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When he was so big, he was beaten by his parents. Ye Guang was wronged, but the baby was bitter, but the baby couldn’t find someone to say, afraid of shame!

Liu Chiyan is his wife, and he can only complain to her. He is not afraid to throw people in front of her. Maybe he can add some sympathy.

He said that he still picked up his sleeve and showed Liu Chiyan the red mark on his arm. There were also on the thigh and buttocks, but it was not convenient for her to see it.

Liu Chiyan looked at the mark on Ye Guang’s arm and felt so sad and funny.

“Uncle and aunt is also true. How do you still get it?”

Ye Guang waved: “You can’t blame them for this. It’s really what I don’t do. If you don’t say this, think about it. By the way, I took 210,000 from my emergency quota to my parents, and then I rounded it up. The money was taken away by my mother and I couldn’t get it back.”

Liu Chiyan smiled and said, “Nothing, it’s my filial to uncle and aunt. I will give you back.” Then another thought, next to Ye Guang said: “No! Why is it 210,000! Either 200,000 or 300,000! How come the multiple fractions come out! Speak is it secretly hiding private money?”

Ye Guang is shocked, are you a celebrity or a detective? This can be guessed, and quickly denied: “No, absolutely no, really gave my parents 210,000.”

Liu Chiyan doesn’t believe, “Where the money for you flying to Beijing? Nanchang to Beijing economy ticket is also more than a thousand! I have given you a total of eight hundred living expenses!”

Ye Guang cold sweat has come down, this is the eye of wife, but it is hard to hide some private money, Ye Guang can not easily confess and hand over, and quickly argued: “I have to go far, how can I not bring some money I asked my mother for two thousand. Tickets and taxi fares will not be much left.”

Liu Chiyan look at him suspiciously: “Really?”

Ye Guang’s face is not red, no panting, nodded firmly: “Really!”

“Okay, let go of you.” In fact, Liu Chiyan knows clearly that this product must be secretly hiding money, and it is absolutely hidden for 10,000, but she does not want to say it is broken, the man has to control, but can not force too tight! This is what her mother told her.


In the afternoon, Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan, who had been hungry for a day, went to have a meal together, and then Liu Chiyan proposed to take Ye Guang to see her studio.

On the way, Ye Guang had some doubts.

“Is the people in studio coming from Beijing with you? They all came to Nanchang from Beijing?”

Liu Chiyan smiled and said: “Most of them are coming. In fact, most of the employees who come here are not from Beijing. In Beijing, they are North drifters. They are also displaced from Beijing. There is no difference between Nanchang and the same industry. The salary and treatment I opened is the best! This time, my studio moved and gave them a salary of one level higher. What reason do they have not to come?”

Ye Guang nodded and asked: “How many people are there in studio now?”

Liu Chiyan on one side of the finger count, and said: “With the coming now there are two managers, a director, a deputy director, a planner, a supervisor, a co-ordination, a continuity, two late, three cameras, two recordings, a light, an art and an art assistant, two makeup, a finance, oh, and a driver.”

Ye Guang: “Oh, there are still a lot of people. If you have twenty people, you can get together a crew.”

Liu Chiyan: “It turned out to be a crew. I used to have more people in Beijing, but some people are old Beijing. They don’t want to come to Nanchang. Now these people are left.”

Ye Guang asked: “How many people were there?”

Liu Chiyan: “Either fifty or sixty, regardless of position, are experienced veterans. My last TV series was taken by my Studio staff.”

Ye Guang: “Oh, that’s pretty good, but only a dozen or so, how do you still say that most of you have come over with you.”

Liu Chiyan: “Most of the pillars and columns are actually coming to me now. They are all assistants. Where can such people not find?”

“I see.” Ye Guang nodded. “So what do I do in your studio?”

Liu Chiyan didn’t even think about it, “Vice-president!”

Ye Guang said with some embarrassment: “No, I just went to be a Vice-president, can the old people still have no opinion.”

Liu Chiyan cut him: “They have any opinions, I am responsible for it. I said, you are my husband. If you don’t make a mistake to the company, I can arrange a position for you to be taken care of by others. What is the gas? Even if you suffer this grievance, I can’t see it!”

Ye Guang smiled happily. What a good woman, she think about his man everywhere!

Studio is here. Ye Guang parked the car, and before Liu Chiyan got off the car, Liu Chiyan also specially asked Ye Guang to pay attention to people.

Ye Guang smiled and nodded, but he thought in his heart, people should pay attention to it before, when is nobody? Think about it a little excited.

Liu Chiyan studio is in a business center called Time’s Square. It was originally the sales office of this business center. Now the real estate is sold out. The sales office is also listed for sale. The upper and lower floors are quite large. It seems that the area is five or six hundred square meters.

There is no signboard, it may be just moving in, the time is relatively hasty, there are several cleaners at the door to clean up some construction waste.

Ye Guang looked at the three-story building and asked: “It’s quite big, it’s must cost a lot of money for a year.”

Liu Chiyan said faintly: “Buy. Forty million.”

Ye Guang: “…”

Being rich is wayward.

Liu Chiyan walked into the studio with Ye Guang. The first floor entrance was a hall. There were several Sofas, and the reception desk was also here. It was not big, about 100 square meters. The front desk was empty and there was no reception at the front desk. Ye Guang estimated that it should have been before the recruitment.

Liu Chiyan took the elevator to the third floor with Ye Guang.

Oh, only the third floor actually has an elevator. This is really…

The third floor is divided into offices and various rooms, conference rooms, editing rooms, recording studios, post-production rooms, large and small, but it seems to be empty.

Liu Chiyan walked into a conference room with Ye Guang and pushed the door in.

Oh, the original people are here, it is no wonder that Ye Guang has not seen a figure since he entered the door.

I roughly counted the number of people and touched about twenty. It should be here that Liu Chiyan Studio is all here.

This is the team that will work together in the future.

Seeing that Liu Chiyan came in, everyone got up and said hello.

“President Liu.”


“Goddess Liu.”


Ye Guang was happy, and there was also Goddess Liu, he glanced at the man who called Goddess Liu, and Ye Guang was dumbfounded.

Whoops! How are the three long exactly the same? What is it?

Ye Guang blinked and blinked.


Ok, still three!

This bastard is a rare triplets!

And even three brothers are working in Liu Chiyan’s Studio?

This is simply a rare animal at the national treasure level!

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