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Edited: XiaXue & Feja

“Really, do you know why the supervisor will only look at her?” Zhang Juan complained, “I am no worse than her!” She said, adjusting her bust and trying to squeeze it so it looked bigger.

When she said this, Zhou Mei couldn’t help but despise her: “As for you, what else would you do besides selling your chest? You’re not as good as me, at least my legs are much better than yours! The amount of men man who look at my legs today is obviously more than yours!”

However, her face was aggravated and snapped: “Don’t you know, nowadays men like pure women!”

“Uh huh!” Zhang Juan was feeling excited: “I will change into my low-cut dress at night, I don’t believe it!” (In reference to men liking pure woman)

Zhou Mei continued to despise her in her heart: “I still have a low chest? Do I need a chest pad? No, I have to dress up pretty at night! The supervisor is a golden turtle. (Very Rich) If I stick to him, how can the two sluts take to compare me?”


Su Zhirong had a meal in their department office, but Lu Zixin couldn’t participate, he still had some work to deal with.

Lu Zixin set off in the evening to visit a KTV. (Karaoke bar)

Golden Sound Wave KTV, is a higher-end KTV, the audio equipment and services are good, although the price is not cheap. The common consumers are urban white-collar workers.

This is the place where Qu Siyuan treats guests. The department has dozens of people, so including a luxury room, plus drinks, spending tens of thousands dollars a night is fairly common.

However, for Qu Siyuan it’s not too bad. He has a monthly salary plus a bonus of 70,000, he is a consumerist and can’t save money.

In the KTV room, Qu Siyuan’s line of sight swept through the room. He spotted Su Zhirong sitting in the corner and chatting with Gao Lin, not knowing what say, covering her mouth and giggling.

Qu Siyuan has a big heart, as long as there is a chance to play with Su Zhirong today, the money spent is not wasted!

“Hey, you lost again!” Next to him, dressed in black stockings and low-cut dress, Zhang Juan said with a smile, “Drink!”

They are playing cards, Qu Siyuan, Zhang Juan, Zhou Mei and two male staff. As for the finance minister who was eating with them earlier, he had already found an excuse to go home.

Zhang Juan poured wine for Qu Siyuan. When she was accidentally touched him, the red wine was splashed and sprinkled on to her breasts. Suddenly a few male staff couldn’t help but swallow.

Even for Qu Siyuan, the sight left him stimulated.

“Ah, sorry.” Zhang Juan wiped it with a paper towel and coquettishly shouted: “Don’t look!”

Zhou Mei secretly hissed: “Pretender!” (Feja: Couldn’t think of a better word)

She quickly stepped in front of Zhang Juan to block her, and Zhang Juan, who was angry, thought: “What is it? The old lady is deliberately blocking me!”

As they are secretly fighting here, Qu Siyuan took a sip of wine and excused himself: “You play. I’m going to take a break.”

He stood up and took the glass to the side of Su Zhirong and Gao Lin. He smiled and asked, “What are the two beautiful women talking about?”

“Nothing, a little thing,” Gao Lin said. “Hey, the supervisor doesn’t want to play games, did you come here to gossip?”

“I also like gossip! In my spare time, it’s good to talk casually.” Qu Siyuan kept his eyes fixated on Su Zhirong while talking.

Gao Lin couldn’t understand what he meant, and she moved over and let him sit next to her.

“Little Su, don’t you sing?” Qu Siyuan asked.

“Let them sing.” Su Zhirong replied indifferently.

“Hah, a bunch of people who can’t sing, I don’t know what to say? You can sing better than they do!” Qu Siyuan said, shouting as he sang: “Get a wheat!”

The staff there sang the song. When he heard Qu Siyuan, he had to hand over the microphone and specially changed the microphone sleeve.

“Want to sing one?” Qu Siyuan asked, Su Zhirong euphemistically (Blunt/Dull) said: “I feel quite uncomfortable and can’t sing.”

“Then I will sing you one.” Qu Siyuan went up and ordered an English song – “Just The Way You Are.”

This love song is also an English song. When Qu Siyuan sang, everyone stopped what they were doing and quieted down, and applauded him.

“When I see your face
There’s not a thing that I would change ’cause you’re amazing
Just the way you are
And when you smile
The whole world stops and stares for a while
‘Cause girl you’re amazing
Just the way you are…” When singing, Qu Siyuan looked at Su Zhirong affectionately, and others cheered. (Feja: I imagine Bruno Mars singing, then a heavy Chinese man with a thick accent singing screaming over him)

Su Zhirong pretended not to see him, and looked down at her phone. Qu Siyuan didn’t feel embarrassed and continued to sing.

Zhang Juan and Zhou Mei watched in jealousy. They played with him for a long time, and now Qu Siyuan sang a love song to Su Zhirong.

After Qu Siyuan sang, everyone shouted: “It’s so good, it’s an English song, it’s great!”

“I’m only average.” Qu Siyuan said modestly and asked Su Zhirong in a sigh of relief: “What do you think?”

“Your singing is good.” Her tone was somewhat perfunctory, so Qu Siyuan wasn’t quite satisfied, If it were another woman, they would be at least a little touched. (Feja: Idk what to do to the second half of this sentence. I nearly had a stroke.)

“If you don’t sing, do you want to play games together? Truth or dare!” Qu Siyuan suggested, immediately attracting the attention of the people around.

“I can’t right now, I’m going to head back home soon.” Su Zhirong refused. Truth or dare games, once you play, you must be honest. In particular, some people who don’t know moral limits would make some requests, which can be embarrassing.

“Go back? Go back to do what? Rest assured, no need to go to work tomorrow, if you are tired, you can rest for a few more days. I will help you get Monday off!” Qu Siyuan said.

“No, I am a little tired.” Su Zhirong continued to explain.

“Then I will escort you back!” Qu Siyuan’s heart is pumping, even better, the opportunity to be alone with Su Zhirong!

“No need to worry, I have someone to send me back.” Su Zhirong simply said.

As soon as she said this, Qu Siyuan was suddenly upset. If Su Zhirong refused for another reason, he could still accept it, but if it is because of another person, then he couldn’t accept it.

“Who? Let them play with us.” Qu Siyuan said, “We only started recently, it is still early enough.”

“He also said that he wants to come!” Su Zhirong said. “He will be here in ten minutes.”

“A man?” Gao Lin asked, Su Zhirong nodded.

Qu Siyuan face went red, he has been diligently chasing her for a long time. Su Zhirong actually has a boyfriend? Is he better than me?

He still didn’t give up and said: “Alright, when he comes, I’ll invite him to drink with us!”

Gao Lin asked: “Is he your boyfriend? I am really curious, who is worthy of little Su!”

“No, it’s a friend who was in the same class as me.” Su Zhirong replied.

After hearing this, Qu Siyuan’s mood brightened, thinking: “I haven’t confirmed their relationship yet, there is still a chance!”

At this time, Zhang Juan and Zhou Mei finally found an opportunity to jump in. Zhang Juan said, “A friend from school? Your relationship seems really good, don’t tell me that you broke up after graduation?”

Zhou Mei also complied with the saying: “Yeah, you are so beautiful, an average man couldn’t compare! Forget about your friend, what about our supervisor?”

While her words were praising her on the surface, she was actually aiming for Su Zhirong. Judging by Su Zhirong’s previous actions, she certainly will not chase Qu Suyuan. It would be even better if she said Qu Siyuan is not as good as her friend!


Editor Notes

Hi I’m Feja, this is probably the first time you’ll see me, I’m working as an editor for Xia, I’m not too experienced, but I liked the novel and figured I could help clean up the grammar and sentences a fair bit. If you have any comments/concerns/things I could do to improve, please leave a comment for me 🙂


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  1. “… if other sisters, this song down, at least half of it.”
    Closest thing I can pull out given context and the purpose of men singing romantic songs to women is:
    “If it were another woman, they would be at least a little touched.”

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