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In order to let everyone know more about the future city. This process lasted for more than 40 minutes.

During this time, no one bored. Rather, they are more excited, because they saw a lot of unprecedented Science and Technology products and a new urban lifestyle.

Until the projection faded away, everyone still didn’t know what to do.

The light on the stage lit up again. Everyone saw the city projection just now hasn’t really disappeared, but shrunk into a ball in Lu Zixin’s hands.

“What everyone sees now is the new product we are going to release!” Lu Zixin announced, but the audience didn’t react for a while.

“What? Projection?”

“Game? An urban game?” Some people speculated. He thought Red Letter wanted to release a game for everyone to survive and entertain in a virtual city.

“What the hell is it? I didn’t see it!”

“Did he wear any smart device?”

“Could it be…” Senior executives of Hengjiu Real Estate Group seemed to have thought of something. Recalling some of previous actions from Red Letter Group and Dayuan Real Estate, this city seemed so familiar.

“Isn’t it possible? If so, how did they build such a magnificent project? Besides,  at most this city is just  conceptual image. It’s impossible to build it in that ghost place!”

As if to refute their thoughts. Lu Zixin said in the next second: “Yes, what we are going to release this time is not a single item or a small object! Just the city I showed you!”

“This time, Red Letter Group released what you just saw. It’s the city built with brand new technology, future city!”

As soon as Lu Zixin’s voice fell, the audience boiled!

No one can remain calm. Many of them have participated in countless press conferences, and have seen many fantastic ideas and products that can change the world. However, no one thought Red Letter Group would be so crazy! Crazy enough to release a city!

The audience also crazy. In everyone’s concept, the city is a place of residence. It is a hometown or a place to yearn for. Now, it has become a product in the conference! It’s a city with a high degree of Science and Technology! The city in desert! There’s never been such a thing in the world!

“Oh my god, I can’t believe my ears. Lu Yan just said he want to release this city!” A senior woman from a technology company called out at the scene, “That’s sci-fi city! Is this a conference product?”

“A city of the future!” The male audience seems can feel more the charm of this Science and Technology. Some are excited and shouted: “It’s crazy, released a city at one time! Still like magical city in future world! Red letter press conference awesome!”

“Too shocking!” There’s endless applause at the scene.

“Is he serious?” Zhang Liyao, president of Keri Group, the president of Tencent, CEOs of Qiandu, Huawei and so on. All asked this sentence.

With market value of hundreds of billions, it’s difficult for Chinese entrepreneurs and bigwigs in the science and technology community to believe this fact. Red Letter Group wants to release ‘future city’!

Netizens who watched through the live broadcast platform heard this sentence. They also boiling. For a time, the barrage and voice flashed the network.

“Release a city! I read less, I can’t think of any words to describe my current mood. Just a word, red letter too amazing!”

“The most popular conference in this century!”

“Boss, kneel, kneel, take my knees!”

“If there is the city I just saw, it will definitely become number one city in the world!”

“Explosion, this news is really too explosive!”

“I am Buddha, what about you?”

The media wrote down the sentence just now. Almost within three minutes, the news broke the whole network! Any news platform, any media, even websites and forums that are irrelevant to Red Letter Group have hang this news!

Accompanied by this shocking news is the discussion and questioning from all over the world!

Indeed, the virtual projections of future city just now really shocking, but everyone can’t help to have doubt. Is Red Letter have the ability to create such city? Still in a desert! It’s very likely this city is just conceptual image.

At the press conference, Lu Zixin continued to introduce the future city. About how this plan implemented, expected completion, and expected status.

“We want to build a place that gathers the world’s top technology companies and industries, a world of future urban ecology.” Lu Zixin said, “Such a huge project, I think everyone will have a question? Can we do it?”

“I only have one word, can!”

“Our technology may not be perfect yet, and our funds may not support such consumption. But what we are doing is something that no one in the world has done before. It will be the light of science and technology on earth! I believe, People with insight from all over the world will come here and build this future city with us!”

Lu Zixin’s reason is not completely convincing. After all, they just heard of this future city. It doesn’t mean other Science and Technology giants also recognize it.

Everyone is developing well in their respective countries and cities. Why do you suddenly spend a lot of money on this land that is still barren? Is there such a large appeal in the meetings of several major permanent members from United Nations?

The audience at the scene just asked questions in their hearts, and on the Internet, the debates among people from all walks of life have become too hot to talk about.

Red Letter Group has many supporters relying on it’s glorious “history”.

“Supporting Red Letter Group. They will definitely accomplish this grand goal!”

“I hope I can live in this city in the rest of my life! Visiting also good!”

“If it can be built, then they are too great!”

“The future city, when I watched the video just now. I was so envious. I really wanted to build it myself, come on!”

“Wow, I’m going there to move bricks!”


The opponents also very powerful, and they also cited various reasons.

“Too exaggerated, such city can’t be completed right now! This is at best a promotional video, and the true estimate is similar to our current city!”

“I work in architecture. I swear by my 20 years of working experience, this is absolutely impossible! What I saw just now. It will takes more than ten years to build one building in that city and it will cost hundred million or even billion to build it. Even if it’s Red Letter Group, they can’t support it!”

“The future city, it’s too special! Why don’t you go to Mars to build a city? Also Desert Technology City! I feel this is not the most shocking conference of this century, but the most nonsense conference of this century!”

“I’m wondering, what kind of technology city to build in such a place. There’s no resource for resources, no traffic for no traffic!”

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