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RI-8901 tries to control the direction so that it doesn’t hit other things. The motorcycle drove along the road and headed for the city. Later, when Lu Zixin drove, he dialed Xu Wenbin’s phone and shouted: “Xu Zong, I have a little trouble here!”

At this time, Xu Wenbin was still half-awake, and when Lu Zixin said that he was in trouble, he was immediately awakened. He quickly asked: “What happened? Is it true that people in Guanghai have repented?”

“No, there is a traffic accident, you need to help deal with it.” Lu Zixin said that the motorcycle repair shop was ruined most of the time, this thing really needs Xu Wenbin to adjust.

Also, this motorcycle is running wild and will definitely have traffic police to deal with it.

“Traffic accidents, how are people?” Xu Wenbin asked.

“People are fine and lose money.” Lu Zixin said.

“That’s good.” Xu Wenbin sighed in relief, people did not have an accident, it would be a good deal. He said: “Where is the location?”

Lu Zixin said the place, Xu Wenbin immediately got up and prepared to deal with it.

On the other hand, the RI-8901 has already entered the outskirts of the city on motorcycle. The situation of the motorcycle has been much more stable, but the evolution of “mechanical life” has not yet been completely completed.

Lu Zixin continues to chase and has already seen the shadow of the motorcycle. Fortunately, it is early in the morning, there are fewer people on the road, or the trouble is big.

The motorcycle exploded a burst of electromagnetic fluctuations, the direction was a little uncontrolled, and a storefront on the roadside rushed over.

That is a video store, selling some genuine video tapes, as well as speakers, headphones and other equipment. The door is locked and the door has not been opened yet, but through the window, you can see the neatly placed speaker products and the poster of the singer.

Seeing that it was about to hit, RI-8901 forcibly reversed the direction of the motorcycle. The motorcycle, like a stubborn cow, refused to shake and competed with the RI-8901.

As the distance got closer, RI-8901 took a shot at the head of the motorcycle and knocked out the body with a palm print. However, the motorcycle broke through the window and crashed into the video store.

Fortunately, the motorcycle finally stopped. Lu Zixin is relaxed at the back, is this the security point?

The storefront of this street is closed to the door, but it is inhabited on the upper floor, but no one has come over to see it.

Lu Zixin approached, RI-8901 said: “Master, its situation has stabilized.”

“Well, I am going to lose money.” Lu Zixin looked at the messy storefront and was helpless.

And the gray-faced motorcycle began to deform. Just like the Transformers, let Lu Zixin’s dazzling changes, the motorcycle turned into anthropomorphic form, stood up!

It is estimated to be more than two meters high, two wheels stand on the ground in parallel, and a steel head is grown! Lu Zixin found that this mechanical structure itself seems to have never been designed, is it generated by itself?

As for the other parts, it is also composed of the mechanical mechanism of the motorcycle. Compared with the large block of Transformers, the modified motorcycle is very slim, probably because of the small amount of metal material used.

However, mechanical life is different from organic life. The physical form of organic life is limited, but mechanical life can be assembled at will and add its own body structure. As long as the core program is not destroyed, it is still “live”.

The motorcycle touched his head and made a metallic sound. He said, “What happened? The head hurts.”

On its head, there is a clear palm print, which was just taken by RI-8901.

The locomotive also discovered it. It was surprised: “What kind of ghost thing, was I born with such an ugly birthmark? What, the, fuck!”

It squinted at the head and said in an unbearable tone: “Which potter’s maker made me? Scorpio, how can I be so thin? Is this mechanical life? If I’m on the planet, they will be jokes. I am thin!”

Lu Zixin asked with doubts: “You shouldn’t be a broken brain?”

“What? Your brain is only wth!” The motorcycle spit out. “I am normal, um, although it is a little difficult to produce.”

RI-8901 shouted: “Respect for the owner, the owner has given you life!”

“You are my manufacturer?” The motorcycle wakes up and says to Lu Zixin: “Unrespected and disrespectful, according to normal ethical concepts, you should be my father?”

“But there is one thing I have to say. What is your aesthetic? I could have been very powerful. Wouldn’t you have to use a little more steel? You shouldn’t be poor three generations? Scorpio, why am I? Bad luck, there is no local tyrant, so I can add all kinds of rare metal accessories!”

Lu Zixin looks black, this guy really, as Optimus Prime said, is a bit abnormal, born with a spray attribute, will you have it later?

He immediately educated: “You guy, speak politely.”

RI-8901 cooperated with his own iron fist, the motorcycle helplessly said: “Well, you still want to educate me with violence, hey, tired.”

“Right, what is my name? It won’t be named yet?” asked the locomotive.

“Well, I haven’t named you yet, I think about it.” Lu Zixin didn’t expect the motorcycle to become like this, and most people wouldn’t name their motorcycles?

“Don’t think about it, I think about it myself.” The motorcycle touched his head with a robotic arm and said: “Although I am a little innate, but in the motorcycle, it should be considered a hegemonic level.”

“In this case, then I will call it a machine tyrant!”

!” Lu Zixin almost squirted out of old blood. Is this name called machine tyrant? When he calls the locomotive in the future, he wants to shout a “machine tyrant”? It sounds too indecent.

“No, you have to change one.” Lu Zixin said.

“What? The machine tyrant does not work? The name of this mighty domineering!” The motorcycle was dissatisfied, and the RI-8901 next to it raised the palm of his hand again. It immediately whispered: “The wicked guy threatens me, I hate you. Big chunks, a look is a foundation! Cursing your future wife is a garbage truck!”

RI-8901 doesn’t care, it’s not a mechanical life, and it doesn’t like the “car” hobby.

The motorcycle thought again and said: “Since machine tyrant can’t do it, what about the machine god? What is better than what Optimus Prime and the horror of the day!”

“No, you will be beaten by this name!” Lu Zixin said, “I still want to think about it, it is called Xiao Bai.”

The motorcycle spewed out a piece of gasoline and sprinkled it on the ground. He said, “You are more old, do you still have a Xiao Hei?”

“Yes, my car’s artificial intelligence is called Xiao Hei, just in black and white.” Lu Zixin calmly said.

“Is Xiao Hei a mother?” The motorcycle immediately came to the interest. “Long beautiful? Daddy, have you ordered a doll for me? It’s really beautiful, don’t worry about playing bachelor!”

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