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“Don’t think too much.” Lu Zixin broke its illusion, “Xiao Hei is just a vehicle-based artificial intelligence program, and it’s still non-autonomous.”

“Nothing.” The motorcycle suddenly became stunned. “It turned out to be just an inflatable doll.”

“Shut up!” Lu Zixin couldn’t help it. This motorcycle was really broken and thinking very much.

“You are rampant when you are born, destroying a lot of things, and your head is iron, so your name is called Iron Head.” Lu Zixin said.

“Iron Head?” The motorcycle was dissatisfied. “This name doesn’t sound very good, I think…”

“That’s it, Iron Head!” Lu Zixin didn’t give it a chance to refute it, positioning its name as iron head.

The Iron Head is no longer willing to accept this title.

Lu Zixin confessed: “Listen clearly, without my permission, in the future, you must not become anthropomorphic in front of others, and keep the motorcycle state.”

“If someone wants to ride me how to do?” Iron head asked, “I’m as noble people of Cybertron star, if wretched guy ride me, I can not help but hit him!”

“Of course, if it is a beautiful girl, I will not be embarrassed.”

“And, this part of my body is too bad? You look at this big man, what kind of laser weapon, electromagnetic weapon is a lot, why do I have nothing? After going out and losing people, I am not losing your old man face?”

“So, I need a laser eye, press it on the headlights, and burn the enemy into ash and wood in minutes. Right, the energy of gasoline is too garbage? We all use energy blocks!”

“This rocket acceleration system needs to be improved! It is best to install a tail, if necessary, to fly, the motorcycle that does not fly, must be a salted fish…”

“Shut up!” Lu Zixin shouted, “The problem comes one by one. Now is not the time to say this, you first become a motorcycle, I will handle your embarrassing things.”

Iron Head is reluctant, it is about to become a motorcycle, suddenly saw the various singer posters and tapes in the store, and suddenly came to the interest.

It pressed the button next to an old-fashioned phonograph, and the melodious music sounded. The iron head called out: “What a wonderful sound, daddy, look at this, I was born in the ocean of music!”

“What does this mean? Great musicians were born when they were born, they were born with music, and I will be a great musician in the future! That’s right, that’s it!”

Iron Head actually still excited, it seems that he has really become a musician.

At this time, there was a noisy voice coming from outside, and it was so big here that someone came over to see it.

“Come back!” Lu Zixin said, and iron head changed back to motorcycle.

Two middle-aged people are coming, shouted here: “What are you doing? Thieves?”

Lu Zixin was helpless and went out and explained: “One of my friends was drunk and hit the bike here, I will be responsible.”

“Drink too much?” The two looked into the store, and it was indeed a motorcycle that crashed into it. The RI-8901 also pretends to be drunk.

“You have destroyed the shops of others, you need compensation, you don’t want to go, I will contact the owner now!”

Lu Zixin also stayed with him, and soon the owner came, and it was very angry to see this scene, but Lu Zixin said that he could fully compensate and compensate for the resulting business losses. .

In addition, the illegal driving before the Iron Head was also solved by Xu Wenbin, and it was not a problem for Lu Zixin.

The biggest trouble is the thing of motorcycle repair shop. Iron head knocked over the  motorcycle repair shop. In addition to the equipment, the wall, and the motorcycle of Xu Xiuying and others, Lu Zixin had to clean up the mess.

When he went to motorcycle repair shop, the owner of the video store found something.

“How come so many tapes gone? Was it stolen when I was confused?” The owner of the video store wondered, and he was relieved when he was random. “Take him, it should be sold. The man lost money, enough to make up for the loss.”

The motorcycle repair shop is now in the morning. Xu Xiuying was the first to arrive. She received a call from her dad in the morning and said that the motorcycle repair shop had an accident, so she rushed to rush with A Jing.

When she arrived, she was shocked by the sight!

There was a mess in the entire repair shop, like a hundred car accidents, and there was almost no good equipment! And the motorcycle in their motorcycle clubs are also damaged in large and small!

What puzzles her the most is that there is a motorcycle-shaped hole on the wall of the motorcycle repair shop! how did you do that? Driving from the inside out? How is this possible?

“Dad, what the hell is going on here? Was it bombarded by missiles?” Xu Xiuying asked loudly.

Xu Wenbin is also very puzzled. What did Lu Zixin do here? He thought of Zhang Qiang’s performance at that time. Was the guy drunk and broke a pass here? This destructive power is too strong! The average person can’t really stop.

Xu Wenbin said slyly: “A little accident, it is already like this anyway. But you can rest assured that Mister Lu will pay you all!”

Lu Zixin also said: “I am sorry, I will compensate for all the losses here. If there are any other aspects, I will pay for the price.”

“You lose, do you know how much these values ​​are?” A Jing is also crazy. “What equipment is all we buy together, at least 10 million Taiwan dollars!”

“There are also those motorcycle that we have worked hard to assemble and renovate. The most expensive one is worth 3 million Taiwan dollars! You destroyed them all!”

“Well, I am sorry, I will compensate for this.” Lu Zixin reluctantly, before the incident, he did not know that it would become like this!

Xu Wenbin rounded the scene for him: “You can rest assured that this money is a slap in the face of Mister Lu. I can guarantee him. You can find me directly.”

“But those motorcycle are the ones that we worked hard to assemble and study, and we still have to compete today!” Xu Xiuying screamed, she wanted to swear at Lu Zixin, but she still had no face in the face of father.

“The game. You can’t participate this time, and next time.” Xu Wenbin said, “I will provide you with 5 million Taiwan dollars in sponsorship.”

Lu Zixin said: “If I add $10 million, you will be aggrieved.”

“Is this 15 million?” A Jing is a little embarrassed, is money so easy?

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