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“Carlett? Isn’t the biggest thing for me here? And can my cows be sold, related to the quality of my cows, and have a wool relationship with them!” Hearing the words of Burke Dale who came next to him, Jiang Hai said with a bad face.

“Really, if you talk about the place, you are the biggest private estate in the country, but if you want to sell cattle, you should also ask us that Carlett does not agree.” Hearing Jiang Hai’s words, there are the man with thirty year-old with glasses came over with a sneer, and said to Jiang Hai in front of him with a sullen look. When he saw him, Jiang Hai’s eyebrows were picked up and he had already gone up.

“Boss, this is the case…” Seeing Jiang Hai seems to be in conflict with the other side, Robins here immediately came to Jiang Hai’s side and quickly said in his ear.

Speaking of the area of ​​the manor, in the entire Massachusetts, and even the entire east coast of the United States, Jiang Hai’s manor is the number one, but this Carlet company is not a place to raise cattle, specifically He is a place to sell cattle.

It is a livestock husbandry company registered in US. It’s headquartered in New York. It is a livestock husbandry company with a relatively large influence. But they do not raise cattle. They only collect cattle and sell cattle, which is also known as the second-hand trafficker.

There are three main ways in US to sell cattle. The first one is normal selling. Every year, the meat quality testing agency will conduct two random inspections on the declared pasture. After passing the test, it can be sold in the market, but this way. The beef sold is basically the whole cow. It can’t sell any price. The cost of raising a cow is about 1,500 USD. The price of a cow is about a thousand dollars. And this adult is According to the pound to calculate the money, a cow is selling between 3,000 USD and 4,000 USD, making little money.

There is also a second type, that is, to go out to run the business, the owner has its own shipping channels, after testing, you can directly sell to some large shopping malls, or Western restaurants, which is naturally the most profitable.

But whether it is Robins or Burke Dale, these people don’t have such ability. When it comes to raising cows, they are very good, but when it comes to sales, they are far worse.

So they chose the third way to participate in some beef cattle competitions and exhibitions. In the competition or in the exhibition, if there is a business fancy, it will naturally come over and then buy the cattle.

However, such large-scale exhibitions are actually games for the rich. Those cows are basically cattle of major companies, not small farmers. In other words, these cows are small. It is raised in the pasture, but if you want to sell with price and go to the exhibition, you need to be affiliated with the big company.

A small ranch, not to mention whether you can enter this exhibition, or a competition, the money you need to pay to participate in exhibitions and competitions is a small expense, so most cowboys and ranchers will choose this path to go.

As for the current cow, according to the other party’s statement, they want to know the quality of the cattle here. In fact, they are given to them. When they hear Robins, Jiang Hai’s face is even more ugly.

This is somewhat like the domestic mechanism. Everyone is free-floating and then concentrates on sales. However, the people who are concentrated in the sale on US at this time have become the company. In fact, they are the second-hand traffickers, but they are only the biggest two traffickers.

Yes, if it succeeds, the price of the cow is indeed higher, but Jiang Hai’s farmland has become the base of the other beef cattle. The shipping channel is completely controlled by the other party.

This can’t blame Robins, for them because their original pattern is only so big, they have not considered their own ideas for exhibiting. First, this seems to be very expensive for them. Second, they are not think that your cow is different.

Anyway, the price is almost the same, it is better to call directly on the names of these companies, so it saves trouble, although at the expense of a cow, compared to the remaining 20,000 cows, a cow is really not a big deal.

The idea can be that Jiang Hai will not agree with the first one. The shipping channel is said to be the other. The most important thing is that Jiang Hai cow is different from the average cow. He is basically ready to put all in the manor. After the pasture improvement is completed, as long as this winter is waited, the quality of these cattle will be the highest when slaughtering next summer and autumn.

He is quite confident in his own cattle. At this time, the money is not earned by himself, but also let others earn one hand? How could he agree? So after hearing what Robins said, he immediately opened Robins and came to these people.

“You let go of the cow, or I will call the police.” Looking at the staff in front of him, Jiang Hai said with a right hand and a look of disappointment. When he heard Jiang Hai’s words, the workers here were even more confused. As for Robins and others, although they are somewhat puzzled by Jiang Hai’s approach, after all, they are now working under Jiang Hai’s work, so they are standing behind Jiang Hai’s momentum, not angry and self-defeating, so that the opposite person is more at a loss.

“Hey, you can think about it, at least in the name of our company, you are at least…” Seeing the movements of Jiang Hai and others, the man over there could not help but walk to the front of Jiang Hai, and said with a sly look, In his opinion, Jiang Hai is also a hoe, and seeing that his family’s cattle are being taken away, some are reluctant. He does not believe that a manor can fight against their company.

“Get out of the way, the cows of our own family, no matter how, I don’t need to hang on you, what are you playing? What shit exhibition, I will not go to participate, I use you!” But this people words have not been finished yet. Jiang Hai has already waved his hand impatiently and directly interrupted his words, and then said with a look of discomfort.

“You, you have to know, to go to the exhibition but to ask for money, a booth, to be a million dollars!” Hearing Jiang Hai’s words, people here can not help but say aloud, millions of dollars, indeed quite a lot, plus Jiang Hai is also relatively short of money, but can not lose face at this time?

“Labor and capital, the manor, just bought, 280 million US dollars, do you think one or two million US dollars, what is it?” The man in front with sly look finished, Jiang Hai’s words are full of provocative taste, When he heard Jiang Hai’s words, the people here couldn’t help but return the rest of the story. Indeed, the size and condition of the manor is also clear. Such a large manor, even with pastures, wineries and fisheries, is 280 million. Although not expensive, it is definitely not cheap.

In other words, Jiang Hai is now a billionaire who is worth more than 100 million. A small staff member who speaks money in front of others is really exaggerated. It seems that this guy is not like imagination. It’s so fooled.

“Well, if you have money, but you don’t forget, you can go to the exhibition yourself, but when you can’t sell it, you can’t blame others, let’s go!” Saying money, it is definitely saying that Jiang Hai’s, This is very clear to him. After all, the market value of their company is only a few hundred million US dollars. The company and Jiang Hai hard fight, Jiang Hai naturally can not fight the company, but the company because of him because of such a small point, go with what is Jiang Hai’s hard work? If the company knows that it is a vengeance with a billionaire, it is estimated that the company is more likely to open its own, more likely than to fight back.

So now he can only let go of the rumors, then he turns and leaves, but he is not just listening to it. He does have some methods. When Jiang Hai wants to exhibit, it really has it may be troublesome.

Because the company is primarily responsible for the northeast corner of the US, North to Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, and even New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, and even Washington DC More than 80% of the merchants in these states are linked to their company.

If the meat quality is in good meat, these businesses may not give Green Forest an opportunity to sell, this a company face, there is nothing wrong with them, although the Americans only pay attention to the interests, but the human feelings, there are It also has some effects. Of course, if the quality of the green forest is not as good as normal meat, then it is even better.

However, Jiang Hai is quite confident in his own beef. These guys are waiting to be beaten.

If your own meat quality is much better than the meat quality of this company, those businesses are not fools. Who to choose, needless to say.

“Boss!” Seeing these people leave, Harmen come over there took a step forward and pulled the cow back into the cowshed. He saw it, He was very distressed just now. As for Robins, there are three points. He was anxiously walking to Jiang Hai’s side and wanted to say something.

“Needless to say, you have to have some confidence in your own cattle. Even if you don’t have confidence in the cows, you have to have confidence in my, your boss. Do you know? Our cows must be the best!” Waving his hand, interrupting the words of Robbins, Jiang Hai said with a slap in the face, he heard Jiang Hai’s words, Robins could not help but smile a little, he really wanted to ask, where is Jiang Hai’s self-confidence, but this is his But he can’t say it. After all, Jiang Hai is the boss, he has confidence, then they have to follow with confidence.

“When is the exhibition they said?” No longer to control Robins’s embarrassment, Jiang Hai turned his head and said to Burke, so that Jiang Hai’s cattle would follow the price of for sale, he is definitely reluctant.

And he has the biggest difference with the average billionaire, that is, he has no connections. To be exact, he is a nouveau riche, the social circle of the upper class, completely absent, and after having money, he also invest all in industry, and he doesn’t have the leisure for holiday. Going to New York to make those people, and the intrigue of the day is not what he is willing to do.

Therefore, the second road will not work, then he can only follow these people along the third road to the exhibition.

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