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Chen Daming was not satisfied with his answer, but he thought to himself that looking at Lu Zixin was probably a medium level, and he was too lazy to ask. Instead, he focused his attention on Xue Yao. In fact, his attention was attracted at the first sight when Xue Yao was seen. He was not familiar with Xue Yao. He knew Xue Yao, but Xue Yao did not know him.

Judging from his experience, Xue Yao’s figure is simply the best. Nowadays, the general “beauty” has more or less cosmetic, breast augmentation, and the length is almost the same.

However, Xue Yao has her own unique style, a pair of eyebrows, and an eye-hook upward. In ancient words, it is a pair of peach eyes, and the eyes are like water.

The body is plump but not obese, and did not wear exposed clothes, but actually held up the three-dimensional outline of the clothes, like Tiancheng. The legs are long and the waist is thin. If you wear a cheongsam, it is estimated that people can’t wait to stick them.

Chen Daming’s heart was immediately excited, and the value of this money was paid! Not only have the opportunity to know Zhu An, but also to know such a beautiful woman, the boss of her company has a goal!

“Is this a beautiful girl? I am a classmate of Di Chao.” Chen Daming closed his abdomen and smiled and went forward.

“Oh, hello.” Xue Yao answered politely.

“Right, this is my business card!” Chen Daming quickly took out a business card and handed it to her. It was very delicate and said: “Daming Real Estate Chairman and CEO, Chen Daming.”

There are some small characters in the back, which are a series of names. They seem to be crowns, but they are flashy, and they are all virtual names.

“Xue beauty, I heard that you are a senior manager of Baijia Real Estate? We are not only alumni, but also peers! If it is convenient, add a friends?” Chen Daming saw Xue Yao take a business card, and quickly said that while hot.

Xue Yao said with a polite smile: “My work contact information is available on the company website of PARKnSHOP.”

Chen Daming saw her refusal and was not angry. After all, the more excellent the woman, the higher the challenge. He added: “Now you have to pick up a bride? Do you want to take my car?”

He pointed to his Porsche and said: “The other cars are estimated to be full! I originally wanted to open Land Rover, but that car is being maintained at 4S store today, and the car is comfortable to sit on.”

He “inadvertently” revealed that he still had a Land Rover thing, which led to the envy of other students next to him. However, Xue Yao turned her head to the side and said to Lu Zixin: “Where are you sitting?”

Her words made Chen Daming look at Lu Zixin with surprise. Does Xue Yao listen to Lu Zixin? Are they a couple? But looking at it, the two did not appear very close.

It should be that this brat skin looks good and is more beautiful. Chen Daming thought in his heart and didn’t know how Lu Zixin changed. He touched the fat on his waist, which really affected the image, but he also did a lot of fitness cards, but also spent a high price on a beautiful body, but he had to exercise in bed with the beauty. Other sports are basically not available.

The other students were also slightly surprised. When did Lu Zixin and Xue Yao have such a good relationship?

Lu Zixin said: “If you have time, sit down, so that Di Chao is not good.”

They just took a wedding car with their parents and marched with the big forces. Soon, the wedding car arrived at the location and the groom began to pick up the bride.

According to the custom, it is inevitable that it is a noisy, but there is nothing too much, Di Chao smoothly embraced the bride’s Bai Qian on the wedding car.

Then came back to the hotel to witness the happy moment of marriage.

The master of ceremonies was hosted on the stage, and Di Chao and Bai Qian exchanged rings and promised.

Xue Yao put her hands on her chest and showed her envious look like a little girl. She whispered: “What a wonderful moment!”

“Sister Xue, you will have it. Senior Sister, your boyfriend must be very good too?” Next to her, a bridesmaid asked, she is Bai Qian classmate, also know Xue Yao.

“Excellent over-extension, that is… not my boyfriend.” Xue Yao’s tone is somewhat helpless.

“You are so funny, you like stars.” The girl thought she was a star, and she said with interest: “I like the Mavericks, how good it is to marry him!”

She is talking about a young male star. Xue Yao is not interested. She knows that these small fresh meats are just small fish and shrimps in front of some people.

On the stage, the ceremony is basically over. Di Chao and Bai Qian are old husband and old wife. They don’t feel embarrassed when kissing in public.

When the master of ceremonies saw that the atmosphere had not yet arrived, they began the next traditional program, and the bridesmaids and groomsmen were “made together”.

“In the following bridesmaid group, who is still single, please stand up, please?” Siyi shouted.

However, a few bridesmaids in the front row did not stand up. Bai Qian said: “Senior Sister, you are still single here.”

Xue Yao saw everyone watching her, and she was embarrassed to squint at the face, or went to the stage with cooperation.

“Wow, I don’t think it’s such a big beauty is single! The single best man in the room can be blessed!” Siyi saw Xue Yao, praised.

“As the saying goes, if you want to have love, you have to have the courage to fight for love! The single best man, who is interested in this beauty, boldly come up, hug, confession! Maybe the next groom is you!”

After the ceremonies shouted, the guests present all shouted and saw Xue Yao standing on the stage. Some men can’t wait to rush themselves, causing girlfriends or wives to whisper.

The best man is a classmate and friend of Di Chao, not to mention single, that is, there are girlfriends who are eager to try, really want to go up and interact with Xue Yao, leave a contact.

But Xue Yao gave them some self-promotion and no courage. The master of ceremonies continued to create an atmosphere, and Xue Yao was also very embarrassed.

Now people are on the stage, taking care of the feelings of the bride and groom, and it’s okay to play with them. But what if you just come up with an individual? Did you really play it at the time? She is not very happy, if it is that person, there is no problem, but will he come up?

Although this is just a game, it can be…

“Is there no heartbeat for the best man? This beautiful girl is more beautiful than the star! Whoever comes first, whoever has the chance!”

“Hahaha, you don’t want such a good opportunity!” Chen Daming said with a smile. “There is a lot of meaning for people who are standing on the stage for a long time. Just let me forget.”

His heart is overjoyed. This kind of opportunity is a rare one. It’s no wonder that last month’s fortune telling said that he will have a peach blossom this year, I didn’t expect it to happen! Now, in the best man, only you are qualified to go on stage!

Sure enough, when he said this, the few grooms who were eager to move suddenly succumbed and chose to give up.

Only Lu Zixin’s eyebrows moved slightly, and he saw Xue Yao revealing a reluctant look, and he already had a care in his heart.

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