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Bruce Wayne also said : “The owner is right. If a single organ clone is used for medicine, it is almost the same, and it will create even more trouble!”

“Clone people? Scorpio, just the mutants make the world messy.” The little spider just finished reading, and found out that it was wrong, “Of course, not including me.”

Red Queen See Peter Parker, and instantly throw an emoticon : “[emoticon: little boy, don’t you please give this palace?]”

Peter Parker : “What does this mean? I have to check the dictionary.”

After a few seconds, he understood the meaning of asking for peace, and then responded with emoticon.

Pete Parker : “[emoticon: see Red Queen.]”

After some snoring, the problem returned to the topic that Lu Zixin just mentioned. Red Queen said : “You need a strong artificial intelligence, which can solve the complicated work of 80% for you.”

Mr. L : “I can’t make this.”

Bruce Wayne : “You need a reliable team and a competent butler. This way both internal and external affairs can be solved.”

Mr. L : “Is it capable?”

Bruce Wayne : “?”

Red Queen : “[funny emoticon]”

Peter Parker : “???”

Bruce Wayne : “Oh, you are casual in terms of gender.”

Peter Parker : “??? What are you talking about?”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: dirty, old driver drove]”

Lu Zixin ended the topic and said, “Thank you for your idea, I will consider it.”

“Right, Mr. Wayne has been in the group for so long, in order to thank him for his advice, so I will also send you a small gift.”

The group activity has only recently risen to level 5, with a random Red envelope. Since everyone else has received it, Lu Zixin will naturally send it to Bruce Wayne.

Then he sent Bruce Wayne an exclusive Red envelope.

Red Queen : “[emoticon: good envy.]”

Peter Parker : “[emoticon: I am envious.]”

Bruce Wayne first said “thank you” politely before he opened the Red envelope.

Group Tip : “Congratulations, you have obtained Red envelope from the owner and obtained a copy of ‘Meteorite Equipment Manufacturing Materials’.”

“Meteorite?” Bruce Wayne immediately thought of a noun, comet, that is the hometown of Superman. The guy who can beat the whole earth is from there. He always feels that the powerful power like Superman, if not restricted, must be the threat of the whole earth.

However, Superman is too strong, and the existing Science and Technology can’t limit him.

The meteorite can restrain the super power of the comet. However, its composition research and weaponization have always been a problem, and I did not expect such a thing in the Red envelope.

Bruce Wayne’s mouth showed a smile, and finally there was something that could limit the guy who flew around every day.

Before the end of water group, Lu Zixin looked at the group invitation option again, still in the cooldown time, but it has already passed three quarters.

Lu Zixin began to think about the suggestions of group members, and artificial intelligence will definitely not work. The team’s problems, the research team is now, but still very weak, the main personnel are Professor Dai Liang and his students.

“The Jiangcheng University professors can also be brought to our company?” Lu Zixin thought, when the cooperation in research and development of lithium-air batteries, the two sides signed an agreement, the patent belongs to red letter.

He should go further and let those professors who have the skills become a member of Red Letter team. Lu Zixin really doesn’t believe that they can’t get them, they want money, and the red letter can afford money, I have developed epoch-making technology, and I am afraid that there is no reputation?

Just want to do research, red letter can provide research funding, just use a name. If you don’t agree, Lu Zixin won’t force it, but the core technology won’t let them touch it.

As for the butler mentioned by Bruce Wayne, he still can’t find a candidate to trust. Girlfriend Su Zhirong, because the company work has been exhausted.

Lu Zixin even if he and the company’s legal department conduct research, draw up a contract with the professors of Jiangcheng University, and inform Jiangcheng University side in a euphemistic way.

At Jiangcheng University, several professors also met privately after receiving the proposal from the Red Letter side.

One of the most respected and highly respected is Professor Luo Hanshan of Jiangcheng University. He is already in his fifties this year. He is very accomplished in organic chemistry and new materials. He has 17 national invention patent! There have been dozens of domestic Science and Technology awards, several international Science and Technology awards, and other published papers, often cited by national authoritative magazines.

“Red Letter wants to invite us into their company, Old Luo, what do you think?” A young professor looked at him.

Luo Hanshan thought for a while and said steadily: “I personally have no big demand for money. What I want to do now is to bring out a group of students to contribute to the development of the National Science and Technology. So I will not Consider going to red letter.”

“What about the lithium-air battery R&D project?” one professor asked. “This project is significant!”

“Yeah.” Another professor nodded. “Lithium air battery, according to some information provided by Red Letter, we already have a little direction.”

“If it can be developed, it is not only domestic, but also internationally leading! Now the country is also vigorously developing new energy, and battery is a very important part.”

“Small mobile phones, notebooks, big cars, industrial equipment. This project, the subsequent development is too great!”

The professors are clear about this, and the benefits of this project are too many! It is hard to refuse.

Luo Hanshan said with a smile: “I did not say not to participate in research and development, Red Letter also gave a few programs. My personal thoughts, I will be their company’s technical consultants, participate in research and development, and agree on their company project rights.”

“The technical consultant can do it.” One professor nodded. “This choice is the most free. But several of my students want to work in Red Letter.”

“That will follow them.” Luo Hanshan said, “I have seen several programs. The treatment given by red letter is also very high. If you go, you will not be treated badly.”

Other professors saw him say this, and they also had a concern in their hearts.

Soon after, Lu Zixin got their reply, and no professor was willing to quit the project. Most of the professors chose to become the technical consultants of Red Letter, but the students they brought out were willing to join Red Letter Company and become a member of R&D team.

These things have taken more than a month before and after.

This is the third month sales of HX1. The total sales volume has reached one million units, and the sales trend has begun to decrease.

Recently, other companies have introduced some new mobile phones, and even have a marketing model that uses Red Letter, and are also preparing for the mobile game machine, which has drawn the attention of users.

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