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Lu Zixin does not need to worry about computer housekeeper project every day, even if there are some problems, the staff can solve it, he can relax for a while.

In the Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group, Lu Zixin is explaining his physical condition to Red Queen.

Mr. L : “H1 serum has been injected for 16 days. The obvious feeling is that strength, reaction speed and thinking ability are enhanced. Small wounds can heal quickly, and big ones have not been tried.”

Red Queen : “This is already the biggest effect of H1 serum. Your current physical fitness can surpass the limits of humanity, but it is still far from the point of jumping off the skyscraper or stopping the train by hand. [Funny emoticon: Congratulations on your qualification to become a superhero].”

Lu Zixin said with satisfaction : “It’s already very good, I don’t need to save the world. Thank you, Red Queen.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: I can break my cow, I can charge it.]”

She said : “H1 serum is only the initial version, and its growth is low. H2 serum is under development and should be better than H1.”

They only talked a few words, the big water in the group immediately online none other than Peter Parker. When he came in, he said : “The group owner, the owner, my spider silk launcher research is successful!”

“Now I can fire a few times more spider silk and swing between tall buildings. That tastes great!”

Mr. L : “Congratulations.”

Peter Parker : “Thanks to your improver, the spider silk solution can be completed. My spider silk solution is even better than the Osborne industry!”

“Right, the owner and Red Queen. I want to ask you a question, how can you make money?”

“I can’t afford to pay for my tuition. I want to buy a girl for a gift, but I don’t have any money at all.”

Red Queen : “Isn’t that simple? Directly blackened the Bank System, there is no end to the money. [emoticon: Do you want to get rich overnight?]”

Peter Parker : “I don’t dare, it’s illegal! I am talking about the formal method.”

In keeping with the teachings of his uncle and aunt, the little spider has always been determined to be a good citizen of “obeying the law.”

Lu Zixin asked : “You are still in school now, and you are the first in your studies. As for making money, you can do some part-time work.”

Peter Parker : “I think so. So I went to the newspaper as a reporter and also sent a part-time job, but the salary of these two jobs is too small. It is not enough for me to supplement my daily food expenses, and I have a little bit of my own research also costs money.”

Mr. L : “Using super power to send takeaway, young man, you are very business-minded!”

Peter Parker : “Thank you for complimenting, in fact, I also came to mind by chance. I can send a few more takeaways than others at a time!”

Mr. L : “[emoticon: vomiting blood] Do you really think I am complimenting you?”

Peter Parker : “Ah? Isn’t it?”

Lu Zixin is speechless, using super power to send out the sale of things, he can think of it. Genius is not all-powerful. Peter Parker is a genius in the fields of physics and chemistry, and in business, it is really flattering.

Red Queen : “You can go to the building to wipe the exterior glass, you can go to the dock to move the goods, or go to the high-altitude tightrope. [emoticon: wit like me]”

Peter Parker : “Yes? Why I didn’t think that, wait, I checked, the salary of these jobs seems to be really higher than the delivery!”

Mr. L : “She is teasing you! Moving bricks is faster and more, not as much as a contractor.”

At Lu Zixin worlds, Peter Parker actually has a lot of ways to make money. For example, his spider silk is a new type of material. It is used in the construction industry or high-tech industry. The technical value is absolutely hundreds of millions of dollars.

But if everyone has a spider silk launcher, the days of small spiders are not good enough, this patent can’t be allowed.

Lu Zixin asked : “Are you famous now? For example, the newspaper will report your events, and fans like it?”

Peter Parker : “I don’t know how to name it, but my photos of crimes will appear in the headlines, and there are many fans on the Internet.”

Mr. L : “That’s much simpler. Have they taken your photo, have they got your permission? The image of Spiderman is designed by you, those who sell clothes and sell other goods in your name. Infringe on your character image patent, ask them for money, or ask the lawyer to tell them.”

“If it’s not good, you can go to the commercial show! For example, to advertise to the business, the appearance fee is less than tens of thousands of dollars to start? Advertising, the endorsement fee will not be low? The worst can also broadcast live, let the fans give you reward… there are too many ways to make money!”

Peter Parker saw Lu Zixin words and opened up a new world. He has only been genetically mutated for less than two months, and his mind has remained at the point of being a poor student.

He didn’t realize the way to make money. Or, he didn’t even understand the word fan economy!

Like Captain America, he know that he can pick up a commercial show and make money by advertising. Now that the “spiderman” are being discussed by the public, there will definitely be merchants willing to pay.

Peter Parker thought of another question. He asked : “The owner, you said it makes sense. But what if I don’t want to reveal my identity?”

“It is not simple?” Lu Zixin continued. “You can find a spokesperson for ‘Spiderman’, such as yourself or your friends, everything is negotiated by that spokesperson. Then when attending the event, Spiderman appeared, the spokesperson collects money.”

“You still don’t want to make yourself the spokeperson, lest you and Spiderman can’t appear at the same time, you will be suspected.”

Lu Zixin made Peter Parker feel like a slap in the face, yes, this is the perfect solution. As long as you make money yourself, your uncle will not go to work at a young age, and you don’t have to work so hard.

He can also have the money to buy his own car, give gifts to his beloved girl, and change his decent clothes for date…

“How come I am so stupid? Didn’t think of it early!” Peter Parker took a shot of his head and quickly spoke in the group: “You are a genius! I am so excited, so many ways to make money! Thank you, you will be my idol!”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: threatening eyes] Peter Parker, you actually betray me! It seems that I have to clean up the portal!”

Peter Parker : “Red Queen, I am wrong.”

Red Queen : “You have to remember that you are mixed with me, don’t be fooled by the owner! [emoticon: there is no future with the owner.]”

Mr. L : “Red Queen, do you want to taste of Little Ban?”

Group prompt: “Red Queen withdrew a message.”

Peter Parker: “…”

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