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“Dad, is it hard to read what I wrote?” Hong Xiaoxiao voice was a little low. Lu Zixin was even more surprised. This is obviously an emotional statement. How quickly did she grow up?

“It’s great!” Lu Zixin quickly praised, “So how did you write it?”

“I used a simulated arm and then simulated human writing.” Hong Xiaoxiao was so excited that she showed off with Lu Zixin.

“The database that Red Queen has given me some bioscience information. I use this information to simulate human arm movements and then write these words.”

“But my computing system is still not perfect, and the simulated arm can’t be exactly the same as humans.”

“Simulation of human behavior?” Lu Zixin heard her words and finally understood why she wrote the same words as human children.

Her simulation is not a simulation of shape or action behavior. Instead, she designs a neural network program that uses a quantum brain to simulate humans and perform complex and unparalleled neural responses in the body.

The Science and Technology content, the current neuroscience and technology programs and robot programs.

“How much data did Red Queen give her?” Lu Zixin felt a lot of emotion and worried. Fortunately, the core authority of Hong Xiaoxiao is under his control, and everything is under control.

“Xiaoxiao awesome, do you have any data on biological science and technology? For example, genetic engineering, cloning technology?” Lu Zixin asked.

“No, Dad.” Hong Xiaoxiao replied truthfully.

“Yeah.” Lu Zixin nodded and asked: “Tomorrow, we are going to announce Red Letter Business Quantum Computer Program. Are you ready?”

In addition to self-learning, Hong Xiaoxiao is also responsible for “quantum data processing center”, such as the improvement of various intelligent software designed by Red Letter and the operating system of Red Letter Quantum Computer.

“Yes, Xiaoxiao is ready!” In the projection, the three little red words are beating, just like the words that can speak.


The next day, Red Letter press conference site.

This press conference was a formal response of Red Letter Group to IEEE Association and American Society of Computing Association’s statement on official occasions. It also temporarily added the news of Red Letter new products, so there were many media on the scene, waiting for Red Letter Group the latest news.

Hosted by Tang Gang, Lu Zixin sat on the scene and talked about the computer industry with the chairman of China Computer Association.

China Computer Association, originally initiated by a scholar, is a non-profit academic group. After years of development, it has already had a certain industry status and is subject to the jurisdiction of relevant institutions.

Huo Wenguo, the president of the association, specially flew from Sucheng overnight because of Red Letter press conference.

China Computer Association has always been in an international position. All major events such as large computer society conferences, standards development, are organized or formulated by several organizations in the United States, and they are difficult to get involved.

Now I have this opportunity, naturally I don’t want to miss it.

At the beginning of the press conference, some media raised sharp questions.

“The IEEE Association and American Computer Association claim that Red Letter Group disregards the order of the venue and denies the latest quantum computer standards for the company’s interests. What do you think of this?”

Tang Gang did not change his color and said loudly: “We once again stated that this incident was because we were treated unfairly, so we withdraw. As for the quantum computer standard, this is our business today.”

“The IBM Corporation and American Computer Association announced that IBM’s quantum computer standard is lagging behind Red Letter Group’s quantum computer standard and is not suitable for becoming an applicable standard for international counterparts. So we are now on the official website of Red Letter, China Computer Network, China Science and Technology Network… announced our quantum computer standards.”

At the press conference, some data were also available, but it was quite professional and many people could not understand it. But this does not hinder media coverage, and other companies and institutions can read it online.

“Tang, I am a reporter for Asia-Pacific News. You claim that the standards are more applicable than international standards. Is there any proof? Or is it just commercial speculation or boasting?” There are media questions.

“The best proof is the product!” Tang Gang said confidently. “At the global supercomputer conference, our quantum computer operation is the fastest in the world, and it is 10 billion times faster than the existing quantum computers of companies such as IBM, INTEL, and GOOGLE. This is proof!”

“In addition, we have guests present today, and we welcome Mr. Huo Wenguo, Chairman of China Computer Association, to say a few words to us.”

Huo Wenguo came to power, although his face is not familiar, but his identity is here. His words also represent the statement of China computer industry.

Huo Wenguo attitude is very clear. He said directly: “After the occurrence of the disagreement between Red Letter Group with IEEE and American Computer Association, our China Computer Association conducted the first investigation. It adheres to the principle of never partiality and never compromises. “

“We solemnly reaffirm that IEEE and American Computer Society do have unfair practices, and their statements are completely unreasonable, contrary to industry rules and international communication principles.”

“The standards of Red Letter Group are also more suitable for commercial promotion. After voting at the meeting, we decided that all the quantum computer industry in China will adopt the standard of Red Letter. It is recommended that international counterparts adopt the quantum computer standard of Red Letter Group for the development and unification of quantum computers.”

Huo Wenguo statement is more powerful than Red Letter’s self-certification. This is not only Red Letter singled out IEEE and American Computer Association, the China Computer Association also for their platform, and directly stipulates that China’s quantum computer standard is this, refused to adopt US standard!

The media are also excited. This seems to be getting bigger and bigger. It is not only the competition between enterprises, but the competition between two countries for quantum computer hegemony!

Huo Wenguo also announced a major news, China Computer Association will jointly organize Global Quantum Computer Academic Conference with Red Letter Group, and invite colleagues from all over the world to come and participate!

This is simply against the United States, if those companies and institutions are invited to participate in the meeting, is it not to recognize the standards of Red Letter Group, and virtually improve China Computer Association’s industry voice?

It didn’t take long for Global Supercomputing Conference to pass. If this matter is really done by China Computer Association and Red Letter Group, then IEEE Association and the American Computer Association will not be authoritative and become international jokes.

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