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Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan family stayed at Grandpa Liu’s house until dinner and left.

Back to Liu Chiyan’s home, it’s also not too early. Ye Guang sat for a while, got up and said goodbye, “Uncle, it’s not early, I will go back to the hotel first.”

In the living room, only Ye Guang and Father Liu, Liu Chiyan took Yiyi to take a bath, and Mother Liu is washing fruits in the kitchen.

After that, Ye Guang got up, Father Liu still drinking tea, looked up at him, and said faintly, “Just stay at home.”

Ye Guang startled, overjoyed, he nodded again and again, “Okay, okay.”

Father Liu let him stay overnight, Ye Guang felt a little flattered, and he couldn’t speak well.

Father Liu looked at him in such a senseless manner, then snorted again and ignored him.

Mother Liu came to the living room with fruits, “Little Ye, it’s getting dark, stay at home tonight, don’t go back to the hotel.”

Ye Guang nodded, “Thank you, Auntie, yes, my uncle has just said it.”

Mother Liu looked at Father Liu with amazement and smiled at Ye Guang without saying anything.

Sitting in the living room for a while, Ye Guang phone rang. Jiang Fengxian was talking about the same thing. There was such an unreliable leader as Ye Guang, it’s really difficult for Jiang Fengxian.

Jiang Fengxian: “Advisor Ye, are you free now?”

Ye Guang: “Well, Old Jiang, you said.”

Jiang Fengxian: “There is a change in beating video. Would you like to check it online?”

Ye Guang questioned, “What kind of change?”

Jiang Fengxian on the other end of the phone smiled, “It’s a very interesting change, I guess you can’t think of it. I won’t tell you. Go and see it. It’s very interesting.”

Ye Guang asked hurriedly, “What the hell do you mean…”

There’s a busy tone on the phone. Before he could finish his words, Jiang Fengxian hung up the phone. Ye Guang looked at the disconnected phone, and said to his heart, Old Jiang actually hung up his phone, really damn. If it weren’t for the fact that Father Liu and Mother Liu still in the living room, Ye Guang’s damn phrase wouldn’t have been said in his heart.

Jiang Fengxian on the other end of the phone smiled smugly, looked at the phone and said angrily, “Huh, let you hang up on my phone every day!”

Ok, our classmate Jiang still holds a lot of grudges.

Ye Guang not a very curious person, but if something arouses his curiosity, he basically can’t help it. Just now Jiang Fengxian hung up his phone without saying clearly, and successfully hooked up his curiosity.

After hanging up the phone, Ye Guang immediately wanted to find a computer to surf the Internet to see what was going on the Internet, but Father Liu and Mother Liu still there. Especially Father Liu, who kept a straight face. Ye Guang’s heart has been tickled by curiosity, but it’s not easy for him to talk to Father Liu and Mother Liu.

Mother Liu was very considerate. Seeing Ye Guang couldn’t sit still, she said, “Little Ye, if you have anything, go ahead, don’t be restrained. This is your own home, and there are no outsiders.”

Ye Guang quickly nodded and smiled. “Ah, thank you aunt, there’s really something to do, then I’ll go back to the room first, goodbye aunt, goodbye uncle.”

Mother Liu nodded with a smile, but Father Liu ignored him.

Ye Guang quickly returned to the guest room originally prepared for him, with computers in it.

After Ye Guang left, Mother Liu ate apples in the living room and talked to Dad Liu while eating, “Don’t be sullen all day long, Little Ye, this child is afraid of you.”

Father Liu startled and angrily said, “Afraid of me? Afraid of me, he dared to marry my daughter? Besides, what he is afraid of me? Afraid I will eat him, I still can’t beat him.”

Mother Liu smiled, “You are all right, this matter is over, don’t slap Little Ye every day, can he not be afraid of you with a sullen face all day long. This marriage has happened, you also recognize it, but you’re still like this. What are you doing? He is uncomfortable, and you are uncomfortable. Actually, I think, Little Ye, this kid is ‘quite’ good. Anyway, the more I look at him, the more satisfied I am and Old Father also likes him too.”

Father Liu didn’t say anything.

Seeing him silent, Mother Liu shook him, “I’m talking to you, did you hear me?”

Father Liu gave an unpleasant hum, and didn’t know whether he heard it or not.


Ye Guang returned to the room and quickly turned on the computer.

Log in to Weibo.

Find a hot search.

Look at the first article in the rankings.

Ye Guang movement is flowing likes the clouds.

Oh, no, who gave you the illusion that made you think that your news will be in hot search? And it’s still headlines?

Ok, it is true that the hottest topic on Weibo is the topic of beating videos. This Weibo posted by Kim Tae-seo official Weibo.

Ye Guang opens, and the Weibo post is a statement.

Statement on the beating video:

Hello everyone, I am Kim Tae-seo. Today I learned that a video about the director Ye Guang’s beating me went viral on the Internet. I solemnly make a statement, first, the video content is true, but things are not as we imagined. The real thing is the content in the video is a scene filmed by Director Ye Guang and I. This is a feature film in Running Man recorded by people and causing everyone misunderstanding.

As to why I didn’t become a guest on the show in the end, this is some of my personal reasons, and it has nothing to do with the video content. Seeing that my fans and netizens are fighting for me today, I am really touched, but Director Ye Guang is innocent, and Director Ye Guang and I have become friends. As friends, how could he beat me? What? Things are really not what everyone sees, seeing is not necessarily true. Therefore, I must stand up and clarify this matter. I can’t allow him to be unjustly wronged. Please stop using Internet violence against Director Ye Guang. Please stop attacking him. Thank you for your support — Tae-seo who loves you.

After reading this statement, the expression on Ye Guang’s face is very ‘pretty’.

Kim Tae-seo statement is interesting, but what does this mean? He was beaten by himself, and he was abused by various attacks by netizens. It would be fine if he didn’t fall into the hole and add fuel to the fire. How could he still speak for himself? I also made a so-called statement with my eyes open to deceive the masses with his conscience. It is interesting? Indeed, interesting.

After thinking about it, Ye Guang understood a bit, and sneered, “It’s really a good calculation.”


After Liu Chiyan took a shower for Yiyi. She came to the living room with Yiyi. She looked around and didn’t see Ye Guang shadow.

“Dad, Ye Guang?”

Before Father Liu spoke, Liu Chiyan flattened her mouth and looked at Father Liu aggrieved, “Dad, did you let him go back? Dad, why are you doing this today? When it’s dark, you still let him go back. With so many vacancies in the house, what can’t you let him live in the house? What’s wrong with Ye Guang? Do you hate him so much? You keep doing this. How will we get along in the future.”

Father Liu wanted to explain at the beginning, but when he heard Liu Chiyan words, he wouldn’t explain it. It’s fine if my lungs are out of breath, and a sad taste lingers in Father Liu heart.

Father Liu didn’t get angry with Liu Chiyan. He stood up quietly, took a look at Liu Chiyan, and then silently turned upstairs and returned to the room.

He wants to be quiet.

Liu Chiyan became a little panicked, when Father Liu turned his face and looked at her, which made her panic. She read a lot of information from that look.

Lost, bitterness, anger, pity, disappointment, and some old turbidity, all kinds of emotions are ‘mixed’ in one look.

Liu Chiyan was a little panicked, she had never seen Father Liu look like this.

She felt that she seemed to have done something wrong, and she felt that something was slowly leaving herself.

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