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Qi Jian immediately screamed: “You are too irresponsible in this statement. On behalf of my client and consumers, I strongly condemn you. If you continue to discredit us, my lawsuit against Red Letter must be Will add this one!”

When the reporters saw him speaking, he immediately handed the microphone over and asked one by one. Qi Jian also answered the righteous words, as if he was already the embodiment of justice!

The reporters also questioned Tang Gang, especially Cao Zhida, and immediately stood up and said loudly: “I am a journalist in the society. Can I ask why Red Letter can determine that? Is there evidence?”

“If not, you directly claim that the other party has violated the reputation of other party! As a media person, I absolutely do not allow such a thing to happen in the public, I will report it truthfully!”

“Well said!”

“It’s really professional! Dare to be enemy with red letter!”

“This reporter is a cow!” Everyone applauded him.

Netizens are also making trouble: “It’s too shameless! Is the big company so bullying?”

“We are lacking such a journalist with a sense of justice and praise him!”

“The news conference that is still open, the public relations of Red Letter is simply rubbish, so it can’t be washed now!”

“Support ‘Old Bear’, support Qi lawyer! Support reporters!”

“Everyone calms down and sees what they say!”

“I thought that the red letter would apologize. Now they still don’t admit it. I say that others are jealous! People are lying on the bed, and they are hurt like that. There is no conscience!”


Tang Gang once again waved his hand to indicate that everyone was quiet. He said: “Our Red Letter Company is definitely not a business that opens its mouth and reverses black and white. Next, I will explain it to you one by one.”

“First of all, we have to ask ‘Old Bear’. Is the explosion of HX2 mobile phone battery you use really because of the quality of mobile phone, not because you deliberately destroyed it?”

The screen was cut to the hospital, where the staff of Red Letter asked the old bear. They saw the person in the hospital bed violently coughing up, said emotionally: “It is definitely your phone reason, I just charge the phone normally and it will explode!”

Tang Gang continued to ask: “So, after the battery explosion, where is the wreckage of the mobile phone and the wreckage of battery?”

The old bear said: “Everyone was swept into the trash can, and then fell, but there are some fragments that the lawyers saved!”

Qi Jian showed some fragments of HX2 to everyone, but from this, it is impossible to judge the cause of the explosion of mobile phone battery.

Tang Gang continued to ask: “According to our investigation, the real explosion is not the reason. Some people have instructed you to artificially destroy the mobile phone battery, and then deliberately discredit our red letter, and promise you a certain amount of compensation. Do you admit it?”

When he said this, Qi Jian and the old bear suddenly became shocked. Didn’t the red letter know?

But when you think about it carefully, it feels impossible. The old bear did not say anything, and Qi Jian did not say anything. It is impossible for anyone to know.

And now it is admitted that it is courting death, does not recognize the opportunity to make money. The old bear bit his teeth and said, “Oh, it’s absolutely awkward! I warn you, I will sue you!”

Qi Jian also immediately shouted: “Please stop immediately exerting psychological pressure on my client, and all problems will come to me with you!”

“Okay, then I will be right with you!” Tang Gang’s words are full of confidence, which makes Qi Jian heart more uneasy.

It is reasonable to say that a big company like Red Letter will not know the importance of public relations. The cold treatment of this matter is the best, but they have to hold a press conference and specifically invite themselves. Do they really have what they fear?

“Qi lawyer, well, I ask you, do you know if the old bear forged a battery explosion and the fact of him discredited red letter?”

After Tang Gang asked, Qi Jian immediately said loudly: “You are misleading questions! Give me dirty water, I can refuse to answer! Your words will be brought to court!”

“But as a lawyer, I have to maintain my own reputation. I can tell you directly that I have not been know of this matter. I and Zhengfan Law Firm I represent are in a humanitarian sense for old bear. We is obliged to accept this lawsuit, there is no interest dispute!”

“Good!” Cao Zhida took the lead in applauding, and other reporters applauded!

Even netizens have been moved by Qi Jian, and praised: “Qi lawyer is too handsome, crazy to play CALL for him!”

“Qi Lawyer and Zhengfan Law Firm are all good!”

“Justice may be late, but definitely not absent!”



Lu Zixin saw everyone applauding for Qi Jian, but smiled and said to Su Zhirong around him: “Look, now he is more proud, wait for him to cry!”

Su Zhirong nodded and said: “This person is really shameless! Upside down, black and white actually pretends to be a sinister look, and our red letter is turned into a heinous bully!”

Tang Gang is still a well-prepared appearance, saying: “Qi lawyer, I also want to tell you, if you speak now, it will be used in the court!”

“I am not afraid of shadows!” Qi Jian said with a sneer, “If there is no basis, then all are slander!”

“According to? You can rest assured that there will be no less. I have to ask a party here to give you the last chance.” Tang Gang said, “Is the Cao Zhida reporter still there?”

“In!” Cao Zhida stood up and said, “What do you want to ask? If you want me to distort the facts, it is absolutely impossible!”

“Haha!” Tang Gang couldn’t help but smile and applauded: “I’m going to give you a hand, it’s a pity that you guys don’t go to the movies.”

“Cao Zhida reporter, I ask you. You confirm that everything you reported is true, and there is no interest in private with Qi Jian?”

Everyone looked at Cao Zhida, Cao Zhida immediately replied to chop nails and sever Iron: “Absolutely not! This is my professional ethics as a reporter!”

“pā pā pā ……” The reporters applauded him again.

“Don’t say too early!” Tang Gang’s voice suddenly amplified, and the tone was harsh.

“Today, our red letter dares to open this conference. If I dare to ask these questions, it means we have the confidence and information! Now, we must announce the information we have already mastered!”

Tang Gang’s words, let the atmosphere burst again, is Red Letter really mastering what? Countless cameras are aimed at Tang Gang and the electronic display behind him.

This time, Qi Jian’s heart is even more uneasy, and Cao Zhida is also a bit embarrassed. Is it caught by people?

The old bear on bed, also staring at the live picture, the cold sweat flowing behind him.

“First, let’s watch a video. This is a dialogue between Cao Zhida and Qi Jian. This video is provided to us by a kind citizen.” Tang Gang finished, the staff has selected a video and started playing.

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