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Next is the awarding session, the commentator shouted: “Congratulations to Xu Xiuying from Beitai City to win the championship of the entire island motorcycle racing competition!”

The audience gave a warm applause. At this moment, Xu Xiuying had a feeling of tears. She never dreamed that she would win this honor, although it was incredible.

Xu Wenbin and his wife are also proud of it, said with a smile: “Xiao Ying is really amazing, thanks to Mister Lu motorcycle!”

A Jing wants to rush into her arms, and her passionate embrace, expressing her joy.

The members of the club also celebrated in the original place. The champion not only had medal trophies, but also some other benefits, which exceeded their expectations.

Hong Zhen was also happy for her. At the same time, he also really admired the Lu Zixin modified motorcycle. He even found him specifically and said: “You have been invincible in the modification of this motorcycle! I am far away, serve!”

Lu Zixin smiled and asked, “What do you think of our technology now?”

“Strong!” Hong Zhen said with emotion. “I am too ignorant. How did you change this motorcycle?” He was very curious about the technology and couldn’t help but ask.

Next to Xu Wenbin said: “You ask more of this, it is the technical secret of Mister Lu.”

“I am offended, I am sorry.” Although Hong Zhen said so, he still couldn’t help but want to know.

They chatted on the sidelines. On the floor, the reporter had already started asking Xu Xiuying and asked her to receive her speech.

“Thank you for the support of our Hemu Club partners, thank my parents…” Xu Xiuying thanked a bunch of people.

However, the reporters are not very interested in this. They directly asked: “I have a question that everyone is very interested in. Just on the court, your motorcycle has been exhausted and the performance is excellent. Can you disclose it? The origins?”

Xu Xiuying explained: “In fact, this motorcycle is a friend from mainland who lends it to me. It is their latest product. I want to thank him here too.”

“What brand is it?” asked the reporter.

The audience was also full of curiosity. The motorcycle enthusiasts who came to see the game were also eager to know which big factory had made such a forklift motorcycle.

“It is a product of Red Letter Science and Technology, which has not yet been put into commercial production, so you may not find it. It is currently the only one in the world.” Xu Xiuying is also ready to speak.

“Red letter? Haven’t heard of it? Is there a motorcycle brand with that name?” Not only the audience, the professional racers are puzzled.

“No! I have been a racing driver for a few years. What brand of motorcycle have been riding, that is, I have not been riding this house. Is it a new brand?”

“Is the new brand so strong? Is it faster than the Dodge Tomahawk? And its mobility, balance, braking, and shifting seem to be even better! This is definitely not something that small factories can make!”

“I can’t find any red letter motorcycle on the Internet!”

The reporters still want to ask questions, but Xu Xiuying does not know more. She is afraid of saying something wrong and goes directly to the background to rest.

The companions were naturally encouraged to celebrate, and Xu Xiuying also specifically asked Lu Zixin for his thanks.

“Small things, I broke your motorcycle, this is okay, I have to thank you for advertising Red Letter.” Lu Zixin said.

Xu Xiuying said curiously: “Mister Lu, do you want to sold this motorcycle? I really want to buy one, I think if it is sold in Baodao, it will definitely be sought after!”

Lu Zixin shook his head and said, “There is no time, but it is not fixed.”

“The performance of this motorcycle is really too strong!” Xu Xiuying said halfway and stopped. “It is the intelligent voice system. It seems that the design is not normal. It can sung.”

“Yes, this is really not designed, go back and adjust.” Lu Zixin is also somewhat speechless, and now there are too many media interested in Iron Head, he simply let Zhang Qiang take it away, and only RI-8901 can watch It, otherwise, this iron head always does things.

The competition won, Xu Xiuying and others still have a lot of things, Lu Zixin is too lazy to blend, he returned to Xu Wenbin’s villa, ready to return to the mainland.

At this time, on the network of Baodao, the video of Xu Xiuying’s participation in the motorcycle race was also posted on the social media.

The title is: “The strongest motorcycle in history, slam the whole team on the island motorcycle race!”

At first, some passers-by were attracted by the title and clicked to watch the video. When they finished reading, they were shocked.

Is this a game? I have never seen a motorcycle race and let others lap, and instantly accelerate, over-limit corner overtaking, all kinds of incredible operations, the team locomotive players in front of that player, there is no room for confrontation.

At the moment, someone has left a message: “Is this a movie? What is the name of the movie?”

The owner replied: “It is not a movie, just a video of the whole island motorcycle competition. If you don’t believe it, you can check it online!”

“Not a movie?” Some people went to check the information, and it really is true!

This time, the comment area is full of fun.

“Is this motorcycle too bullish? My motorcycle doesn’t even have one-fifth of its speed!”

“It’s too fast to accelerate, and it’s clear when you open it slowly, or it’s a shadow!”

“Why doesn’t it roll over?”

“How fast is its limit?”

“What motorcycle is this?”

Others saw the interview and left a message: “It seems to be a motorcycle produced in mainland China.”

Many people were shocked by this: “There is such a motorcycle on the mainland? Impossible!”

“Absolutely impossible, never heard of it!”

“This high-Science and Technology is definitely  United States or Japan country or Europe!”

“I checked, the red letter that Xu Xiuying said is a company that sells mobile phones! This kind of company can make such a motorcycle, killing me, I don’t believe it!”

“Upstairs is a frog in well. Do you know Red Letters? I work on the mainland. The mobile phones of Red Letter have already dried up the Apple mobile phone on the mainland. What happened to a motorcycle?”

A fierce comment on “XXXX” was directly blocked.

Then the netizens of Baodao began to argue, discuss the motorcycle, discuss the Science and Technology of Red Letter, many people do not believe in the strength of Red Letter, and also list examples of Apple and Samsung.

However, some netizens have come up with examples, such as HX2 sales directly to Apple, Samsung to the big price reduction, to do various promotional activities, as well as some features of Red Letter smart products.

What intelligent voice, smart home, lithium air battery, etc. directly hit those people to dare to refute, attracted a group of people to marvel: “The level of Science and Technology in the mainland has reached this point?”

There are even entertainment programs that specifically address this issue. The so-called experts sighed: “It can be said that the level of Science and Technology of Red Letter has been at least 10 years ahead of our Science and Technology company!”

Of course, there is also a kind of refusal to admit that it is hype and rumor.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Xu Wenbin’s Yayuan Telecom also made a public advertisement, announcing that it has successfully represented HX2 smartphones of Red Letter.

Yayuan Telecom will represent these products that are questioned to Baodao, so that consumers can enjoy the convenience of High Science and Technology.

Surprisingly, this time, the products of Yayuan Telecom’s agent Red Letter did not suffer any martyrdom, but it was smooth sailing.

These things have been solved, Lu Zixin also embarked on the return flight, together with the props, and the propaganda to pursue musician dream of Iron Head.

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