Chapter 15 : Oath

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  In the candy shop, Xia Yan stepped on the bench, standing in front of the counter of the grocery store, the pink haired girl in front of the look at, asked: “Lieutenant Yachiru, what are you buy this time?”

  Xia Yan has been in the candy shop for a month, and the most popular customer of candy shop is Kusajishi Yachiru. She often come in two or three days, and buy a big bag every time.

  God knows why she likes sugar so much.

  Kusajishi Yachiru stood in front of the counter and pointed out the candy on the counter and said, “Come this, come this too.”

  Xia Yan quickly weighed for her, loaded a large bag, calculated the price, and after receiving the money, handed the bag to Kusajishi Yachiru.

  Kusajishi Yachiru took the bag and couldn’t wait to take out a candy, peel and open it into her mouth. The lovely face showed a happy smile and walked toward the door with satisfaction.

  But Xia Yan said: “Lieutenant Yachiru, wait a minute.”

  ”what Xiao Yan?”

  Kusajishi Yachiru turned around and didn’t know why Xia Yan shouted.

  Xia Yan didn’t mind the nickname she gave himself. Instead, he took out a box under the counter and handed it to Kusajishi Yachiru. he said, “This box of sugar is given to you as a thank you for introducing my work.”

  Xia Yan will end his work in two days. He has already got the money for this month in advance, bought this box of sugar and intends to give it to Kusajishi Yachiru.

  Kusajishi Yachiru saw the box, the eyes lit up, but immediately said: “This box of sugar is very expensive, I can not accept.”

  Xia Yan scratched his head and said: “If it is not Lieutenant Yachiru help, I can’t find this job.”

  ”Then, I will accept it.”

  Kusajishi Yachiru is not refusing, accepting the sugar, jumping and turning away.

  Xia Yan waited until Kusajishi Yachiru left, but his heart was somewhat sentimental. After Kusajishi Yachiru introduction, he got a job, and after a month of getting along, Xia Yan was somewhat sorry about the Kusajishi Yachiru.

  She will disappear in the future, but he is unable to change this.

  Kill Zaraki Kenpachi’s enemies in advance to stop his liberation of Zanpakuto?

  But the enemy that Zaraki Kenpachi encountered was very formidable. After unlocking the seal, he still needs Shikai to defeat it, even if Bankai can not beat M.

  Can I achieve the unlocking the seal of Zanpakuto, Shikai and Bankai in sixty years?

  Xia Yan feels that relying on his current exercise, the Reiatsu is comparable to Zaraki Kenpachi who took off the blindfold.

  Xia Yan can only put this matter in the bottom of his heart, and can only find the solution in a long time.

  Xia Yan worked in the candy shop for two more days, and ended up working for a month and returned to school.

  Seven days after the start of the school, Kira Iziru returned to the dormitory. At the beginning of the spring break, he applied for a temporary pass and returned home.

  Xia Yan, Rukia and Renji are not willing to go back to Rukongai and stay in the school.

  After coming to the dormitory, Kira Iziru put down the parcel that he carried with him, took out a paper bag from it, and handed it to Xia Yan and Renji. He said: “This is the gift I brought from home. It is a famous product in Jing’an District. Renji, Xia Yan, you have a taste.”

  ”What is it?”

  After Renji took over, he opened the bag and found that there were several round cakes in it. He picked it up and asked some questions: “What is this?”

  Kira Iziru said with a smile: “This is dorayaki, the name of the Jingan District where our family is located.”

  Renji handed it to Xia Yan and said, “Xia Yan, you should try it first.”

  Xia Yan has long been accustomed to Renji care for himself. Every time he has food, he will give food to him to eat first.

  Of course, habit does not take for granted, Xia Yan will remember all Renji good in the bottom of his heart,

Be sure to retaliate in the future, no, repay him.

  Xia Yan took dorayaki, put it on the mouth, and bite it, first of all the soft and sweet taste of the bread and bread made of honey and flour, followed by a mixture of stuffed bean paste and syrup spread in the mouth. Sleek and sleek.

  very delicious.

  The rich flavor is mixed with the sweet smell, and Xia Yan soon eat a piece of dorayaki.

  Kira Iziru asked with a smile: “How?”

  Xia Yan licked the bean of the mouth and said: “It’s delicious,”

  Renji also picked up a dorayaki, took a bite on his mouth, and the eyes lit up and said, “It’s really good. Kira, don’t you eat? ”

  Kira Iziru waved his hand and said, “I have been tired of eating these things, they are all for you.”

  Renji finished eating the dorayaki in his mouth, and then said: “Still, I don’t like too sweet things, and let the rest of Xia Yan eat it alone.”

  After Renji ate the leeks in his hand, he threw the bag in front of Xia Yan.

  Xia Yan gave a slight glimpse. How could he not see Renji because he saw that he said that it was very good and wanted to give it to himself, so he said it.

  Renji can do this many times.

  From the beginning of the encounter, to the nine months in Rukongai, plus nearly a year’s bedroom, Renji has taken Xia Yan as his younger brother.

  Everything will let Xia Yan eat first, as long as Xia Yan likes it, he will give it to him.

  Rukia is the same as him, and she also uses Xia Yan as her younger brother.

  For Renji and Rukia to take care of himself, Xia Yan could not forget, remembering that Rukia would be in danger in the future, being locked in a prison, tied up on the eyes, only one step away from execution.

  And Renji is seriously injured in order to protect Rukia after fight with Byakuya, which will happen in the future.

  Xia Yan does not want Rukia to go to jail again, but does not want Renji to be seriously injured, but the enemy of the former is Aizen, the enemy of the latter is Kuchiki Byakuya, one is the special combat power, the other is the Captain combat power, and the other is simple and can cope. .

  This made Xia Yan somewhat weak, just like he had the idea of ​​saving Kusajishi Yachiru, but he couldn’t have the strength to match it.

  Can you really do nothing?

  Crossing into this World, but unable to change the fate of the people around, how can you be willing?

  Xia Yan secretly vowed in the bottom of his heart that he must change their destiny.

  For this goal, Xia Yan must work hard and not waste a little bit of time to increase Strength. This may be a hint of possibility to save more and more people.

  Thinking of this, Xia Yan looked at the time, it is already in the evening, but there is still some time away from the lights.

  Xia Yan touched his shinai and walked out the bedroom. Renji saw this scene and curiously asked: “Xia Yan, what are you going to do?”

  Xia Yan waved the shinai in his hand and said: “There is still a period of time to turn off the light to sleep, I went to the training room for a while.”

  Leaving this sentence, Xia Yan squatted with a shinai and ran out of the bedroom.

  Seeing this scene, Renji said: “Xia Yan Talent is so good, but still working hard, I finally know why he is better than us.”

  Kira Iziru heard this and exclaimed: “Now Xia Yan has jumped into the fourth grade. With his latent talent, it should be recruited by Gotei 13 in advance, focusing on cultivation, and later become Captain-level Shinigami. Uncertainty, at that time, the gap between us and him will grow bigger and bigger.”

  ”In this case, let’s work hard, but we can’t fall behind too much.”

  Renji get up and said, “If you make him much better than me, I’m too disgraced to be a big brother..”

  Renji also grabbed his shinai and left the bedroom.

  Kira Iziru smiled and took the same thing out of the package and placed it on the table.

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