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The technician said: “There is a feature in their online game accelerator that we can’t copy. Then we actually tested and found that using this feature to start “Desolate Battlegrounds”, the computer game speed has doubled!”

The computers here are all top-notch configurations. Almost any game can run normally, as for speeding up? There is no room for improvement, no matter whether it is speed or other aspects.

However, the results of the test show that the hardware of the computer is running much faster than before when the game is running!

“How could this be?” The top executives couldn’t calm down. “What is this technology?”

“I don’t know!” The technician took a deep breath and said: “The current game accelerator on Internet does not have this feature! including us!”

Tencent also has its own game accelerator, but this business is not their focus, so it has not received much attention.

“If this online game accelerator runs on a normal user’s computer, how is the effect?” Someone immediately asked, this is what they care most about.

“Not tested yet.”


Ten minutes later, the test results came out. At this time, not only the technicians who tested, but also the high-level people were dumbfounded.

On the general performance of the computer, the use of this accelerator, can smoothly run the “Desolate Battlegrounds” PC version. This means that, the high configuration issues of the Desolate Battlegrounds PC version will no longer be an issue.

They can already foresee that an Eating Chicken online game that is more sophisticated than their Eating Chicken online game enters the online game market! And also configured such a cattle than other online game accelerator!

The function of this online game accelerator is definitely not limited to one game. It can also be improved for other games. What happens when the player knows? Of course it is downloaded and used! At that time, with this online game accelerator, Red Letter games can have a large number of users!

Even use this as a medium to make your own exclusive game platform!

Red Letter game, you have to work hard!

“It’s sinister!” one of the top executives said, “It turned out that they had such technology, so they dared to make the game like this!”

“I guess them wrong! Innocent is not a Red Letter, it is us! Red Letter game is a strong opponent, can not be underestimated!”

“Alexander!” a senior executive said with emotion. “On the mobile game, we have just been hit by Red Letter. Now this hungry wolf has started to hit the online game market again. This is a fierce battle!”

They have never felt the pressure since joining Tencent game. In the past, Tencent did not matter even if there were failures.

But this time they have a hunch that Red Letter game is not a small fish and shrimp, and if they don’t pay attention, they may develop into a big crocodile in the game industry!


In the Net One game, executives are losing their temper to the technical manager.

“What did you say at the last meeting? This game accelerator is useless! Now? See?”

The manager of the technical department was wronged, and what he said last time was indeed true! To blame, you can only blame the R&D department of Red Letter Games is too strong!

The auxiliary computing function of this accelerator is simply not made by people! This is the black Science and Technology!

“General Huang, I admit the mistake.” He honestly admitted the mistake, and General Huang resisted his temper.

“Don’t say anything else, I will ask you, can we make such a function?” General Huang asked.

“This…” The technical manager hesitated. The first thought in his heart is, how could it be made? This is completely not a technical level with their online game accelerator!

Their skills are like toddlers, and the other party is already a long-distance runner! The difference between the two is the growth of more than ten years!

“Can’t you do it?” General Huang asked.

“Can’t do it!” The technical department manager reluctantly said, “You can only try to study.”

General Huang did not know what to say. In fact, he also understood that this is a problem with new technologies. Even if he loses his temper, it is impossible for R&D personnel to study it right away.

“Do your best to study thoroughly!” he stressed.

“Yes, I will transfer the research immediately,” said the technical manager.

“Call!” General Huang took a deep breath and said: “There is only this way, let the marketing department keep an eye on Red Letter game, and regularly analyze their reports.”

Not only game companies, but also new companies that focus on Red Letter games, as well as companies that specialize in online game accelerators, such as Quick Tour accelerators with high market share.

In this one, the news travel is fast, and the momentum is very fierce, than Tencent, Xundian, Net One, netizen accelerator are a step behind them.

Not long ago, the Quick Tour accelerator just got a new round of financing from the capital market more than 300 million, is preparing to vigorously develop, and other netizen accelerator to snatch the market, who knows suddenly burst out of a Red Letter online game accelerator, immediately caused them Concerned research.

Compared to online game companies, they feel more pressure! Because they found that they were ambitious and wanted to do something big, and suddenly the online game accelerator launched by Red Letter are ahead of them with a high technical level!

In the conference room, the management is all emoticon serious.

“The results of the test are already known to everyone. This technology is not covered at all, even at home and abroad!”

“The emergence of it will completely change the market situation of online game accelerator!” Yuan Li, chairman and CEO of Quick Tour, asked, “What should we do?”

There was a silence in the conference room. They were in the online game accelerator market. They can be said to be the first. Then, after the major network Science and Technology companies launched the online game accelerator, their market share is decreasing.

Now Red Letter is a crit, 99999! If they can’t cope, only the ones that have been eliminated!

For a long time, some people said: “At present, we can only study and observe. Red Letter online game accelerator, the temporary support for the game acceleration is only the “Desolate Battlegrounds” PC version, we still have time.”

“So, do you think that Red Letter can support other game acceleration?” Yuan Li asked.

“This… In theory, since they have this technology, it should be ok. But we don’t know the principle of this technology, maybe support every game acceleration, we have to do a corresponding auxiliary program, and there is no It’s as easy as I imagined.”

“We must not wait to die!” Yuan Li said loudly. “Everyone thinks about how many setbacks and failures our company has experienced since its establishment. But we have not been defeated. This time, we can’t lose to Red Letter. Work hard!”

“Never lose!” In the conference room, a loud slogan sounded.

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