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The establishment of the Computer Manager Project Department of Red Letter Games has not been made public yet. In this area, a major event is happening.

In the field of computer housekeepers, the current market share of the most popular Qibao 330 network Science and Technology, this time period, they are through its subsidiaries, backdoor listing.

Qibao 330 Network Science and Technology is the first network science and technology company in China to be a free computer butler. When various anti-virus software is still in the era of charging, it uses its advertising profit-making method to provide free security software services to users, occupying half of anti-virus software and computer housekeepers.

The later network of Science and Technology, which has been difficult to match in this respect, is Tencent, which is known as the software omnipotent king. In this case, it is also worse.

On today’s Weibo, Zuo Yu, the current chairman and CEO of Qibao 330, sent a Weibo, which was popular among many netizens.

The nine-page map of the standard Weibo is a photo of Zuo Yu at the door of the Securities Regulatory Commission and a photo with colleagues. The title is: Thanks to our partners and team!

On Weibo, executives from many well-known network Science and Technology companies sent congratulatory messages.

“Congratulations to Zuo, 330 is on the market again!”

“The last big news of the year! The stock market is watching you!”

“Congratulations to Zuo, the backdoor listing, the richest man in China, just around the corner!”

“The “China Summer News” has reported that the left is powerful!”


The major news media also reported this news.

In the office, Lu Zixin asked Liang Song, “What do you think about this?”

Liang Song said: “As early as 11, 330 was listed in New York, USA. At that time, hundreds of millionaires were created overnight. Zuo Yu personal asset of several billion, directly on the China Forbes Rich List. Become a well-known Internet tycoon in the country.”

“In 16, it became a privatized company and was delisted from the New York exchange. In recent years, the performance of Qibao 330 has not been satisfactory for various reasons. Tencent, Jinhai, Qiandu and other companies are fiercely competitive. which make Qibao 330 losing money.”

“This time, the subsidiary company that is holding back its shares, re-listed. It is coming, it is ready to use the capital market to do a big job!”

Lu Zixin said with a smile : “We announced the computer housekeeper at this time, is it a bit of hatred? If it affects their stock price, I am afraid that many people will hate me.”

Liang Song shook his head and said: “General, this is not the case. The market is originally is the weak are prey to the strong. Whose strength is strong, anyone has food to eat.”

“Those big companies, which one is not defeated, and swallowed up countless opponents to stand up? Our red letter is a fierce beast that has just gone out! Who is not afraid!”

“That’s good!” Lu Zixin shouted. “Then the project is initially composed, the news is released!”

On the Internet, because of the backdoor listing incident, the Qibao 330 fired again.

The stockholders are concerned about the stock price. The major networks of Science and Technology are also concerned about the stock price. If Qibao 330 gets a lot of money in the capital market, then their market competitiveness will definitely be stronger.

And the majority of netizens are concerned about, who’s software is better.

Someone initiated an online vote. Which software do you like best in security software or computer housekeepers?

Netizens have talked about each other and even tore each other.

“Of course 330, it’s been free, I have been using it for seven years!”

“330 junk software, I will install the card as soon as I install it, and it will not be stuck when I uninstall it! It is still good for Tencent!”

“Yes, Tencent the best. Just use Tencent computer housekeeper and play games with a variety of packages and rewards, a cool one!”

“Tencent is garbage? It’s forcibly installing a variety of add-on software, and the anti-virus feature is not working!”

“Don’t argue, I have been using thousands of computer stewards and I feel good.”

“Speaking of anti-virus, Jinhai is the most professional. If 330, there are too many advertisements, can’t stand it!”

“Hey, no advertising, others make money? Is this free software?”

“You can’t do it! I have used it. Once I install it, it will be much better to uninstall. If Red Letter also has a computer housekeepers, their online game accelerator is really cool!”


The result of the voting on the Internet, Qibao 330 has the highest number of votes, followed by Tencent, Jinhai and Qianzhou. Although the voting results will be biased and wrong, it does not represent the overall market, but it is enough to prove the strength of Qibao 330.

The Qibao 330 is also building momentum, various propaganda, and news on the news media. The valuation of the company has reached 380 billion RMB!

However, at this time, Red Letter Games Company issued a “weak” voice, Red Letter Games decided to officially launch the Red Letter computer Manager project, plans to officially launch the Red Letter computer housekeeper within a few months.

There are also a lot of people who care about Red Letter Games Company. Many netizens are happy to see this statement.

“@Red Letter Games Official, what are you doing? Good game, don’t do it, go to the computer housekeeper?”

“You have too many business developments? Don’t you develop a few more games? I am waiting for your new online game!”

“Let’s go down, you can download it if you develop it.”

“@Red Letter Games Official, are you looking at someone else’s 330 going public, is it jealous?”

“Don’t die! I thought that the top of Red Letter is more intelligent. It turned out to be a mess. The market share of the Qibao 330 is so high, and it has been losing money. You are a layman and you have to be killed directly!”

“Does Red Letters go public? What computer housekeepers are you developing?”


The top executives of other network Science and Technology companies who saw this news also couldn’t help but want to laugh out loud.

The CEO of Net One game was drinking water when he saw the news, and the water was sprayed.

“Cough,cough!” He coughed twice, then said with a smile: “Hahaha, I really laughed. I said on the Internet that I am not doing business, I am farming pork. But I am a personal hobby, just play.”

“This Red Letter game, the game industry is not stable, just go to compete for computer housekeeper, the heart is too big, you have to play yourself off!”

“Maybe they have been developing very smoothly, so it’s a little inflated.” The executive next to him said with a smile.

Jinhai Software Co., Ltd., a domestically established software company, has a good reputation for its security software on the Internet, and its users are also very stable. In the past, if it wasn’t for the sudden emergence of Qibao 330, it’s very likely that Jinhai is now a big Internet tycoon. For so, its powerful strength cannot be underestimated.

“Is this line coming in again?” Jinhai top executives saw an official announcement from Red Letter. As a computer housekeeper, you must be involved in security software and become a competitor.

“Every company that makes games wants to be a computer housekeeper and increase the user base. However, it is really competitive, but now it is only three or four. Pay close attention to the situation of Red Letter, and report it immediately when there is a new action.”

“Yes.” The secretary nodded.

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