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“So beautiful!” In Gao Wei’s eyes, this shaped container is 10,000 times more beautiful than those jewels!

“There is really no powder on the surface!” The R&D staff was pleasantly surprised, “It won’t cause slag, right?”

Kelly Hall frowned, “Adding a binder? It can cause problems with the molecular structure and break at high temperatures. That’s a big problem!”

“You only know the result after trying.” Zhong Bing said, “You can start to shape it.”

The staff prepared nervously. The yttrium oxide shaping container moved into a turbine engine blade shaping device. This time The blade length has exceeded the 200mm limit mentioned by Kelly Hall!

Then, high-temperature titanium aluminum alloy solution poured into the yttrium oxide shaping container, and cooling begins. As a series of operations proceed, the titanium-aluminum alloy blades gradually formed.

The data on the instrument has been fluctuating around the normal value. Everyone is watching closely. Zhong Bing said: “It’s okay!”

The researchers carefully taken out titanium-aluminum alloy blade from this first experiment. From the outside, it was smooth and elegant with a curved surface, giving off a metallic luster.

A good appearance doesn’t mean that the blade has successfully manufactured. They must carefully tested it to determine if it can pass the high performance requirements of the aero engine.

There is a testing device in the Materials Research Institute, which will detect various data of the blades for comparison with standard data.

“The length of the titanium-aluminum alloy blade is more than 200mm, either the accuracy is not up to the standard, or the hardness is not up to the standard!” Kelly Hall said, “Our company has done similar experiments many times.”

This time, no one is arguing with him, but waiting for the test data to come out.

Data feedback is coming to them very quickly, whether it is strength, stability, density or accuracy, they all met the standard!

This shows that they have really manufactured titanium-aluminum alloy blades for low-pressure turbine engines over 200mm!

“This is the titanium-aluminum alloy blade with the highest precision, the highest length, and the most stable titanium-aluminum alloy blade in the world!” Gao Wei said in surprise when he saw the data.

The researchers in the research institute who witnessed with him also felt elated, applauding or cheering loudly together, the Institute of Aeronautical Materials was beaming.

“Let me see!” Kelly Hall hurried forward, taking a careful look at the blades while watching the test data.

While watching, he secretly used his smart glasses to record some information and sent it back to Rolls-Royce headquarters.

Lu Zixin know all of this, but didn’t stop him. Because the core technology is the manufacture of molecular adhesives, and Rolls Royce has mastered other technologies. On the other hand, showing it to them can put pressure on them.

“It’s really over 200mm? How can it be done? How can computer simulation go wrong?” Kelly Hall muttered. to himself.

On the side, Zhong Bing said: “Computer simulations will of course make mistakes! There are many variables that need to be considered for the success of an experiment. Not to mention the changes in molecular structure that modern computers can’t fully predict. Superstition computer models require scientists to do it, right?”

“This…” Kelly Hall was speechless. It turns out that the finished titanium-aluminum alloy blade manufactured by the other party overturned the results of their laboratory simulation theory!

“Your company has been able to make its own blades. The technological progress is really admirable!” Compared to Kelly Hall, Anderson’s mentality is much better, because he planned for the worst from the beginning. Now, this plan has become reality.

Next, there is basically nothing about Honeywell International.

For the British Rolls-Royce company, they can only accept this facts. The only advantage is that the engine blades is only part of the engine. The really difficult technical problem lies in the design and construction of the engineering machine itself.


After successfully developing the titanium alloy blades for low-pressure turbine engine, there are very few material problems that stand in front of China Commercial Aircraft Manufacturing Company. With Zhang Ming and Zhong Bing, the solution is only a matter of time.

After Kelly Hall, the representative of British Rolls-Royce company, reported the matter back to Headquarter, it actually contributed to an order!

It’s not that China Commercial Aircraft purchased from Rolls-Royce, but Rolls-Royce purchased hundreds of low-pressure turbine engines of titanium-aluminum alloy blades from China. They said, they will use these blades on the Airbus 350 series commercial large aircraft of European Airbus.

At China Commercial Aircraft Manufacturing Company. After a high-level meeting, it’s decided they would start to overcoming the most difficult obstacle that got in the way of the manufactured of large aircraft, aero engines!

China Commercial Aircraft Manufacturing Company has been researching aero engines, but their progress is slow. At present, only the United States and the United Kingdom have mastered the top technology in this area.

Now, they intend to work with Red Letter’s mechanical power research team to develop a high-performance aero engine.

However, as soon as the news spread, it actually aroused the alarm of international colleagues.

Not to mention the three giants of aero engines such as Rolls-Royce of the United Kingdom, General Electric of the United States, and Pratt & Whitney of the United States. Russia United Aviation Manufacturing Group, which has been working with China Commercial Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation, was not satisfied and asked to withdraw from engine development.

Russia United Airlines Manufacturing Group, or OAK for short. It is a super large military industrial company as a result of the merger of several major Russian aviation companies in 2006. It ranks among the top 20 global military industry companies!

Although Russia’s United Aviation Manufacturing Group is not as good as the three aero-engine giants in the manufacturing of commercial aircraft and aero-engines, it is also the world’s top aero-engine manufacturer.

A year ago, China Commercial Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and OAK reached a cooperation to develop an aero engine for a long-range wide-body aircraft.

China Commercial Aircraft Manufacturing Company currently only produced one product, It’s C919. However, C919 just a single-aisle aircraft, also known as a “short- and medium-range twin-engine narrow-body civil transport aircraft”. The best-selling Boeing 787 and Airbus 350 series aircraft are long-range wide-body aircraft, with larger aircraft, more load, and a wider range of applications.

Of course, the required aero engine performance is also stronger.

It’s impossible for the British and American countries to sell their high-tech aero engines to China, lest China compete with their Boeing and Airbus companies. That’s why, they approached Russia’s United Aviation Manufacturing Group for cooperation. Now, when OAK heard that Red Letter Group would cooperate with China Commercial Aircraft Manufacturing Company to conduct aero engine research and development. OAK actually became worried and asked to withdraw from research and development to avoid technology leakage.

“How can this be? R&D  hasn’t started yet, they will leave! Do these Russians also have to unite with the British and American companies?” Peng Zhengge said angrily while slamming the documents. Aero engines is very important, they plan to develop wide-body aircraft CR929. Now the investment has reached 10 billion yuan. If there is a problem with the engine, isn’t it a failure?

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