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In the evening, Ye Guang and his parents ate around the small table.

“Why child? why did you resign like this? Don’t tell your dad why?” Ye Guang mother complained. “Why you quit your job? You regret it now? Let you not obey at first. What do you say that you let me say? You had to report to Nanchang University and still study painting. You didn’t find a promising job after graduation. You have to go to elementary school as a teacher! This time is good, you said, how long have you been doing? Resigned and said that he resigned. You kid, you said you want to do it?”

“All right.” Ye Guang father interrupted mother’s words. “The child is a big one, he has his own thing, and he is so dry. Say so much you can let him go back to college and change the profession back.”

Mother waved: “Hey, I am not mad at this reckless kid, OK, OK, don’t say it.”

“If you quit, you will quit. Do you want to do something in the future? Still continue to be a teacher?” Father asked.

Ye Guang hasn’t talked yet, and mother will pick up: “Hey, I think this reckless kid may be thinking about what a ghost is.”

Ye Guang touched the nose and smiled bitterly: “Mom, do you say that to your son like this?”

“It’s light without hitting you.” Mother said: “Yes, don’t talk, don’t say anything, let your dad and me rest in peace and finish this meal. What are your ghost ideas and you will go back now.”

Ye Guang snorted: “Mom. You are too much. Forget it, don’t eat it, full of gas.” Say Ye Guang put down his chopsticks, gets up and goes back to the room.

“Are you angry?” Mother angered: “I haven’t done being angry yet, you are angry.”

“Okay, eat it, what do you do?” Ye Guang father round the road.

Mother screamed proudly: “Love and eat.”

Eight o’clock in the evening.

Ye Guang Mom and Dad are watching TV on the living room sofa.

Ye Guang looked at clock in the room and counted down: “Five, four, three, two, one!”

Eight hours have arrived. The system sounds on time.

“Ding, system is on.”

“system is on…”

“Countdown, three… Two… One.”

“The world division system has been opened.”

“System source is the only system.”

“System source can grow. Currently it is Primary system. The score points can be upgraded at the stage points. The use of this system function requires consumption of Prestige points. Prestige points and discipline points are System source basic property. Meditation system Turns on/off to turn on/off System source. Have fun!

“Newbie reward has been sent.”

A string of pleasing system female voices in the mind of Ye Guang. Ye Guang suddenly felt dizzy and slowed down for a long time. There was nothing in front of him, but Ye Guang could clearly see a light blue windowed light curtain of the size of a notebook screen.

A line of slogans is displayed on the light curtain:

“Philosopher is far away”

The system window is divided into four tabs. These are:

Attribute, Lottery, store, item.

Ye Guang wants to reach out to the attribute tab page, and when the mind is just moving, the page automatically jumps to the attribute column.

“System source is operated by the idea, you can operate the System source directly with the idea, I wish you a happy use.”

System property

System Rank : primary

Prestige points : 860

Disciple points : 11

Host attributes

Physique : 100

Strength : 110

Agility : 90

Title : none

Skill : Highly Retentive Memory, Beginner painting.

There is a small question mark after each value. Ye Guang opens one by one and basically understands all.

Prestige and personality reputation, personal achievement, popularity, trust index and other variant factor effects, is one of the system growth index. Prestige must be positive prestige, the things that must be done must be supported by the public to get the prestige. If it is wrong, even if it is known to the world, you can’t get a little prestige.

Disciple points requirement for getting higher is that it must be recognized by one person, influenced by him, and regarded as a teacher or role model. If prestige points is the number of fans of celebrity, then the discipline points are similar to no brain fan! And, a person can only produce a little Disciple points. Disciple points are very difficult to get. Some people even like you and admire you, even lifestyle can be influenced by you, but they don’t necessarily produce Disciple points. Disciple points are a kind of identity and worship from the deepest part of the heart.

Host attributes are much better understood. The three standards of healthy normal people are between 80-100. The physical strength is slightly different. Ye Guang is 180cm, plus the usual exercise. His three values ​​are very healthy and strong one.

After watching the attribute, Ye Guang thought, and the Lottery page popped up.

“Monthly Lottery number has been issued. The current number of lottery is : 1, is it confirmed immediately lottery?”


“This lottery is a monthly lottery, and the winning rate is increased by 50%. Lottery begins.”

The end of the system sound, I saw a full-screen Lottery roulette on the page, there are many entries on the big turntable, and most of them are painted with a small treasure chest. There is still a small amount of blank option, it seems that you have to get a reward chest to have a reward.

The big turntable swung up quickly, and slowly slowed down after a few seconds. The position where the pointer is currently located is the concentrated area of treasure chest. If there is no accident, it is no problem to take a treasure chest.

Sure enough, the pointer finally stopped on a treasure chest.

“Congratulations, You obtain a treasure chest, which has been sent to Storage.”


Ye Guang has a heartbeat and opens the Storage.

“Welcome to Storage, this Storage is currently primary, the maximum capacity is five by five and a total of 25 storage cells, the same type of items can be accumulated by 10 superimposed. Realistic items can be stored, but not stacked, and each storage grid can hold up to 1 cubic meter of item. Enjoy the ride!

Sure enough, Ye Guang saw a treasure chest of dazzling gold in the item column. There is also a colorful gift box in the storage compartment next to treasure chest : the newcomer package.

Click on treasure chest.

Confirm use.

“Congratulations, You obtain skill book : The Gift of Gab. Is it used directly?”

Ye Guang took a look at the note, The Gift of Gab skill book : After use, get the Skill The Gift of Gab. Skill effect : Mom doesn’t have to worry about my pronunciation and stuttering!


The skill book disappeared into white light, and there was a cool feeling between the tongues.

For the system’s skill, Ye Guang like it very much. Just a Highly Retentive Memory skill makes him endlessly useful.

“Very good, very powerful! It seems that today’s luck is good, I should go and draw a few more prizes to see if I can get good things.” Say, Ye Guang opened the Lottery roulette again.

Ye Guang Click on Lottery on Lottery roulette, system pops up the dialog box : Primary Lottery system, each time lottery consumes 30000 prestige points, the current prestige 860, prestige is insufficient, can not lottery.

“I go, every time 30000 prestige points… Forget it, take a look at the store.”

Open the store, Ye Guang suddenly dumbfounded.

Good Fortune Pledge : priced at 30,000

Innocent Disaster : priced at 30000

Hearty Vigour : priced at 30000

Spirit Tickling Soul Click : priced at 30000

Herculean : priced at 30000

Firm Rock : priced at 30000



Ok, none of them is what Ye Guang can buy now. Regardless of Lottery, prestige points are counted in tens of thousands. He has only 890 now, can he do it? You have to earn some prestige points.

Store For the time being, there is no thing that Ye Guang can buy. Ye Guang remembers that there is a newcomer package in the Storage.

Open the Storage and Ye Guang uses his mind to order the use of newcomer package. A dazzling white light, a series of system notifications appeared:

Congratulations, you obtain Good Fortune Pledge – 1

Congratulations, you obtain Innocent Disaster – 1

Congratulations, you obtain Hearty Vigour – 1

Congratulations, you obtain Spirit Tickling Soul Click – 1

Congratulations, you obtain Herculean – 1

Congratulations, you obtain Firm Rock – 1

Congratulations, You obtain skill book Singer’s Excellent Emotions and Voice

“Haha, get rich, get rich.” Ye Guang, who was deeply hit by the store, suddenly laughed.

Looking at this series of system notifications, Ye Guang has a kind of peasant who turns over and sings.

“Good Fortune Pledge, for 10 minutes lucky. Not bad.”

“Innocent Disaster, for 10 minutes of use. Oops, this is the legendary artifact of the yin, good, good, good.”

“Hearty Vigour, enhancing caffeine, no side effects, moms don’t worry about working overtime!”

“Spirit Tickling Soul Click, can force others to speak the truth. It’s not bad, if you go to the police, you should be able to make a great contribution.”

“Herculean, battle artifact!”

“Firm Rock, legendary turtle shell. I don’t know if the bullets can stand up. It’s all good stuff!”

“Those are consumables. The best thing is this skill book. Singer’s Excellent Emotions and Voice is more emotional and more influential after use. Use, decisive use”

Say, the white light flashed, and the skill book was used by Ye Guang.

Ye Guang is excited to jump and jump in the room, a research system.

I also experimented with the function of the Storage. The large and small objects in the room were all taken out by the Storage and he was tossed back and forth several times. He also licked his thigh several times, and the clear pain made him laugh happily.

“Ding, Sole Mainline Task announcement : to obtain the ultimate title of Eternal Teacher Of All Era.”

The only main line task? Eternal Teacher Of All Era? Ye Guang is a bit puzzled, I don’t know about this task.

“”Philosopher is far away since Saint Confucius, no one has the Eternal Teacher Of All Era title. System source only task for the host is to get the Eternal Teacher Of All Era title, which is comparable to Confucius. System In-depth analysis of Confucius success factors, one : high cultivation level; two : personal ability; three : having ideology; four : huge reputation; five : diversity and believers. The system has combined the current social environment with five factors and has developed the best task plan for the host.”

Ye Guang understands what this system task is all about. But a little bit of a circle.

Fuck that, man.

Do you want to play so big?

Eternal Teacher Of All Era? Should you compare with Confucius? Funny?

The Confucius is Eternal Teacher Of All Era. It is a teacher. Why did you let the teacher resign from his job? Play?

Ye Guang is a little depressed. I have no confidence.

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