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With big boss presence and assurance, the workers were relieved a lot and worked hard, so the construction was in full swing. Sweat was accompanied by the roar of machine, the project that had been suspended for more than a month finally started again.

Guo Chu looked at this scene with satisfaction, and estimated that with the addition of new machinery and equipment, the efficiency is better than before, and it should be completed within the scheduled time limit.

“Logistics must be kept up like water and food, don’t forget to let the workers rest for a while. It’s too hot here! Don’t get tired, if the machine has a problem, just ask Master Zhou, understand?” Guo Chu said a lot, suddenly his cell phone rang, the security team captain shouted anxiously: “President Guo, not good, someone is messing up!”

“How is the situation?” Guo Chu stood up and asked.

“There are a few cars, I don’t know if there are any weapons!” Security captain replied. “We have contacted the military police. They said they will come to support and I don’t know how long it will take. President Guo, you quickly get away!”

“Okay, don’t panic.” Guo Chu kept in touch with him and shouted: “Fast, all workers, stop work first and withdraw to a safe area.”

The scene hurriedly began to organize. Fortunately, the workers already had experience and hurried back to a safe area. But the engineering vehicle is still running, and it is impossible to leave it immediately.

The three off-road vehicles from the other side and several vehicles from the security team rushed in one after another.

“Stop, what did you do!” The security team stopped them, and the other directly got out of the car. A dozen black men with sturdy figures and totem patterns on their bodies rushed down aggressively. Several of them were holding machetes and even someone was carrying a rifle and yelling.

“What did they say?” Separated too far, the translation software in Guo Chu’s mobile phone is also unclear.

The security captain translated: “They said that we should stop work immediately. The land here belong to their village, we are not allowed to destroy it.”

“Tell them that we are building the railway, not destroying it!” Guo Chu also tried to reconcile with each other.

Those black people were a bunch of babbles again, and this time they didn’t give the security captain a chance to interpret, so they started directly.

They directly threatened with knives and guns, and the security team also held up their guns, but they did not dare to shoot. After all, this is illegal, and this gun is a scary tool.

Guo Chu watched from a distance. There were five or six black men facing off with the security team, and the other black men drove to the construction site.

“Master Zhou, come back soon!” At this time, an operator driving a special construction vehicle and a robotic arm was still at the construction site, and the workers hurriedly shouted.

“Immediately!” Master Zhou wanted to drive away the construction truck. This baby was made from a domestic order at a high price. If these robbers took it away, he would feel distressed.

However, the off-road vehicle was faster than the large engineering vehicle after all, and they stopped in front of him directly.

Seven or eight black people blocked him in a car, yelling, as if to ask him to get out.

“These niggers!” Master Zhou was very frightened. He really wanted to run over them directly, but rationally told him that if he did this, he would definitely end up with a death sentence.

Those black people are still yelling at him. Their goal is very clear. They want to take this thing away, so that the Zhongnan Construction Group can’t start work and suffer heavy losses. Although they still don’t understand yet, what is the purpose of this engineering vehicle with the huge robotic arm on it.

“%&%&*&” Those black people are still shouting, even some people lifted rifles and aimed at Master Zhou.

“Master Zhou, run! Don’t worry about anything, safety is important!” Guo Chu also anxiously shouted. They didn’t dare to shoot themselves, but these black people really dared to kill. Because people like them have committed a crime and drove away, the military and police may not catch them.

The most important thing is that it’s not worth it! The senior engineer trained by the group killed by a rogue. How could he explain to the employees and the family of Master Zhou?

Master Zhou also very flustered. At this time, he saw emergency safety mode on the panel. It seemed to be specially designed system, and never been used.

Master Zhou directly turned on this function, and the quantum computer in the engineering vehicle immediately turned on the emergency mode.

“Analyzing the security situation!” Various sensors on engineering vehicle and sky arm convey the on-site situation to the quantum computer, which directly connected to quantum brain through satellite wireless signal of skynet.

“Driver life safety threatened, automatic protection begins.” The engineering vehicle began to move automatically, seeming to be leaving here.

“It’s over, they blocked Master Zhou!” The workers were anxious, but did not dare to go up and confront the gunmen.

Guo Chu was also anxious and urged: “How long will the military police arrive?”

“I don’t know, they just reply, and don’t tell us when they will arrive!” said the subordinate. “According to previous experience, they were afraid it would take a long time to come here. At that time, daylily is cold!”

“Crazy!” Guo Chu continued to tell, “Or contact the embassy! Ask for help! Call Vice-President Bai, let him prepare for the worst!”


Today, Guo Chu feeling was really bad. He encountered such thing within two hours of starting working! If there is a serious accident, he really doesn’t know how to deal with it!

“I knew that I wouldn’t start work today.” Guo Chu felt a little regret.

“Bang!” Seeing this, the black man armed with a gun shot directly and threatened.

Some workers screamed and couldn’t help but close their eyes.

However, the bullet hit the glass and did not penetrate it. The engineering vehicle modified with bulletproof glass.

The steel body of the special engineering vehicle is even more invulnerable.

“Stop him!” the black people yelled, their off-road vehicles blocked the construction vehicle.

But at this moment, one of the drivers saw that the huge robotic arm on the engineering vehicle body began to move, coming straight towards his off-road vehicle.

“Ah! Help!” He yelled to his comrades in a panic, thinking this thing was going to smash it to death.

Several accomplices hurriedly fired at the robotic arm and the engineering vehicle. Unfortunately, this huge industrial machine not easily broken by bullets.

The sky arm came straight to the off-road vehicle, and the huge mechanical claws directly grabbed the off-road vehicle weighing several tons and held it in mid-air!

The driver yelled in horror. His comrades also frightened. This mechanical claw is too powerful, and it can actually play an off-road vehicle like a toy!

The robotic arm made the appearance of smashing the off-road vehicle at the group of black people. Watching sky arm moved, scared several black people, how dare they shoot with a gun?

Directly rushed to escape.

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