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The first group to challenge is Heavenly King Liu.

Liu Tianwang group has Xu Chen’s for tasting, Heavenly King Liu and Mu Feng are nervous sitting on the Flying Chair.

Xu Chen moved his chopsticks and the first one he picked up is carrot shreds. Heavenly King Liu and Mu Feng, who were sitting on the Flying Chair behind them suddenly shot out.

Heavenly King Liu and Mu Feng flared their teeth and claws in mid-air, then ‘plopped’ into the water.

The other guests were all taken aback, and then burst into laughter.

Ye Guang: “This is too sudden. I remember the original design was to clamp all the food and eject it if the order is wrong.”

Shang Shan explained, “Our game design team made some changes. If it is wrong, it will be ejected immediately and there is no advance notice. Therefore, when the team accepts the challenge, their team must be prepared to be plunged into the water at any time.”

Heavenly King Liu and Mu Huang were pulled up by the security officer. They were rubbing their heads with a towel. Fortunately, it is summer now. Except frightening being ejected. It’s actually quite comfortable to fall into the water. However, it’s comfortable, but no one wants to fall into the water, this is not specifically to go swimming.

Heavenly King Liu team challenges failed, then it’s Ye Guang turn.

Liu Chiyan cheered on Ye Guang, “Ye Guang, cme on! I don’t want to fall into the water.”

Ye Guang said with a smile, “Don’t worry, who am I? I am the director, can I let you fall into the water? I don’t believe it myself. ”

The other guests screamed together.

Ye Guang moved his chopsticks with almost without hesitation. Picked up a dish, but there’s no movement behind him, looks like he is right.

Ye Guang continued to pick up dishes and everyone else stared at him.

The same, two, three…Ye Guang picked up the dishes in order like this, when it reached the fourth one, the other guests of the two groups were already booing, “Wrong clip, wrong clip, wrong clip.”

But it’s clear. Ye Guang had disappointed them. After the six dishes tasted, Liu Chiyan and He Xing sat on Flying Chair leisurely and not bounced off.

“Yeah!” Liu Chiyan and He Xing clapped their hands in celebration.

The challenge is successful.

Lan Bao didn’t accept it and shouting, “Cheat, shady!”

Others also responded, “There is shady, you are the director. Knowing the answer in advance, it is not fair.”

Ye Guang cut it, “What shady? I definitely don’t know the dishes order in advance, I just have a better memory.”

“Who believes it?” Xu Chen said.

Ye Guang said, “If you don’t believe me, we can try it. You can find anything, books or materials, you can let me have a look, I promise you to write it down without missing a word.”

Xu Chen immediately went to the staff to ask for magazine and turn a page casually. Xu Chen handed the magazine to Ye Guang, “Look, see how long you can keep it.”

Ye Guang smiled and took the magazine for a few seconds, then returned to Xu Chen, “Okay, remember it.”

Everyone was a little surprised. Xu Chen looked at Ye Guang and said, “You give back to us.”

Ye Guang is proud, “Look, let you see what is unforgettable memory means!”

So, Ye Guang memorized a large section of the magazine that he had just read.

The guests were stunned, even the staff member is shocked.

Heavenly King Liu said, “Hey, Little Ye, really have you, is this all right? My god, it’s the legendary unforgettable memory.”

“Awesome my brother.” Lan Bao squinted and looked unbelievable.

Xu Chen also staring at Ye Guang, as if watching rare animals. “There is really a unforgettable memory in the world.”

Zhong Jing gave Ye Guang a thumbs up.

Liu Chiyan smiled with beautiful eyes.

Ye Guang smiled with a proud smile.

Lifted the shady suspect and the challenge continued. Only Lan Bao group was left. Mu Huang is tasting for Lan Bao group.

Mu Huang is very confident, “Don’t worry, I won’t let you fall into the water. I just remember the order of Ye Guang’s food. According to him, you must be all right.”

Lan Bao is proud of himself, “Haha, Mu Huang, I really have you. You did a good job.” Then turned to Ye Guang, “Stupid, this is called resource sharing and it comes from behind.”

Heavenly King Liu also depressed, “Why are we not behind Little Ye? It’s a pity, otherwise we can’t get into the water.”

Mu Huang tried it and put the first dish in the order of Ye Guang.

Just picked it up and only heard two screams from behind, and then two “plops”, Lan Bao and Zhong Jing fell into the water.

“Ah?” Mu Huang looked dumbfounded, “Why? Obviously this is the case.”

Shang Shan explained on the sidelines, “In order to prevent you from learning each other’s answers, the order of serving dishes at each table is different. ”

“Hahaha!” Ye Guang and Heavenly King Liu laughed at the same time, and Heavenly King Liu gloated, “”Finally, it is not just our team unlucky.”

Later, Ye Guang’s challenge successful, he was the first to get the task reminder card. Lan Bao and Heavenly King Liu, both teams, finally completed the challenge after many inhuman and ridiculous diving from Flying Chairs.

After the two groups completed the challenge, Liu Xuecheng provoked several guests from Lan Bao team and confronted Ye Guang.

Ye Guang kept shouting, “Why? Why are you hitting me again? Didn’t I just complete the task before you, who should I offend.”

Heavenly King Liu screamed, “Who let us all suffer from torture, but your group is laughing and eating happily!”

Ye Guang quit, “Why just hit me?”

Zhong Jing said of course, “We can’t bear to start Goddess Liu, it can only hit you.”

Ye Guang said angrily, “He Xing?”

Xu Chen: “Huh, just He Xing’s brain capacity, without you, he would have fallen into the water 800 times.”

He Xing face crossed, “Hey, I just lie down why did you attack me?”

Everyone laughed, leaving Ye Guang alone in the wind and messed up.

After that, the three groups of guests played a few more small game competitions. The show recorded until noon, then the work ended.

After lunch, show has no formal scenes need to be recorded, but several resident guests need to record some personal style clips separately. When the show officially broadcast, these will be edited and played when each guest comes out.

After half a day of shooting, the feelings of several guests have also become acquainted a lot. When they recorded program in the morning, although everyone seemed to be very relaxed in their speech and behavior, but all of them is actors for many years. The pre-camera state has honed in their career, sometimes two actors may have completely different ways of getting along before and after the camera.

In private, everyone has converged a lot. At least no one will be clamoring for Ye Guang anymore, but after a morning of cooperation, the guests has familiar with each other. They all get along very well with each other and laughed. This is a good phenomenon.

In the evening, the show continues to be recorded. The evening recordings are the highlights. It is also the last part of this Running Man and the most interesting part in Ye Guang’s view – Name Tag Elimination.

Many people don’t understand why Name Tag Elimination is so interesting. Many people have listed the selling points of Name Tag Elimination, but there are a lot of reasons.

Ye Guang has his own opinion. Putting aside any questions or reasons, I just ask you, have you ever seen a celebrity catch or fight each other?

No? Well, congratulations, you can see the running man now.

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