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Both Father Liu and Mother Liu went out.

Ye Guang still had some confusion about this situation, but Liu Chiyan was so happy that she threw herself into Ye Guang’s arms and hugged him tightly.

He gently touched Liu Chiyan’s hair and asked, “Now this is…” Ye Guang has some guesses in his heart, but not sure.

Liu Chiyan nodded, “Well, Dad forgive us.” Liu Chiyan is full of excitement in her words. “However, we still have to accept punishment. It takes only ten copies of these two books to count, otherwise Dad should be angry again.”

Ye Guang stunned and then overwhelmed with joy, he was so excited that he hugged Liu Chiyan and turned around several times.

Liu Chiyan giggled, then remembered that Aunt Lian and Yiyi still there, she quickly pushed Ye Guang away and looked at Aunt Lian with embarrassment.

Aunt Lian smiled and looked at Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan, and said, “It’s fine if it’s okay, it’s okay, I know that Brother Liu has a temper. He has already stated that there will be no problems in the future. After this, your young couple will live in peace in the future.” Aunt Lian is a distant cousin of Liu Chiyan’s family, so she calls Father Liu, Brother Liu.

Liu Chiyan smiled at Aunt Lian, “Thank you Aunt Lian.”

Ye Guang also said, “Thank you Aunt Lian.”

Yiyi is also happy. Grandpa finally doesn’t get angry anymore. From now on, Ye Guang will really be a family with herself. Ye Guang is so good, so he is not allowed to not be her family!

Ye Guang also remembered that Yiyi had just helped him. Yiyi had cried before, and there’s still tears on her face. Ye Guang walked over to Yiyi and kneel down and wiped Yiyi’s face. “Thank you Yiyi.” Saying, he took a kiss on Yiyi’s face.

Yiyi blinked and thought for a while, “Then can you buy me snacks?”

All three people in the room were amused by Yiyi.

Ye Guang scratched Yiyi’s little nose, “You know how to eat, you are a snack.”

Yiyi suddenly pouted.

“… However, Yiyi is so cute, then I will buy Yiyi snacks.” Ye Guang pinched Yiyi’s cute swollen face.

Yiyi nodded with satisfaction.

Aunt Lian: “It’s still early, and it’s still a while before lunch. You can copy the book first, and you have to complete the task before you can make a difference with Brother Liu.”

Liu Chiyan took Ye Guang back to the room to copy the book.

Ye Guang is still in a daze, is this a pass? Fortunately, there are surprises and no dangers. It seems that Father Liu still understands the righteousness. He deserves to be a great minister, with extraordinary tolerance.

Well, it took only a while and I forgot how much thunderous anger Father Liu had just made.

After returned to the room, Liu Chiyan explained to Ye Guang, “My father has always treated me like this since I was a child. As long as I make mistakes, he will punish me then he forgives me. If it’s done honestly, then he will not pursue it.”

Liu Chiyan recalled the past and came to chat with interest, “I remember being punished by my father for many things, such as going to the yard to weed and water the flowers. Water fertilization, general cleaning, laundry, go to nursing homes to take care of the elderly, and donate pocket money to children in poor areas.”

Ye Guang exclaimed, “It’s really a lot. It seems that you were a naughty bag when you were a kid, otherwise you would make so many mistakes.”

Liu Chiyan cut it, “Who didn’t make mistakes when you were a child? It sounds like you didn’t make mistakes when you were a child.”

Ye Guang thought for a while, and then replied back solemnly, “Well, I didn’t make a mistake when I was a kid.”

Liu Chiyan gave him a white glance, she didn’t believe it. It was strange that Ye Guang had such a flamboyant temperament if he didn’t make a mistake.

Ye Guang is speechless. If he tell the truth, you don’t believe it. When he were a child, he really didn’t make mistakes. Whether it is study or life, he don’t have to make mothers worry or mistakes… that’s what he does before grow up.

Ye Guang suddenly has a kind of feeling, how does it seem that the more you live, the more you go back?

Without much chatting, the two of them started to sit at the table and copy books. Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan still attached great importance to the things that Father Liu explained. The hardest part is here, If you don’t copy the books until the end and make Father Liu angry again, the gain will not be worth the loss.

Liu Chiyan copied “Instructions for Woman”, which is only about 8,000 words in this book. He said it was a book, but it was actually a booklet with more than ten pages.

As for Ye Guang “A Man’s Conduct” is a bit more. Ye Guang  has roughly counted it. There are a total of 20 pages. The number of words on each page is about 600 or so, about 12,000 words.

Both books are classical Chinese, the meaning of the words and sentences is jerky and difficult to understand, and the sense of language is not as fluent as the vernacular. This also adds some difficulty to the copying. However, this difficulty is basically added to Liu Chiyan. Ye Guang this metamorphosis has Highly Retentive Memory skill, don’t say classical Chinese, he just need to take a look at some of the hard-to-read, difficult-to-write words, then he can quickly remember and write it down, and don’t forget that he also has Writer Swift Writing skill.

Father Liu punish to copied this two books, “Instructions for Woman” and “A Man’s Conduct” to Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan. The punishment is only one of them. In fact, he hopes that they can get some inspiration from these two books.

Let Liu Chiyan copy the Instructions for Woman, hoping that she can understand more clearly from it, how to be a woman, let Ye Guang copy A Man’s Conduct, also hope that he, as a man, can know how to behave.

Father Liu really took great pains, fortunately, Father Liu asked them to copy only the original texts in classical Chinese with more than 10,000 words. If you find them with annotated translations and post-compiled books like appreciation, the number of words has to be doubled.

Liu Chiyan’s room is very clean. The desk is a long strip and a bookcase. There are not many books on the bookcase. There are a lot of various gadgets. Many of them are among the trophies and medals Liu Chiyan won in the early years.

The two of them occupies half of the desk, and they are copying honestly. Liu Chiyan’s handwriting is quite beautiful, looks very pleasing, but Liu Chiyan didn’t copy a few words before she started writing, her heart can’t calm down.

It’s not because of others, just because Ye Guang’s copying sound is too loud, the sound of “brushing” is endless.

Liu Chiyan turned her head and looked at Ye Guang, only to see that he was holding a pen in his hand, brushing on the paper, and his hand movement was amazingly fast, without pause.

Liu Chiyan stared at Ye Guang, “Copy it well! Don’t draw a symbol, Dad will check it.”

Ye Guang stopped writing, turned to face Liu Chiyan, and said innocently, “I’m copying well.”

Liu Chiyan: “Did you copy like this?”

Ye Guang looked at the book on his desk that he had been copied almost one page, “It’s pretty good.”

Liu Chiyan leaned against him and took Ye Guang’s copybook.The first thing she saw was the first page almost full of words, just the last two and a half lines. Liu Chiyan said inwardly, “It’s so fast.”

Then, she took a closer look at the content written by Ye Guang. The page written by Ye Guang looked very beautiful. Liu Chiyan had a pleasing feeling at first glance, but when she read two lines of content. She pushed the transcript towards Ye Guang, and said displeased, “What are you writing? You said it’s not a ghost symbol, it’s messy, can’t you copy it properly? There are so many words that I can’t understand. How will I deal with Dad later?”

Ye Guang stunned, then a little wronged, “Is this still called ghost symbol?” Ye Guang glanced at his manuscript again, thought about it, then looked at Liu Chiyan and said jokingly, “Liu’er, you might not know this. There is a kind of calligraphy called cursive script in this world.”

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