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In the Taklimakan Desert area jurisdiction, the government department received an application from Red Letter Group for public protection and development of areas on the edge of desert.

For such applications, the government departments have always welcome. The Taklimakan Desert, which is eroding the surrounding land, has already a major concern for the local and even national environmental protection department!

Relevant departments have to invest large sums of money in the treatment of wind and sand every year. In addition, there’s also various non-profit organizations, corporate environmental donation funds invested, but have little effect.

If a company is willing to take the initiative to conduct public welfare governance or development, they will definitely welcome with their hands and feet!

“Ten million mu of desert area? Really?” When hearing the area declared by Red Letter Group, local officials were a little surprised.

Ten million mu is 66.66 square kilometers, about one-third of capital city! [X-N: 1 mu = 666.6666666666666 m or 0.0006666666666666666 km]

The management of such a large area of ​​desert is a large-scale project, that is, light planting of shelter forests. It can be said there’s no company can come up with such courage and strength!

Previously, in the Alashan Desert, Alxa charity projects jointly carried out by hundreds of companies were probably not as strong as this one! They plan to build 2 million mu of shelter forest in ten years, and this time Red Letter Group applied for 10 million mu!

This is a bit beyond their imagination. Even the world’s top Red Letter Group can’t use so much capital, manpower and material resources to do this, right?

“Yes, it’s 10 million mu. This is our ten-year governance goal.” Su Zhirong, senior executive vice president of Red Letter Group, said affirmatively.

“Please also see clearly, in addition to public welfare governance of the desert environment, we also request the right for economic development here.”

“Economic development?” Several public servants looked at each other and were speechless. What kind of development is there in this ghost place? At most, I’m engaged in desert tourism, but to be honest, this place can’t attract many tourists, and there’s no loss!

As for minerals, oil and the like, the Ministry of Land and Resources has already explored it. This place is a completely barren land and has no economic value!

The harsh natural environment has turned this into a bottomless pit. There’s only money to invest, it’s impossible to generate money!

Because of the huge area of ​​this matter, they still need to report it to above for approval.

Of course, the above also attaches great importance to this matter. After all, a company that actively wants to invest in such a large area of ​​desert is simply the “conscience of society”.

As for economic development, they are also very tolerant. As long as they are engaged in legal operations and don’t cause further damage to local natural environment, they will be approved!

When the main application projects of Red Letter Group main application projects are all scientific research projects, the approval has clearly become support.

However, they are still worried about whether Red Letter Group can really do this! Anyone can speak big words, but government departments can’t open up such a large desert to them because of the Red Letter Group. Every piece of land and resources must be used rationally.

“We want to know how Red Letter Group will manage such a large desert area. If you can’t do it, we can’t approve such a large area.” The relevant department asked them a question and needed Red Letter Group to give them an answer that will convince them.

“How many acres can be approved at present?” Su Zhirong asked.

“Five hundred thousand mu.”

“we need 10 million mu. If the opening goes well, we will need more! I believe that apart from Red Letter Group, no other companies will be interested in this barren land!” Su Zhirong position is very strong and firm.

“With all due respect, Ms. Su.” The environmental department manager present said, “With our many years of desert control experience, it will take years for you to manage the 500,000 mu desert area. If you willing to invest even bigger, government departments don’t mind approving an area of ​​one million mu…”

“However, the ecological environment around the desert is very fragile. Especially because of the scarcity of water resources, land desertification has been spreading. According to the current plan of water diversion, sand fixation and tree planting, the water and soil resources in the surrounding areas can’t support such large area of ​​desert management. Everything has to be done step by step. Even if Red Letter Group has so much funds, it still has the heart to do things for public welfare, but it can’t be fat with one bite! You said, is it true?”

“We have also known about what you said and very clear.” Su Zhirong smiled slightly, her elegant makeup revealing calm temperament.

“So we decided to adopt a brand-new desert management method, not only the cost is much lower than the traditional desert management, it’s efficiency can be increased by several hundred times!”

“New desert control methods?” The officials present is quite puzzled. After so many years of desert control, aren’t they all those kinds of plans? What tricks can we play with protective nets, protective forests, sand fixation, and so on?

“I think, we will begin to prove this matter in a few more days. During this time, we also want to know more about this area in order to make changes to the decision.”

“Of course, we will exclude professional civil servants to help!”

In Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group, Lu Zixin has just got the guidance of the group friends.

Mr. Fantastic Reed Richards said to him : “@Mr. L, the hardest part of desert management is the adhesion of sand is too low and the fluidity is too strong. This will lead to soil and water loss, vegetation can’t grow, sand erosion and other issues.”

“And the shortage of water resources in the surrounding areas, it’s not ideal to rely on a large amount of water resources to control the desert. So I thought of a way. I got some sand man body tissues from the SHIELD and made a new kind of sand binder after research!”

Sand Man is a genetic mutation in the Marvel Universe. After high-intensity nuclear radiation affected him. He merges with the sand and can freely control the sand.

Reed Richards continued : “By mixing this adhesive in the sand, it can stick the loose sand like a glue. Well, it’s like mud with water. You can understand what I mean?”

“Can!” Lu Zixin replied.

“The sand after adding the sand binder will no longer flow easily. At the same time, it has the properties of soil, which can store water and nutrients for the growth of surface vegetation and only one gram can bind one kilogram of sand. It’s synthesis cost is extremely low and the method is simple. I call it “earth” sand binder.”

“I think, as long as you use it. Large-scale treatment of sandstorms in a short period of time will no longer be a problem. But, it should be noted deserts is also a kind of natural ecological environment. Which has an inevitable impact on the surrounding environment. All deserts can use this sand binder!”

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