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When all of them heard Lu Zixin, Nie Guanglin’s heart was in tremor, and it was easy to say this. The red letter is really big! Thunderstorm appliances have been in existence for more than a decade, and the combined R&D funds are no more than one-third of this amount!

Lu Zixin continued: “The laboratory is also to be built. First of all, the laboratory for smart home appliances will now build a new intelligent laboratory for the main home appliances of thunderstorm appliances.”

“Not only that, but also a research center for smart home systems. We specialize in the development of the core control system for smart homes. In this regard, Red Letter Software Development will cooperate with Thunderstorm Appliances.”

“We want to be the industry benchmark in this field and develop smart home standards across the country and even the world!”


After Lu Zixin finished, everyone in the room had no objections. Now that the funds are available, the technology will also receive the help of Red Letter. If you don’t develop any results, you will be sorry for these resources!

Even Nie Guanglin is full of battle intent and said: “I thought I could retire after a few more years. Now General said this, I have to follow suit, I am looking forward to how far Thunderstorm appliances can go!”

Su Shi said: “These all need the efforts of all of us. I hope that in the days to come, we can help each other and rely on the big ship of Red Letter to become the wave of the times!”

In this way, Thunderstorm Appliances has officially become a member of the Red Letter Group.

The Red Letter Company officially announced the news, attracting high attention within the industry. And affirmed: “Red Letter will join hands with Thunderstorm Appliances to make the smartest home with the strongest performance and the most intelligent, let smart enter everyone’s daily life!”

“Red letter is really going to be a home appliance? Is it late for the game?” Some companies in the home appliance industry are puzzled.

“They say that they want to be smart homes? The direction is good, that is, the foundation of Thunderstorm Home Appliances Co., Ltd. is too thin, and it is estimated that it will not be effective in the short term.”

“Look at it, Red Letter is now more money, let them invest.”

“Wait, see what action the Red Letter has.”

Everyone is waiting to see. After all, the concept of smart home is not a year or two, but at most it is a smarter way to make a separate home appliance. For example, smart switches, TVs, air conditioners or sweeping robots, the overall smart home is very difficult to do.

I don’t know what changes will happen to the entire industry.

And some big companies are questioning the statement of Red Letter.

For example, the former CEO of each force said in public that leading the smart home, in the whole of China, intelligence is the same, because their research and development strength is the strongest and closest to this goal.

Even with the support of the Red Letter Group, Thunderstorm Home Appliances can only catch up with the pace of each force!

The company has just deployed a new retail industry, including home appliances. The CEO also said that the company can be at the forefront of the smart field, they will lead the industry to find a new direction of smart home, and develop a standard.

The CEO of Jingdong, who often appeared in the media as well as the company, also said that Jingdong will reveal more smart home appliances and improve the Jingdong Smart Home System.

Rice’s Tian Xiangshan also teased on his Weibo, saying that Red Letter is really related to them, what Rice is doing, and what Red Letter is doing.

In the face of the declarations of these competitors, Su Shi is under great pressure. To be honest, he only knows how to operate, and in research and development, he still relies on professional researchers. And his ability to research and develop Red Letter is not clear.

After all, Red Letter used to study smart phones. For home appliances, you should not know much about it.

Lu Zixin, since making a smart home plan, must also lay the groundwork for it to grow rapidly and open up the smart home market.

In the Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group, Lu Zixin directly said Red Queen, “@Red Queen, are you  in?”

In less than half a second, Red Queen appeared. The convention is an emoticon chart: “[emoticon: I have stopped, please charge first, please charge a hundred more for the major event.]”

Mr. L : “[emoticon: network management, help me add an hour.]”

Red Queen : “[emoticon : Hey, 1 hour is reloading successfully, Red Queen is active.]”

After another three seconds, she said : “The owner, I am alive, what do you do with me? Do you want to send me a Red envelope? [emoticon: look forward.]”

Mr. L : “The red envelope is going to be discussed again. Now I will discuss a serious topic with you.”

Red Queen : “[Green hat emoticon: I am wrong with the owner, it is sister-in-law voluntarily add me!]”

Mr. L : “Where are you learning these things? If someone else sends this emoticon, believe it or not, I will kill him in minutes!”

Red Queen : “[Sinister smile emoticon:  Hahaha.]”

“Okay, get down to business!” Lu Zixin stopped the discussion of this emoticon in time because he didn’t know how many green hat emoticon packages were in Red Queen’s emoticon library.

“I am looking for you to ask, smart home. The umbrella company should have these technologies?”

Red Queen : “Of course, smart home, smart office, smart travel… these are all. Of course, the most powerful thing is me! [emoticon: smart big BOSS!]”

Mr. L  : “Now I only talk about smart homes. I am investing in a home appliance company. Most of their products are backward. Individual appliances cannot be intelligent, and the smart home management system is also very simple.”

Lu Zixin said some things in detail, let Red Queen get an idea of

the state of the art.

Red Queen : “[emoticon: sigh] these appliances are too backward, and still stay in the human body movements. At least every smart home, up to home theater, pool control, air conditioning, air purification, small to switch, Lighting, monitoring security, these things should have smart chips and wireless connectivity devices.”

“Only in this way, they can connect to a smart home management system to achieve the intelligent functions they want.”

Mr. L  : “This is not possible for the time being. I can’t develop dozens of smart products in one go.”

The things that Red Queen mentioned are too broad. Down to switches, light bulbs, large to large electrical appliances and housing monitoring management, temperature regulation, etc., all smart products, fear that there are hundreds of thousands.

So many things, which Thunderstorm company can developed? Now their own home appliances are not intelligent!

Red Queen : “In this case, you need a standardized intelligent controller. Let intelligent devices connect to an IoT network through this controller, and then develop a central smart home management system  and  Intelligent Controller  to coordinate these appliances.”

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