei Airport and called to ask where Liu Chiyan was.

  Liu Chiyan is a big celebrity, a public figure. It is not suitable for public appearances in places with high traffic flow like airport. It is also specially used to pick up people. Even if it is done with protective measures and wearing a mask, it will inevitably be caught and found the clue to recognize it.

  She waited for Ye Guang at the airport underground parking lot.

  The parking lot was large, and Ye Guang looked for a moment according to the location of Liu Chiyan and did not see Liu Chiyan’s car.

  Liu Chiyan saw him, started the car, and flashed a headlight on him.

  Ye Guang turned his head and saw a black SUV, the German car, the brand called Sky Eagle, the car is very new, very big and domineering, imposing, a bit like Dream World’s Land Rover.

  Through the windshield, Ye Guang saw Liu Chiyan. Some wondered, how could Liu Chiyan drive this car? It doesn’t match her image at all. This kind of car is generally only for men.

  Pulling the door open, Ye Guang puts the baggage into the back seat, then signals Liu Chiyan to the co-pilot, and sits in the cab to start the car and drive out of the underground parking lot.

  Liu Chiyan is sensitive, although there are not many people in the parking lot, it is also a place where people are mixed. It is not a place to talk. Although there are a lot of words to say, Ye Guang still resists.

  Ye Guang driving, I feel very good, this car is much more comfortable than father De Anda, the car is very beautiful, very good grade, basically the old Father will like it, it is not cheap, Ye Guang thinks this car is more than one million? Is it strange how Liu Chiyan would like this car?

  Ye Guang drove the car to the woods on the edge of a remote path and stopped the car.

  Unlocking the seat belt, Ye Guang fired: “What happened to you! This is the first few days! Shut down every day, shut down every day! Weibo doesn’t return, and there is no news! Cell phone is broken, not buying one! Your grand celebrity will cost this money! Can’t give me a message! Liu Chiyan! We are legal couples now, I am your husband! You are my wife! You can shut down to do your own thing! But at least you have to give your husband a safe message! Do you know how worried I’m about you!”

  Say, Ye Guang’s eyes were red, and suddenly he pulled Liu Chiyan, who was scared by him, and held her in his arms. His tone softened: “Do you know that I am worried about you? I am afraid that something has happened to you. I am afraid that I will not see you. I am afraid, I am really afraid, I am afraid I will lose you again.”

  Why do you want to say it again? Because Ye Guang has lost one time, Ye Guang has been in Dream World and with Liu Chiyan for four consecutive years when he upgraded from system, but he has never been to Dream World since the system upgrade is completed. For him, it has already been lost once.

  Liu Chiyan was scared by Ye Guang’s reaction, then Ye Guang suddenly hugged her, and said these words in her ear, Liu Chiyan whole person was hurrying, some were helpless, gently hug Ye Guang’s waist, she did not pay attention to the fault in Ye Guang’s speech. She whispered in Ye Guang’s ear: “I’m sorry.”

  Ye Guang released Liu Chiyan, angry said: “What is sorry! You have to give me an explanation why the phone has been shut down for so many days.”

  Liu Chiyan has some wronged words: “Well, cell phone is broken. It has been too busy these days, and there is no time to buy it.”

  Ye Guang snorted, apparently not satisfied with this explanation.

  Liu Chiyan said again: “These days are really too busy. I just bought a new cellphone today. I won’t call you right away. Sorry, people are not intentional.” Speaking while pulling Ye Guang’s sleeves, pouting a small mouth, big eyes squinting at Ye Guang, stunned a neighbor’s sister adorable gesture, where there are goddess look.

  Ye Guang just said a pass, and some of my unhappy feelings have gone to the majority, and He was mainly worried about what happened to Liu Chiyan, so these geniuses accumulated a lot of emotions in their hearts. After knowing that Liu Chiyan was fine, a stone fell to the ground, and the anger was a little angry, but it was a little bit.

  Seeing Liu Chiyan’s poor and lovely look, as a male with visual senses, Ye Guang almost instantly became ecstatic by Liu Chiyan, and finally resisted the urge to kiss Liu Chiyan, reaching out and touching. Touch Liu Chiyan’s head.

  ”You are not allowed to do this in the future. You are busy, but you have to report a peace with me. I am going crazy for you in the past few days.”

  Liu Chiyan also apologized: “I’m sorry, it’s really too busy. I flew in the sky every day for a few days.”

  Ye Guang asked: “What are you busy with? Until you didn’t have time to buy a cellphone.”

  Liu Chiyan smiled smugly: “I moved Studio to Nanchang!”

  ”What?” Ye Guang was shocked. “You moved Studio to Nanchang? When did this happen?”

  Liu Chiyan: “In these few days, it’s busy to move Studio.”

  Ye Guang asked: “How do you move Studio to Nanchang? Why?”

  Liu Chiyan looked at him with a gentle smile: “I want to be closer to you…”

  Ye Guang heart is about to melt away, the touch of confusion, what emotions are in doubt, the moment is gone, only the full touch, gently embrace Liu Chiyan.

  ”Fool.” Ye Guang said softly, “No need to do this.”

  Liu Chiyan leaned on Ye Guang’s shoulder and said softly: “My mom said, the man has to look at it. Now there are so many goblins outside, and you was accidentally hooked away, so I have to look at you.”

  Ye Guang smiled and said: “You are my little goblin.”

  Liu Chiyan blushes: “Then you can only be taken away by me, not to like other fairies.”

  Ye Guang: “No fairy is comparable to you.”

  Liu Chiyan: “What if there is?”

  Ye Guang: “Nothing, in my heart, you are the most beautiful goblin, no! You are a fairy!”

  The two of them embraced each other for a while, and for these two newly-married couples, this was an experience that had never been seen before, and both of them were sweet and hot.

  ”Right, how do you change the car? Didn’t your car before white horse in the last few days? This car can not quite match your temperament.” Ye Guang asked.

  Liu Chiyan smiled and said: “The white horse is not mine. I rented it. I didn’t live in Nanchang for a long time. How can I buy a car at Nanchang?”

  ”Original… what do you mean…”

  ”Mn.” Liu Chiyan smiled. “You are in Nanchang, then I will live in Nanchang in the future. I bought a suite in the south of the city. Already transferred.”

  Ye Guang looked at Liu Chiyan strangely. Did she buy a house in Nanchang? So fast? Rich people are wealthy people, buy a house and play like. But more is still full of emotions. It turns out that he feels that his feelings for Liu Chiyan are unquestionable, but Liu Chiyan is not necessarily for him. For Liu Chiyan, the time they know is really It was especially short, and I even wondered if she had any other purpose, but what was suspected at this moment was gone. In order for her to move Studio to Nanchang, she also bought the room in Nanchang and prepared to live longer. What else can you suspect?

  Beauty is very important.

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