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“Virtual projection movie?” If it is a general advertisement, he is likely to ignore it, but he is really interested in this, so he chose to watch.

At the beginning of PV, the picture immediately became the player’s vision, showing that the protagonist was driving spaceship in meteorite group, smashing through numerous obstacles, before and after the spaceship, and the enemy ships were attacking.

At the same time of excitement, some strange and awkward planets flashed through the picture, and some alien creatures with strange shapes.

“Wow, what is this? A new sci-fi game?” someone shouted in surprise.

“No, a movie promo!”

They continue to watch, because it is a promo, so they are all cut shots. After the scene of the space, spaceship flashed, it was on a beautiful fantasy planet.

The species of this planet is more colorful than earth. The intelligent life also has a human form, and it also carries the characteristics of animals, a bit like the orc family in the novel.

“A cute cat-ear girl!”

“What is this big man? Is the bear family?”

“Good realistic scenes! You can see this picture for the first time without wearing 3D glasses!”

The picture continues to flash, it is a ridiculous planet, where the hero and heroine use the mech to fight alien troops.

The tall and mighty mech, from the exterior to the details, is full of the beauty of Science and Technology, and the powerful combat power is a violent aesthetic.

There are also iron behemoths of alien troops, which are more flexible than organic ones. Every minute, every second, is a scene of special effects explosion.

“Wow, the money is burning!” Even the players watching the promo can’t help but vomit. According to his knowledge, such a scene is definitely a process of crazy burning money.

Then there are several scenes, all without exception, everywhere full of novelty.

“Too handsome! Is this what the new sci-fi blockbuster in Hollywood? What is the name?” asked the curious passerby.

“I don’t know, come out, “Breaking the Dimensional Wall”, an unlimited sci-fi tour, the first virtual projection movie of Red Letter Film, October 9th national simultaneous release!”

““Break the Dimensional Wall?” Isn’t this the theme of Red Letter game? I didn’t expect them to make a movie specifically!”

“Virtual projection movie! It sounds very interesting, let’s go see it!”

“October 9th? National Day has just passed, no time to see!” Internet cafe players talked about it, no matter what, they saw the promo, they are full of curiosity about the film.

Similar scenes have been staged throughout the country. The biggest advantage of Red Letter Group, which has a virtual projection equipment market, is the ability to make free publicity on its own devices.

In addition to the second, the majority of users of Red Letter games and Red Letter mobile phones have received similar pushes. This kind of precisely positioned advertising effect is more cost-effective than spending tens of millions or hundreds of millions advertising fee on traditional media.


The time is getting closer to October, and these days, Red Letter Group has been developing steadily. Skystar satellite has launched five more, which has already made 6G network coverage of 50% or more in China.

Correspondingly, the communications industry in the country is booming – because many users are ready to replace the new electronic devices to adapt to 6G network.

Everyone found that it is not only Red Letter Group that has benefited, but also the enterprises in the same industry have gained great development opportunities.

In addition to launching several virtual projection devices specifically designed for research and design, Red Letter Electronics has no new actions. The Institute is mainly researching micro-projection equipment and virtual projection mutual-sensing equipment, which has not yet been successful.

Needless to say, Red Letter game will further develop the virtual projection game, and the turnover will increase.

Red Letter Software Development Co., Ltd., together with Civil Aviation Administration, developed the first airborne intelligent traffic management system, and then, together with Yinjiang Logistics, began piloting urban operations for small-scale logistics drones such as express delivery and take-out in second-tier city.

Thunderstorm Appliances, Kunpeng battery, Pengyun Automobile, are currently operating steadily, no need to spend their time.

Therefore, the core development of Red Letter Group is still in Red Letter virtual mutual entertainment. The success or failure of virtual projection movie almost determines the development of Red Letter virtual mutual entertainment in the next two years.

Once successful, Red Letter Film will officially set sail, and at the same time, the network virtual projection interactive entertainment community can also begin preparations for establishment.

In the case of failure, these plans must be delayed and increase the risk of capital investment and market competition for Red Letter Group.

“I hope this film can not lose money, or the group will have no money to take within half a year.” Lu Zixin read the financial statements and said with emotion.

Red Letter Group is developing too fast, infrastructure construction, scientific research investment, and investment in new companies. It is a few billion yuan, and it is not fast to make money. Especially for large projects like Sky Network, it takes at least three or five years to withdraw funds.

“In the movie “Breaking the Dimensional Wall”, the investment has reached one billion RMB!” Su Zhirong said on the side. “It’s your virtual projection studio, and it took more than 400 million to build!”

“There are virtual projection effects teams, etc. These are just direct investments. If you count the cost of developing equipment, improving virtual projection, advertising. My President, you can be too biased about the new company!”

There is some dissatisfaction in her words, and if it is a normal investment budget, it is absolutely impossible to spend so much.

Most of the first investment in Red Letter virtual mutual entertainment was actually filmed. Nothing else was done in other jobs. Under normal circumstances, it is impossible to happen, but now it is happening.

Cough.” Lu Zixin awkwardly smiled, pulling her into his arms and explaining: “This is complementary!”

“The film has been successful, virtual entertainment has developed, and our electronic products are sold out.”

“You are the boss, how to make sense.” Su Zhirong shouted.

“President Su, I am wrong, I am too smashed!” Lu Zixin asked for mercy, “What do you say Presidetn Su? I listen to you.”

“What can I do?” Su Zhirong said in a serious tone. “If you do what you do, you will bear the consequences. If you lose 100 million, you will be fined for one month, and a few hundred million will be a few months.”

“What if earned?” Lu Zixin asked.

“It’s the same!”

Lu Zixin: “…”

In fact, he only has a symbolic salary in the group, with an annual salary of one hundred yuan, and there is no bonus or something.

Finally, we are welcoming October. This is a rare holiday for the domestic people. Various businesses have begun to work hard to raise awareness, trying to salvage during National Day. Cinemas and film companies are no exception.

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