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Ye Guang’s words are exported, and several shopping guides are a glimpse.

The fat woman looks like a high, like eating Ye Guang. “What do you think about it, and the clothes in our store are damaged, it seems that you have lost money, we will not embarrass you, go, don’t be uncomfortable for yourself, you have already paid this money, I tell you, don’t think about refunding it.”

Ye Guang continued to ignore her and picked up a child’s long skirt next to her. “Hey, how beautiful little clothes, how much?”

A few shopping guides did not speak, looked at him doubtfully, did not know what medicine he sold in the gourd.

Seeing that they didn’t talk, Ye Guang’s voice was a bit heavy. “Ask you, how much!”

“78,800.” There is a shopping guide whispered.

“Oh.” Ye Guang faintly said, then turned to female shopping guide that started with Yiyi. “I want it, swipe it.”

Everyone is a doubt again. What are you doing? You have just been so bullied by people, and still continue to do business for their family? Is the brain sick?

Ye Guang’s bank card was inserted in POS machine on the female shopping guide, but she did not dare to move.

Ye Guang shouted aloud, “Swipe!” Ye Guang didn’t have any politeness with her, even though she was just the only one who has not reprimand Yiyi, but she didn’t help Yiyi. Ye Guang certainly won’t be too polite to her.

The female shopping guide was scared and shivered, “…Good. Yes, sir.” The female shopping guide quickly entered the amount, the password has just been said by Ye Guang, she still remembers.

788, the consumption was successful, and a receipt receipt was printed in pos machine.

Ye Guang said faintly, “Okay, that line, this dress is mine now.”

After the words, Ye Guang pulled the two necklines with two hands, and then slammed it with force. This little dress was directly torn by Ye Guang.

The people around him were scared by Ye Guang’s actions, and the fat woman was shocked. “What are you doing here!”

Ye Guang continued to ignore her, but instead looked at the lively customers and spoke.

“The people have already paid for it. How to deal with it is something for others.”

“That is, the emperor is not in a hurry, what is it?”

The fat woman is mad, but she doesn’t dare to attack with so many people. She can only swear Ye Guang.

Ye Guang didn’t care about the fat woman’s eyes. He didn’t look at her. He picked up a small shirt again. “How much is this?”

The guides did not make any noise, they all looked at Ye Guang, this is to make trouble, and it is clear that you want to engage in things, and your heart is also embarrassed. It seems that this time, Sister Li is afraid to kick iron plate accidentally.

Ye Guang didn’t wait for them to talk back, it was straightforward, and the fierce force, was another “Srerrrtss“, the little shirt was directly twisted in half. “Well, I broke the clothes in your store, really. Excuse me, I will pay, how much does it cost to brush, but I will warn you first, if you dare to brush more, hehe.”

Female shopping guide holding pos machine does not dare to move, fat woman is mad, “Brush! I see how much he has to pay! What big head garlic!”

Ye Guang still ignores her.

The female shopping guide rushed to use pos machine to brush a sum of 39,000 yuan, and then the pos machine spit out a receipt.

Ye Guang picked up another dress again. I didn’t ask this question. “Srerrrtss” directly broke the clothes, “Swipe!” Ye Guang sound is very cold.

The shopping guides and some of the onlookers are shrinking their eyes. It must be said that the Ye Guang 182’s personality, combined with the momentum of the squirting, looks a bit horrible.

Someone in the customer whispered, “This guy is a hard swearer. I think this is not so easy today.”

“What are you doing? I think if those all are not women, this young man can do it directly, and his family is so bullied. No one can stand it. ”

There are also several children of the same age as Yiyi, hiding behind their father or mother, revealing a small head, curious, and looking at Ye Guang with a little fear.

The fat woman is mad and angry, “You are insane, you don’t see where this is! You are so careful, I call the security guard!”

Ye Guang looked at her disdainfully. “I bought the clothes, naturally I will deal with them, what to do with you! Why? You are in charge of the world, managing other children, and now you have to manage what I buy? Who do you think you are? Also equipped to control me?”

The fat woman was furious and rushed up. Ye Guang’s blink of an eye scared her. “I don’t want to hit a woman, but it doesn’t mean I don’t hit a woman. If you dare to do it, don’t blame me!”

The fat woman didn’t dare to start with Ye Guang. Although she was shameless, but the basic IQ is still there, and Ye Guang started, she could only suffer from him, biting her teeth, and the fat woman took the female guide POS machine, big channel, “OK! You can! You tear it, I am going to see how much you can pay for this little one.”

Ye Guang didn’t talk nonsense with her, picked up a piece of clothing, and pulled it hard. The dress material might be firmer, and Ye Guang didn’t tear it.

The fat woman snorted. “Don’t pick something easy to tear. There is a jacket over there. Aren’t you capable, you can tear it.”

Ye Guang feels a little shameful. “Srerrrtss” first rip the T-shirt on the handle, then walked to the showcase of the jacket, picked up a coat and easily tore it, the whole coat was ripped two halves, the coat is down, Ye Guang tears open, and the white down is flying everywhere.

Everyone on the crowd looked at Ye Guang, the jacket, this is a coat, can you really tear it apart in half? Is there such a great strength?

The coats are thicker, and the work pins are much more solid than the thin clothes like T-shirts. I don’t believe you can try it. You can tear a T-shirt into two halves, even if it is a big force, but if Let you tear a coat in half, I believe that few people can do it.

Ye Guang can’t do it, but he has system. Ye Guang used the only ‘Herculean’ in the storage bar. Although it was a little distressed, Ye Guang still used it, worth 30,000 prestige points. The consumables, to be honest, are not so precious for Ye Guang, he still uses it. For a long time, Ye Guang has not used the consumables in other storage shelves except for Good Fortune Pledge. He did not find a suitable opportunity. Today, in order to make this tone, Ye Guang said nothing, and used Herculean.

The Buddha fights for a scent, and people sigh!

What’s more, Yiyi was bullied and aggrieved today. Ye Guang is not a small man, not a generous person, but! He is a very short-term person. Others have provoked him. Ye Guang can laugh and let it pass, but bully Yiyi, then you can’t go! Can’t stand it!

Ye Guang is horror in the eyes of everyone’s, throwing the coat that was torn in half to the ground, then turned his head, cold face and said coldly to the fat woman, “How much, brush yourself!”

The fat woman opened her mouth and eventually did not dare to speak.

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