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Just when several guests were talking and laughing, there’s Shang Shan with camera shouted with loudspeaker.

“Congratulations to several people who successfully assembled and formed our running team. There is a small box in front of you with your respective brand names. You can truly become a team with brand names. Please open the box.”

Captain Liu Xuecheng opened the box and inside the box are several people’s name tags.

Everyone took out their brand names one by one.

Xu Chen felt wrong looking at the brand name, “Why is this brand names so dirty?”

Lan Bao: “Yeah, mine too, are these black inks?”

Shang Shan shouted again from the sidelines, “Before you arrive, some mysterious people came here early and sprinkled potions with magic on your brand names, making your brand names dirty. These filth can’t be removed. Their purpose is to prevent you from becoming a real team.”

Liu Chiyan: “Why?”

Shang Shan shouted, “Because once you really assemble, you will bring countless laughter to the audience. This mysterious person has a gloomy mind. The last thing he wants to see is people happiness, so he has to do everything possible to stop you.”

Zhong Jing: “Then what should we do?”

“So you need to complete the task, get the clues, and find the holy water that can remove the dirt on the name tag. Only by removing the dirt on the name tag, you can truly become a team. This is the conspiracy of the mysterious man. At the same time, it is also a test for you, whether you can become a real team.”

Liu Tianwang clenched his fist, “We can do it!”

“Yes, we can!” Others also agree.

Shang Shan: “Okay, there is a reminder card under the box. Please act according to the content on the reminder card. You can get clues after you arrived at the designated place and complete the task.”

Heavenly King Liu lifted the box and took out the reminder card: Please go to Xilin Square.

Heavenly King Liu: “Brothers, we will complete the task and form a team. Do you have confidence?”


“Good, we work together and cheer together.” After speaking, Heavenly King Liu stretched out a hand and several other guests also stretched out a hand and layered together.

Everyone shouted, “”Running!””

“Card!” Shang Shan shouted.

This segment is a good start, it’s very good, there is no omissions, like this reality show, there is no need to worry about any omissions, as long as there is no big mistakes, it generally doesn’t matter. And the subsequent shots will be quietly edited and finally presented to the audience.

The following shooting will need to change venues. Everyone drove to Xilin Square. A large part of the staff has prepared there from early in the morning. Ye Guang and several guests drove there. The car is provided by Anda and can be regarded as implanted hard advertisement. The car is equipped with camera, so the guests every move in the car will be filmed and recorded.

The seven guests are divided into two cars. They are talking and laughing in the car. He Xing, Ye Guang, and Liu Chiyan is a car. Along the way, Ye Guang and He Xing chatted happily and sang songs.

After everyone arrived at Xilin Square. Everyone eyes is aiming for a track of Acupressure Mat in a variety of colors.

Lan Bao first shouted, “What is this? Acupressure Mat? Could it be for us to play on it?”

He Xing also said, “What a joke, it hurts! I have tried it.”

Zhong Jing is a tough guy. He was eager to try and then the tough guy immediately screamed and grinning, “It’s really painful!”

Shang Shan said, “Hello everyone, welcome to Xilin Square. In front of you, there is a track composed of Acupressure Mat. You have to pass the Acupressure Mat in the relay mode within the specified time to complete the task and find the clues about holy water.”

In addition to Ye Guang, all the guests were in an uproar. Liu Chiyan also stared wide-eyed. Really wants her to walk on Acupressure Mat track. After this, her soles feet will be scrapped, right?

Shang Shan: “In order for everyone to form a healthy competition, we will divide everyone into three groups to compete.”

Xu Chen immediately said, “Director, we only have 7 people, how can we divided into three groups?”

Shang Shan shouted, “So, we specially arranged two agents to help you to complete the task.”

Then, two people came over.

“Hey, it’s Feng Qiu Huang, Mu Huang and Mu Feng.”

Ye Guang invited Feng Qiu Huang after he chose to the guest for Running Man. Although he changed some things according to local conditions, he still retains the model of inviting guests in every issue. The audience will have visual fatigue, if the people in each issue are the same without any new tricks. They may not want to watch after a few issues. Inviting different guests in each issue can bring different freshness to the audience.

After Mu Huang and Mu Feng arrived at the scene, everyone greeted each other and laughed a few words, then grouped.

Ye Guang, He Xing, Liu Chiyan.

Lan Bao, Zhong Jing, Mu Huang.

Liu Xuecheng, Xu Chen, Mu Feng.

Game start.

The first to challenge is Lan Bao group. Zhong Jing is the first person from Lan Bao Group. After taking off his shoes and socks, Zhong Jing set off under the referee whistle.

Just stepping on Acupressure Mat, Zhong Jing immediately yelled, “Ah, pain, pain! Ah!” The tough guy-like Zhong Jing has a very rich expression on his face. The pain is suffocating and staring. His appearance also made the guests and the onlookers laugh endlessly.

Lan Bao is the most exaggerated, kneeling on the ground and laughing endlessly.

Zhong Jing walked very hard and during the period he had to skip rope, finally handed the stick to Mu Huang.

Don’t think Mu Huang is girl, but her performance is much better than Zhong Jing. Although she yells, her speed is not slow. It’s make a group of big men nearby dumbfounded.

Mu Huang smoothly handed the baton to Lan Bao hand. Lan Bao grinned. His facial expressions are very exaggerated, causing everyone to laugh. He haven’t walked far, suddenly a big mountain rushed out from the crowd and blocked Lan Bao way. Lan Bao is short and needs to look up to see the appearance of the visitor. This is a very fat aunt. The aunt took off her coat and pointed to her t-shirt.

The t-shirt says: Please carry me there.

So, Lan Bao is dumbfounded and he looked at the aunt’s figure with a dazed look.

The guests laughed so hard and couldn’t stand. Ye Guang leaned forward and backward with laughter. Even Liu Chiyan didn’t have the image of a Heavenly Queen, she laughed loudly.

Lan Bao: “Aunt, how heavy are you?”

Aunt: “Not heavy, only 200 catties.” [X-N: 200 catties = 120 kg]

This words made Lan Bao dumbfounded again, “I’m only 120 catties. Aunt, your body shape is twice of mine. Whoever came up with this idea, not to let people live.”

Although it’s difficult, but there’s no way. Lan Bao can only bite the bullet and hardly carry meat mountain on its back and walk towards the end with stuffy stuff. Yelling exaggeratedly as he walked, “Auntie, you’re so light! Auntie, you’re so beautiful!”

Everyone laughed.

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