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Ye Guang continued to speak.

“If anyone in this room feels dissent or thinks he can’t do this, then speak it out now. I will not embarrass you if I leave the crew now, otherwise someone can’t do it or get emotional after the show officially starts shooting. It’s not so easy to talk.”

Ye Guang looked around for a while. There’s no staff want to speak. They all looked at him quietly.

Ye Guang continued, “Just say so many ugly things, then everyone will curse me.” Ye Guang made a joke, but no one laughed except him.

Ye Guang: “That’s the first point, for the second point. The second is that I hope everyone can work hard and strive for perfection in all aspects. Although I know this is impossible, I hope everyone will move towards this goal. In the same way, as the person in charge, I will also be worthy of everyone’s hard work. With ample funding, our accommodation must be a higher than other crews. Our food will follow high standards. We’ll also increase the salary of the staff present by 30% on the original basis. After we finish recording all the episodes of this season. Everyone will have a big red envelope with bonus! This is my promise to everyone.”


All employees began to applaud. No matter how much Ye Guang talked, it would be more realistic to say it’s increases in salary and to give bonus. After all, everyone’s work hard for making money.

Ye Guang said like this, it could be regarded as to give carrot in front of donkey. First, put the ugliness on the front, to frighten everyone. Then promised various benefits, processing funds and bonuses to win people’s hearts. This is also commonly used by leaders. This method is also the most practical and best method.

After Ye Guang finished his speech, he stepped down. When he returned to his seat, he smiled apologetically to Heavenly King Liu and the others, “Several people, just listen to what I said just now. If you want to lead the team, I will just pretend, don’t mind.”

Heavenly King Liu, He Xing and others are laughing at Ye Guang, no one answered him. Everyone is sensible. Ye Guang said this at this time just to make everyone not embarrassed, just polite words. If you really take it seriously. Then, in the recording scene, if everyone didn’t listen to the conductor. Ye Guang didn’t have to worry about it.

Then Yu Ke, the head of Beijing Satellite TV, also came to the stage and said a few words of mobilization. Beijing Satellite TV sent Yu Ke as the person in charge. A middle-aged man in his forties, he said more than Ye Guang. After all, it is an old fried dough stick. After him, Shang Shan also came to the stage and explained some shooting problems with the staff.

Speaking of this, in the production of Running Man. Ye Guang is the chief director, but he is still one of the guests. As for the director, he is only responsible for the general direction. Other director work still has to rely on the assistance of Shang Shan and Xia Hai.

After the dinner, everyone went back to the hotel to rest.

Liu Chiyan didn’t go home either. She went to the hotel arranged by the crew to check in, of course, not in the same room as Ye Guang.

Tomorrow morning the show will officially recording, and the recording was early in the morning. Liu Chiyan thought it would be too troublesome to go home, so she stayed in the hotel together.

Ye Guang slept very soundly this night because he drank some wine.

Early the next morning.

The show recording officially started.

The routines of Running Man in Dream World isn’t completely copied. Some places need to be adapted to local conditions. There are some changes, but the pattern still the same.

“Prepare, start!”

With a single order, all cameras turned on.

In a bright room, Heavenly King Liu took the lead, he is the captain in this season Running Man.

“Hello everyone, welcome to Anda Running Man! I’m running captain Liu Xuecheng!” Heavenly King Liu is dressed in a black formal suit, facing the camera and smiling very handsomely.

In fact, there should be a narration and a short film when you are on the scene, but these are all made up later. It will be included when the film is edited. It is not available during the shooting.

“Today, here! We will have seven brothers and sisters assembled to form our running team.” There’s no host for the show, so a small part of the content is hosted by the captain, Heavenly King Liu, “Below, request the pleasure of seeing our team members.”

“Please welcome the funny and humorous love song prince – He Xing!” He Xing appeared.

“Welcome to funny variety show artist – Lan Bao!” Lan Bao appeared.

“Next, we have strong man – Zhong Jing!” Zhong Jing appeared.

“Next is popular idols among thousands of young girls – Xu Chen!” Xu Chen appeared.

“The last but not last. Big gifted scholar, also the planner and general director of our show – Ye Guang!” Ye Guang appeared.

“Finally, please ask the national goddess to appear, Heavenly Queen – Liu Chiyan!” Liu Chiyan appeared.

As the resident mc guests, they appeared one by one and greeted the camera.

“From today, seven of us will form a team to bring you a unique program.”

“Running Man!” The seven people shouted in unison, then cheered with bright smiles.

“Let’s raise our glass together to celebrate this gathering.” Heavenly King Liu took the lead in holding up the wine glass on the front desk.

Everyone also picked up their wine glasses and drank them after clinking them.

After drinking, Lan Bao said, “At this time, shouldn’t we drink wine? Why is there a fruit drinks in the wine glass?” As he said, Lan Bao stared at the camera and shouted, “Director, program accident! The props is misplaced. Wine? Where’s the wine?”

This move made everyone laugh.

Zhong Jing also echoed, “Yeah, why not wine? why is it fruit drink?”

Heavenly King Liu pointed to Ye Guang and said to Lan Bao, “Where are you calling? The director is here!”

Lan Bao said,”Yes, Ye Guang, you are the director, let’s talk! Why not wine!”

Ye Guang facing the camera and talked about it, “Because no wine merchants want to advertised for us. We can only use fruit drinks.”

Xu Chen answered, “Why Fruit Run Beverages?”

Ye Guang said of course, “Because it gives money! Let me say it first, I didn’t mean to advertise.”

Everyone screamed.

Yes, Fruit Run Beverages also voted advertisement for Running Man’s, but also Ye Guang took the initiative to call Fruit Run Boss Guo and asked him to consider advertising. Boss Guo’s original charcoal in the snow to left a very good impression on Ye Guang. For this Running Man, Ye Guang have absolute confidence this show will become popular. At this time, advertising will definitely make money, and whoever earns the money will make money. Of course, Ye Guang think of Fruit Run Boss Guo, let him to cast an advertisement. Boss Guo also went on the road and promised without saying anything.

Lan Bao sudden appearance really not arranged in advance. It’s completely a play he added on the spot. Lan Bao was indeed very versatile and it’s strange not to steal the spotlight at the beginning. Ye Guang felt he really didn’t read the wrong person, it’s worth to spend money to invite him! Moreover, Lan Bao is surprisingly similar to Zulan in the authentic Running Man from Dream World, which is why Ye Guang pick him at a glance.

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