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“What about that?” Lu Zixin showed an unsatisfactory look.

The assistant also said: “Professor Dai thinks that this procurement plan has certain feasibility. The domestic industry is like this. We can get such a condition and it is already a precedent.”

“No.” Lu Zixin directly denied, “How about the situation between Japan and American manufacturers?”

In addition to ASML, Red Letter Group is also in contact with other chip manufacturing equipment suppliers.

“The two companies in Japan, the instruments that can be sold to us are not as good as the products of ASML. The performance of the equipment that American manufacturers can produce is similar, but the price are higher $20 million.” Assistant Hui reported.

“Yes, I know. This piece is put in advance, and it will be discussed in two days.” Lu Zixin finished, the assistant left the office.

“This is the so-called industry barrier?” Lu Zixin muttered to himself.

The gap between instruments and high prices is only part of the barriers to computer industry. Without top-level equipment, research naturally cannot keep up with their progress. Coupled with the lack of core technology, if this is the case, wait until the Red Letter has worked hard to develop a world-class civilian computer, and maybe other companies have introduced better products.

Over the years, China’s computer industry has been in this endless pursuit. No matter how well-known big domestic brands, when you open the configuration, the main parts are all foreign manufacturers.

In particular, the computer chips of Intel and AMD are completely monopolistic.

Lu Zixin didn’t want to join this chase. People have been leading this road for more than ten years, so chasing is too slow and not necessarily catch up.

He decided to consult the group members of Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group, who are professional in terms of computers. Especially two artificial intelligence, their ontology is supercomputer.

Lu Zixin enters the group, first looking for the senior water in group, none other than Red Queen.

Mr. L : “@Red Queen, are you here?”

For a while, the group did not respond.

Lu Zixin re-issued again : “@Red Queen, I have a question I would like to ask you! Are you there?”

Red Queen still did not reply, Lu Zixin had to ask another intelligent life, Skynet.

Mr. L : “@Skynet, do you know about supercomputer manufacturing?”

Skynet is here, it directly said : “I am a supercomputer myself, how can I not understand? How do humans always like to ask some stupid questions.”

“This is just a way of expressing humanity’s opening remarks!” Lu Zixin knows that Skynet is not interested in human emotion’s at all, and simply opens the door and directly raises the issue.

Skynet : “No need to be so troublesome, I will send you a T-1000 liquid metal terminator robot and kill all the competitors.”

Mr. L : “…”

After some exchanges, Skynet said : “You said that the low-level computer, computing power is simply weak. If you rely on them, let alone defeat the competitors, even low-level artificial intelligence can not be manufactured.”

“Using quantum technology directly, we will be a quantum computer. Its computing power will be improved by hundreds of millions of times, and even a real intelligent life can be born!”

“Quantum computer? Will it be too difficult?” Lu Zixin asked with some concern.

In his time and space, quantum computers are just projects that the world is trying to overcome.

Unlike traditional computers, quantum computers are quantum devices that use quantum mechanics to perform high-speed mathematical and logical calculations, storage, and processing of quantum information.

The ability of quantum computers to process information is a myriad of times that of modern computers. For example, solving a billion-scale system of variable equations can take centuries with a modern supercomputer, but if you use a high-frequency quantum computer, it takes only ten seconds to calculate.

The gap between them, like the gap between the abacus and computer, is not a product of an era.

Research institutes in various countries have teams working on quantum computers, and some have made quantum computers capable of programming calculations.

But like the first generation of computers, they are large, have operating conditions, and limited in performance. They are inseparable from the laboratory and cannot be regarded as quantum computers in true sense.

Skynet said : “The quantum computer is just the beginning. With quantum chips, we can develop more advanced intelligence or robots.”

“Forget it, tell you more, you do not understand.” Skynet said, “I will send the information to you, you should study it yourself.”

Group Tip : “Skynet has sent you a dedicated Red envelope.”

Group Tip : “You have received the exclusive Red envelope from Skynet and obtained “Quantum Computer Theory and Manufacturing Materials.”

A lot of data entered the group space, and Lu Zixin just opened it a little and felt the brain hurt. There is too much information, and he has not been exposed to excessive sub-areas before, and he has seen it in a fog.

Forget it, let RI-8901 do it for you, Lu Zixin thought.

If you really want to study this, it will take a decade or hundred to understand.

“Many thanks, Skynet.” Lu Zixin thanks as usual.

Of course, Skynet will not politely return a “you are welcome”, but ask: “If you can give me the last heart of ancient machinery, I will also thank you.”

Mr. L : “Unfortunately, there is only one thing.”

Skyne t: “You should analyze its structure, leave the original material, and waste such a baby! It seems that I can only ask Optimus Prime, I hope it can provide me some data.”

“If I install my robot with such a mechanical heart, maybe it will evolve into a mechanical life.”

“Mechanical life! What makes sense! It is more interesting than war with human beings. An independent living body is not controlled by anyone, nor is it restricted by the Internet. Freedom…”

When Skynet talks about mechanical life, there is a strong interest in the lines. It can be seen that it may want to be a mechanical life, not a program in a computer.

After Lu Zixin went offline, he went to the residence of RI-8901 and prepared to read it.

He took a private jet from Guangzhou to Pengcheng and went to the residence of RI-8901. He found that it was completely different than half a year ago.

When Lu Zixin was purchased, it was a small independent household, far from the downtown area, and there was hardly any development around.

But this year, there are more buildings around. The villa of RI-8901 does not know when it was transformed into a steampunk style.

The exterior of house was painted, and the original structure of the building was replaced by metal, like a huge steam machine with a large metal exhaust pipe on the roof, like a chimney taking the heat.

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