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Sheng Wenyan was the last one to arrive. When he arrived, everyone eyes in the conference room focused on him.

Sheng Wenyan has been in charge of the group for so many years, and this is the first time that such a big mistake has been committed! First, last year’s mine investment in South Africa failed. Now it is the recovery of mining rights in West Africa. His prestige in the group has turned sharply.

“It’s all here? Let’s start.” Sheng Wenyan said, the atmosphere in the whole conference room immediately became tense. It seems that the long-awaited smell of gunpowder is spreading. Only needed a fuse, it will break out!

“The theme of this meeting, I think everyone has already been very clear. Re-layout our business plan in Africa.” Sheng Wenyan continued, “Do you have any opinion on this?”

“Exit from the African market!” Xin Zhe first speech, sharp words, pointed to Sheng Wenyan. As everyone knows, Sheng Wenyan is the initiator and executor of African market.

“Why? Does Vice-President Xin have any necessary reasons?” Sheng Wenyan gave him a faint look and asked.

Xin Wei smiled and said: “Is there necessary reasons? Of course there is!”

He opened the quantum computer ball he carried with him. With a little operation, he projected a large amount of data to the public.

“We entered African market a few years ago, the company has been increasing it’s investment. We can see, almost the profit of every quarter comes from the domestic part. In addition, the profit of the Australian mining area has been growing. Only in Africa, after maintaining the profit for two quarters. It was in crisis and directly lost 10 billion.”

“And this time in Nigeria, we are even more devastating! It turns out that our group is no longer suitable for continuing operations in Africa, but to moved to regions where market competition is more fair!”

“I think, everyone here is thinking the same as me?” Xin Zhe asked tentatively, and sure enough, many people in the room nodded slightly and agreed.

Sheng Wenyan opposes: “I admit that there are indeed many instability in African market because of political and legal issues. But on the international scale, good mining areas have been divided by big capital, and Africa’s resources are relatively richer.”

“The mining in the first two days has proved that our business is developing at a certain speed within a certain degree of risk! So I suggest not only not withdraw from Africa, but to increase it’s development!”

“I suggest that you, as well as the distinguished directors of our group, carefully consider and accept the capital injection and technical cooperation from Red Letter Group. This will allow us to go faster and further! Even has the strength to compete with international mining giants such as Australia’s Rio Tinto, BHP, and American River Valley!”

“Not only do not quit, but also continue to invest?” Xin Zhe sneered, and said: “President Sheng, I know that you have devoted a lot of effort to African market. But our group operations are not based on dreams, but on actual profits.”

“It was also your strongest idea to win the minerals in Nigeria. Now everyone has seen the results. As a group of decision makers, I think you should think rationally.”

“You are willing to do it alone. I don’t think everyone will agree. I think it is necessary for our group to change it’s thinking.”

After Xin Zhe finished, immediately a company veteran spoke. “President Sheng, everyone has seen the benefits of group in recent years. You really put a lot of effort into it, but the market is ruthless. You are old, you can’t rely on it. Gambling to gamble. You should take a break and give young people some opportunities, and let our group change direction.”

This is forcing him to resign! How can Sheng Wenyan not know? At the meeting, there is actually company veterans who forced him to resign!

Sheng Wenyan looked at everyone, their meaning in the eyes is very obvious, I hope that Sheng Wenyan knows the time, take the initiative to resign the position president, so that they can save a lot of effort, so as not to let everyone down.

However, Sheng Wenyan didn’t automatically resign as they wished, but said with patience: “I know that everyone thinks Nigeria incident has caused huge losses to our group!”

“But now, I can tell you, this is not the case. Previously, in order to prevent Nigeria from suspicion, the group did not announce the monthly mining volume and the actual mining situation of the mine. Now, I want everyone to see how much we have gained there!”

Saying, Sheng Wenyan published a set of data about mining volume and value assessment.

“In just one year, such a large amount has been mined! The value is estimated at tens of billions dollars!” When Xin Zhe saw it, he exclaimed, “Impossible!”

“Sheng Wenyan, do you think we are all fools? How can the mining speed be so fast?”

Others also expressed their doubts: “It’s too exaggerated, right? According to this data, we not only did not lose money, but made tens of billions Chinese currency!”

“How can mine mining be so fast?”

“President Sheng, how can you prove the authenticity of this data?”

“It seems that everyone has doubts about the data. But the ore can’t be faked!” Sheng Wenyan said: “The ore we mined is still stored in South Africa, and some are sent to processing refineries. Within a year, they can become a real profit! If you don’t believe it, you can investigate now.”

Xin Zhe immediately investigated the situation of these ores through the company’s internal network.  What he couldn’t believe was that there were indeed these things!

With so many ores, Sheng Wenyan has no choice but to cheat. It can only show, these are really mined from Nigerian mines!

“This is not scientific!” Xin Zhe did not understand, “In one year, you have mined 70-80% in the mine. Is the ore there piled on the ground waiting for you to carry it?”

“It’s very simple!” Sheng Wenyan smiled confidently when he saw Xin Zhe was messed up, and said: “You still remember the equipment I ordered from Pengyun Machinery! You can see, this is the mining robot and other mining equipment we bought. Using intelligent equipment, fully automatic machine mining, the efficiency is skyrocketing!”

He took out the prepared projection video evidence and played it. Because it was kept secret and most people still don’t know. They only know the company purchased new equipment and shipped it to Nigeria, but it is not clear how powerful its function.

When everyone saw these scenes. Everyone in the room was surprised and sighed.

“Too amazing! Automated mining technology that subverts our traditional mining model!”

“Unexpectedly, our heavy industry could used intelligent system so quickly. I have to accept it!”

“No wonder, no wonder! It’s no wonder, in just one year, you can mine so much. It turned out to be them!”

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