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Lu Jun also knows that he has no weight, he just wants to mix and see. He quickly said: “Don’t bother your stay, I wish you happy New Year!”

“Yeah.” Several people nodded and walked past him.

On the other end, a group of people such as big uncle still waited for Lu Jun. Seeing Lu Jun greet them, several people are still feeling.

Three uncles said: “I don’t think your family Lu Jun has been able to deal with such a big man! After we Lú Family, we have to watch Lu Jun!”

Three aunt also educated his son and daughter: “You see, your brother is your role model, and you will have to be a leader in the future!”

Big uncle said with a smile: “We are all old, we will see the younger generation in the future!”

Lu Yue and Shen Man shared the same feeling: “Yes.”

Lu Jun came back, and three aunt asked curiously: “Is they all your friends?”

“Not a friend, doing business, it is inevitable to deal with.” Lu Jun said, watching everyone empathize with emotion, his face also showed a bit of pride.

Big aunt also said to Shen Man: “What do I say, let Lu Zixin follow his brother, definitely more than now.”

Shen Man awkwardly smiled, some words she spent a long time, really want to say.

At this time, someone shouted: “General Lu?”

It was Jia Hai voice. He had to walk into the hotel. He saw Lu Jun’s family standing at the door. He didn’t care, and suddenly saw Lu Zixin.

He has dealt with Lu Zixin and naturally knows. Moreover, Jia Hai has a habit of reviewing the information of that person every time he meets people, so as to avoid the embarrassing scene when talking about business.

Before going out today, he also read Lu Zixin information. Now he suddenly saw a similar person, and naturally paid more attention to it. It doesn’t matter if you don’t look at it. He took a closer look and found that it was really like Lu Zixin, so he shouted in surprise.

He shouted, Lu Zixin naturally noticed, and waved at Jia Hai.

“It’s really General Lu, it’s a coincidence!” Jia Hai said to him.

Mayor Tang next to him wondered: “Who? Just that?”

“No,” Jia Hai said. “I will greet him now.”

Mayor Tang and Chen Governors thinks that it is a young man, Chen Governors asked curiously: “Chairman Jia, that General Lu, which company?”

Jia Hai explained to them: “Red Letter Group, the Internet Science and Technology, is now a famous big company in Internet business cycle. Last year, they bought a whole 30-storey office building from our BaiJia, and the momentum is very strong!”

Chen Governors said: “So young, already has such a big business? Or is he just working at Red Letter?”

“Red Letter is wholly-owned by him.” Jia Hai said with emotion, “The young people are now incredible. This General Lu is estimated to surpass me this year.”

When he finished, Chen Governors and Mayor Tang looked at each other and saw surprise from the other side’s eyes. Jia Hai net worth is naturally clear, and Baijia Real Estate is a big company in the province.

Jia Hai actually praised Lu Zixin, and said that he may surpass Jia Hai this year. That means Lu Zixin is a commercial tycoon in province. It is really a bad thing.

Chen Governors ask: “Chairman Jia, General Lu, is our He County?”

“Yeah, I have talk to General Lu before I came here. Who knows that I actually met here.” Jia Hai said.

“Hey, I don’t even know that we have young entrepreneurs like this in He County.” Chen Governors said, while raising some thoughts in his heart.

Since Lu Zixin is from He County and is also a big entrepreneur like Jia Hai, it is just a matter of knowing what to do, maybe he can return to his hometown to invest!

Today, he and Mayor Tang received Jia Hai. Isn’t it also for Jia Hai investment in He County next year? Thinking of this, Lu Zixin weight suddenly became important in his heart, and Mayor Tang next to him, have thoughts were similar to him.

“General Lu! Happy New Year!” Jia Hai shouted again, and walked over, Mayor Tang and Chen Governors next to him also walked over.

“Happy New Year!” Lu Zixin responded as he walked over.

Next to him, her big aunt quickly shouted: “What about your child, shouting!”

Big uncle also said seriously: “This is not a joke, but the big boss and Mayor Tang with Chen Governors, they call your brother!”

“But they seem to be calling me.” Lu Zixin didn’t know how to say it.

Three uncles glanced at him and said, “How can you not understand this child? Mayor Tang and Chen Governors is all there, can shout you? You stand over, don’t talk.”

Lu Zixin really didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, Lu Yue next to him but frowned: “They are really calling you?”

Lu Zixin nodded and said, “Friends in business.”

“Second child, how do you like children?” Big uncle is not satisfied, can you make a joke at this time?

He urged Lu Jun next to him and said, “What are you still stupid to do? People are looking for you, and they are not going to pass!”

Lu Jun is still a bit embarrassed. He saw Jia Hai and others with a smile and a warm greeting. He is a bit aggressive.

Just now he took the initiative to say hello, people are not hot or cold, and even do not remember who he is. It’s only two minutes now, and the attitude has changed. And it’s amazing to be so friendly!

He still has a bit of heart, he doesn’t have that big face!

But now people call General Lu, and here only he is General Lu. No matter what the situation, the big guys are saying hello, he naturally has to meet.

“Mayor Tang, Chen Governors, Chairman Jia.” Lu Jun walked over and waited for their response.

However, Chen Governors and Mayor Tang just nodded and did not say a word to him. Jia Hai was stopped by Lu Jun, and he casually said, “There are two General Lu. I haven’t seen it yet. I am here for a year.”

“Ah?” Lu Jun filled his head with a question mark and did not respond to what Jia Hai said.

Lu Zixin saw that everyone had come over and walked over. His big uncle had just wanted to hold him, but he found that Lu Zixin didn’t know what to do and directly escaped his hand.

“Chairman Jia, happy new year, congratulations to get rich!” Lu Zixin was kind, and also said to Chen Governors and Mayor Tang “Two leaders, happy new year!”

“Happy New Year!” The two responded with a smile.

Looking at Lu Zixin to go with a few big talkers, big uncle, big aunt, three uncles, three aunt and other people suddenly feel bad, how is this child going up and talk, not afraid of causing dissatisfaction?

Fortunately, it’s just a New Year’s greeting, if you say anything worse.

However, they only thought so, Lu Zixin said: “I didn’t expect to meet Chairman Jia in here, but also talked about it in afternoon.”

“Yeah, it’s a good time to come!” Jia Hai said with a smile, “General Lu, if you are convenient, why not have a cup of tea together?”

When he said this, Mayor Tang and Chen Governors did not feel anything wrong, Lu Jun, and a group of relatives behind him suddenly stopped, they suspected that they had got it wrong. The big boss invited Lu Zixin to have tea with them? And with Mayor Tang and Chen Governors together? This is too outrageous!

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  1. Can these chapters get any shorter? I mean what the hell? Basicly a greeting and some arrogance from his family. Nothing happened!

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