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Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan came to the crew together.

Regarding their disappearance for a few days, apart from the studio employees’ concern, no one asked much.

The shooting of the program was handled in an orderly manner. Everything went smoothly and the program regulations were confirmed.

Ye Guang asked about the guest candidates for this issue: “Who is the invited guest?”

Shang Shan replied, “Kim Tae-seo.”

Ye Guang startled, “The one from Korea?”

Kim Tae-seo is from Korea, but he has been in the country for many years. He is very good in the domestic market. He is handsome and popular in China.

Shang Shan nodded.

Ye Guang, “Hey, how did you get a Korea stick? Can’t you find someone in China? Old Shang, what do you think?”

Shang Shan suddenly felt wronged, “You still say! Is this not your agreement? I said clearly at the time, who knows you would actually agree!”

Ye Guang is not clear, “What?”

There is a black line in Shang Shan face, why? Forgot to turn around?

Shang Shan said irritably, “On the day I called you and told you that Beijing Satellite TV recommended a person, I told you that I had a certain candidate, but Beijing Satellite TV still recommended a person and let you decide. Don’t you understand what I mean?”

Ye Guang speechless, thinking for a while. As if he’s still copying a book when answering the phone that day, then the phone dropped once and it seemed… he missed a word.

Is it too late to explain now?

Whether it is late or not, the candidate has already been determined. Although Ye Guang is the top leader of the show, he can’t arbitrarily mess around. There is no way, it can only do so.

Ye Guang: “This blames me, I didn’t hear it clearly at the time.” Ye Guang is still brave enough to bear his own mistakes. “Old Shang, if you encounter this kind of thing again next time, you make your own decision. You just said it was what I meant, I’m not used to their problems, so cats and dogs will be stuffed into the show.”

Kim Tae-seo is not a cat or a dog. Ye Guang is very popular now, but with Ye Guang’s current popularity, there is still a big gap with such popular stars as Kim Tae-seo, but Ye Guang is a bit angry in his bones. He has always been against Korea and has no good impressions. To him, Korean stars are cats and dogs.

Beijing satellite TV Strong forced Kim Tae-seo in. There’s Ye Guang own negligence, but Ye Guang still had some grudges in his heart. It was not that he was careful, but that the program had a clear division of labor, responsible for the production of the program, how to make the program, and what to invite. For the guests, Ye Guang had the final say. Beijing Satellite TV took advantage of his absence. It was still a Korean star who came in, which made Ye Guang a little uncomfortable.

If you want to see the guest, you can tell yourself clearly, just for the cooperative relationship between the two companies, Ye Guang will definitely take care of it. If there is no big problem, he won’t disagree. Why bother to engage in such small actions.

Of course, Ye Guang’s emotions are not revealed. Although there was some grudge in his heart, it did not affect the happy cooperation between the two parties. The matter has been set, and there is no need to say it to embarrass everyone.

However, Ye Guang still has some questions. Why did Beijing Satellite TV put Kim Tae-seo in?

Ye Guang: “Why did they put Kim Tae-seo over here? Does Kim Tae-seo have anything to do with them?”

Shang Shan: “I also learned that Kim Tae-seo and Beijing Satellite TV have little to do with each other,  but he is an artist under the SX Entertainment Company of Korea. Recently, SX has had more contact with Beijing Satellite TV and has many cooperations.”

Ye Guang nodded, expressing that he understood, no wonder Beijing TV would jam Kim Tae-seo over.

The next day.

The show was about to start shooting, and the guests arrived last night or this morning.

Ye Guang also met the guests who came to the show in this issue. Korean stars Kim Tae-seo, Kim Tae-seo is really handsome. His height is similar to Ye Guang, but he can throw away Ye Guang a few streets. He look particularly sunny, no wonder there are so many fans love him.

Kim Tae-seo can speak Chinese and speaks quite sleekly. Of course, the weird foreigner accent can’t be avoided.

Ye Guang didn’t have much to say about Kim Tae-seo himself. Not liking Korean stars is just the national sentiment.

The first time Ye Guang met him, he had no opinion on this person. After some contact, Kim Tae-seo left Ye Guang with a relatively good impression, very polite and sunny.

This episode is the same as in the past. There is a small plot in the background. The story is called escape from the uninhabited village.

The members of the running group are all travel-loving travellers. When exploring a deep mountain and old forest, they fell into the ecstasy of a vicious witch. The witch caught them in a completely enclosed uninhabited village, which was uninhabited and had no exit. The Vicious Witch is happy to tease people. So, she tells everyone that everyone needs to be divided into two groups and play a few rounds of games. The winning team can get game rewards and get the qualification to leave.

As a result, in the uninhabited village, the eight stray travel companions divided into two groups to start a duel.

The uninhabited village is a small village around the capital. It took just over an hour to drive there. The villagers were very hospitable. I heard that there was a show crew coming to the village to shoot, and there were still Heavenly King Liu and Liu Chiyan, big guys. They are all very welcome, many villagers have said that the venue is free to use without any money.

However, the villagers are enthusiastic and enthusiasm, Ye Guang must be good at being a person. The venue fees that the program group should pay to the villagers still have to be paid, how can it be used for nothing?

The show begins to record.

The opening scene was a small play by the guests. Everyone has been caught by the witch in the uninhabited village. They were all unconscious and were left in a certain part of the village by the witch.

The first was to shoot Heavenly King Liu. He’s the captain. Heavenly King Liu stunned on the grass at the entrance of the village with big characters and suddenly woke up.

“Ah, where am I, my head hurts! Who am I!” Heavenly King Liu acting skills is a bit exaggerated, “I remember, I was caught by a witch in an uninhabited village.”

There’s a person lying not far from Heavenly King Liu, Xu Chen.

Heavenly King Liu hurriedly went over and played with exaggerated acting skills, “Ah, Xu Chen, my brother, what’s the matter with you, wake up, don’t scare me, what can I do if you leave? Uuuu… …”

Heavenly King Liu cried and slapped Xu Chen, who was still pretending to be unconscious.

So, Heavenly King Liu looked up at the camera, showing a suddenly realized expression, “Oh~ I understand, usually at this time, the most effective way to first aid is, Arti! Ficial! Respi! Ration!”

As he said,, Heavenly King Liu gritted his teeth exaggeratedly, “For my brother! Don’t be innocent or anything!”

He said, pouting and leaning down to kiss Xu Chen.

Many staff members of director group is amused and laughed. There’s a girl with short hair, her fist clenched tightly, her eyes widened and her mouth muttering, “Kiss, kiss, kiss.”

Her Yaoi desires is exposed. [X-N: Yaoi = BL(Boys Lover), this girl is fujoshi :D]

Heavenly King Liu getting closer. Xu Chen squinted his eyes and still pretended to be unconscious, but slowly turned his head to the side.

Heavenly King Liu chuckled and leaned forward again. Xu Chen quickly turned to the other side. Heavenly King Liu couldn’t help but laugh. Grabbed Xu Chen’s head with both hands and ready to kiss him.

Xu Chen couldn’t pretend anymore, and quickly pushed Heavenly King Liu away, “Okay, I’m awake, I’m awake, if you really kiss me, I am anxious to you.”

Heavenly King Liu laughed and looked at the camera, “Did you see it, friends. The most effective way of first aid is artificial respiration, it has a magical effect!”

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