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After completing an week of work in an hour, Lu Zixin just felt a little tired in the brain. After a few minutes of rest, he went to various departments in the company to check the company’s operations.

The game department is still stable and the performance is growing. The life of the Eating Chicken game is at least three or five years, so within three or five years, the company can make a profit without relying on the game.

New games are also under development, and the life and death of these new projects can only be determined by the market. Lu Zixin doesn’t intervene, and the Red Letter game must have its own research and development capabilities.

Just like the Tencent game, you can invest in countless projects a year, and if you succeed, you can support the entire company’s 50% or more turnover.

Red Letter Computer Manager Project Department, programmers are busy developing a variety of supporting software, such as anti-virus software, computer program repair software and the like.

“How is the progress?” Lu Zixin asked Liang Song.

“In terms of the infrastructure, we have already done it, and now we are doing a functional supplement.” Liang Song said that Lu Zixin had proposed the goal of a computer housekeeper when the game accelerator project was established, so he had some preparations before.

“For example, companies such as the Qibao 330, Tencent, and Jinhai have matured their software. In fact, we are now imitating and learning from them.”

Lu Zixin nodded, this is unavoidable. Anyway, their core competitiveness is Cloud host. As long as the Cloud host is in, other small program can be slowly improved.

The marketing department, Red Letter Computer Manager propaganda plan has been taken out, just wait for Lu Zixin to decide the date, and can start publicity.

“You can start publicity tomorrow.” Lu Zixin said to Zhu An, “The first version of the Red Letter Computer Manager can be completed in a week. For the software, you don’t have to worry about what will happen. What you have to do is to advertise our Cloud host concept.”

On the software side, Lu Zixin can solve it by himself, let alone his current thinking ability has exceeded the number of times.

“No problem! I have been waiting for a long time!” Zhu An exclaimed. “The CEO of Qibao 330 said in front of the media some time ago that we can’t do it. Let him see this time. This piece of the country is going to change hands!”

The next day, the Red Letter official conveniently announced the news.

“The Red Letter computer housekeeper is about to be born, and the cloud host era is coming!”

The major online media that received the publicity fee also began to help promote the publicity.

Phoenix Science and Technology Network: “A new revolution in the computer industry, Red Letter launches ‘Cloud host’ computer housekeeper!”

UC headline: “Shocked! Red letter company launched Black Science and Technology, trying to subvert the Internet?”

Tencent News: “Is Cloud Host? Is it a speculation or is it really material?”

Know: “Is the ‘Cloud host’ promoted by Red Letters true? What exactly is it?”

On the microblogging hot search, there is also a hot word for “Cloud host”. Of course, it is the “promotional resource” that Red Letter spends buying.

On this day, Red Letter began to vigorously promote the concept of Cloud host to warm up the computer housekeeper.

Unknown netizens are naturally curious, puzzled, and questionable.

“What is the Cloud host? Is it not necessary to use a computer host?”

“Does Red Letter really have the ability to be a computer housekeeper?”

“Black Science and Technology? Are you teasing me? I’m sure, it’s bragging. Now most company, there is no sincerity, what is better than the game, Science and Technology!”

“Is there a trial version? Where can I download it?”


In this regard, Red Letter specifically explained the role of the Cloud host. Simply put, it is to perform auxiliary calculations for the user’s computer to increase the speed of the computer.

This explanation was immediately refuted by countless experts.

In particular, Zuo Yu, CEO of Qibao 330, directly on the Weibo official website of Red Letter, said righteously: “I have been engaged in this business for more than ten years. Although this concept has been mentioned, it is currently The technical level is still not possible.”

“You are purely false propaganda and deceiving consumers! I suggest that the industry and commerce department should stop this behavior immediately!”

There are also some experts in the computer industry who have also blamed: “To build a Cloud host, you must have a supercomputer with super-computing and analytical processing capabilities, which is impossible for Red Letter!”

Jinhai Software, Tencent Company and Qiandu Company are still waiting to see. Although they don’t believe in the words of Red Letter, they feel that Red Letter may develop something useful.

Cloud host computer acceleration, even if they only promote 10% of the features, it is very impressive. Some small differences are enough to get the user down to the other side.

The action of Red Letter was faster than expected. In less than a week, the Red Letter computer housekeeper simplified version was launched.

In the simple version, there are only some basic functions of the computer housekeeper, and other functions are still being developed. But the most important thing is that the Lite host has the function of Cloud host!

“Let the speed fly to the cloud!” This is the promotional slogan of the Cloud host.

“Is still flying to the cloud? The computer housekeeper is a pit, the more the card is over! I never use it!” In front of an old computer, a user spits.

“It’s still easy to use online game accelerator.” He opened Red Letter online game accelerator and found a big publicity slogan popped up.

“Now download and use the Red Letter computer housekeeper, send online game accelerator one month advanced VIP, and game spree!”

“Send advanced VIP qualification?” He was heart-warming, the advanced VIP of Red Letter online game accelerator, playing the game is a cool.

“Forget it, forget it, let’s go down, big deal and then uninstall.” He clicked the download link and downloaded the computer butler of Red Letter.

Other features, similar to similar software, the only extra is the Cloud host option.

“Do you want to enable Cloud host to speed up the computer?” The Red Letter Computer Manager pops up a prompt.

“Yes, I see how you can add?” He agreed.

“Connecting to the cloud host…”

“Analyzing computing mode…”

“Starting acceleration services… Accelerating success!”

“This is a success? Nothing changes – eh?” He just wanted to spit a few words, but found something different.

While he is playing the game, he is also opening other web pages. When clicking, the speed seems to be a lot faster.

The speed of his computer is absolutely not bad. It’s just that this computer has been used for a long time. If you open a few more programs, it will be a little small, but now it’s unusually smooth.

“Is it really useful?” He continued to try with his curiosity. Sure enough, while running several programs at the same time, the computer is still very smooth. However, if there are too many program, the computer manager will prompt: “Too much, the speed can not keep up with the computer, please close a little.”

“I am going, really so cool? It feels as good as the experience of opening an online accelerator!” He was surprised to say.

Online game accelerator, can only accelerate online games, and this Cloud host, other programs seem to be able to accelerate!

Get used to the high speed experience, who wants to experience the turtle speed? Especially the people who are acute, can’t stand it for a second.

He quickly sent a message to his good friend, saying: “brother, the Eed Letter computer housekeeper is really a bunker, and the thief is cool!”

Good friend: “Really? I haven’t gotten, what about the Cloud host?”

“Black Science and Technology! Before I played the game, I couldn’t listen to the song, I couldn’t watch the movie, or the computer was stuck. It’s all right now! It feels like changing a computer!”

Good friend: “Is it so amazing? I will try it next time.”

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