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Xia Ankang and Wan Yongzhi looked at Lu Zixin and wondered: “General Su, this is? Come to our project to work?”

“No.” Su Shi said, “Lu Zixin, my daughter boyfriend. It is also doing this. think our Xiaoyu smart speaker can improve, said can come to help, this is not coming?

“You can communicate with each other, maybe you can use it a bit.”

After Su Shi introduction, Xia Ankang suddenly showed a smile. This young man came to help them improve? Isn’t that a joke? He estimated that Lu Zixin was idle and bored. He and General Su came to the company to see if they could cope with it.

Wan Yongzhi did not agree, and did not even think about communicating with Lu Zixin. Even some disdain in my heart, communicate with him, does he understand? Also improved, joking!

Su Shi simply explained it, and then asked Xia Ankang: “Is the previous problem solved?”

“Not yet.” Xia Ankang shook his head. “Voice recognition is always wrong, and programming is problematic.”

“I see.” Su Shi said.

They came to an experimental house, where there were bedrooms, living rooms, study rooms, bathrooms and other rooms, all equipped with smart appliances, in order to test the effect of smart speakers.

A blue smart speaker was placed in the middle of the living room, and Xia Ankang gave instructions, “Turn on the air conditioner.”

The air conditioner was turned on, but the temperature was not self-regulating. Today, the weather is cold, and it is still open for cooling! Everyone suddenly felt a chill intrusion, and when he saw this scene, Su Shi’s brow became a Sichuan font.

Xia Ankang continued to order: “Turn off the air conditioner and open the music station for me.”

This time, the smart speaker didn’t make it hard, and Xia Ankang could only say it again with a big voice, and it started working. The air conditioner is turned off, but it is not a music station, but a random music.

He reluctantly said: “You see, this is the case, often mistakes. Generally we issue ten instructions, only three to four can be executed correctly. And if there are other sound interferences, or not standard Mandarin, the recognition rate is lower.”

Su Shi shook his head: “This problem has been around for half a year, and it has not been solved! I can’t explain it to shareholders.”

Xia Ankang was exposed to a difficult look, which is not what he would like to see, but he could not solve it for a while.

Su Shi asked Wan Yongzhi: “Xiao Wan, do you have any idea?”

Wan Yongzhi shook his head. “Now. Our smart programs are too bad. When I was at MIT, the smart labs in the university were smarter than this. And on the sensor side, our technology is not enough.”

“Unless we can buy American technology or get their technology license.”

Su Shi was deeply sighed, and he felt a sense of frustration. The project has been going on for so long, and there is still no useful breakthrough.

Lu Zixin said: “What about your speech recognition program? Let me see? Maybe I can improve it.”

“You?” Wan Yongzhi looked at him suspiciously.

Xia Ankang shook his head: “It’s too complicated, it won’t be understood for a while.”

“Nothing, I can.” Lu Zixin said.

Xia Ankang smiled and said: “Xiao Lu, I don’t doubt your ability. This thing can’t be understood in a moment. If you want to know something else, I can take you to visit.”

He said no doubt, but the actual action was not to put Lu Zixin’s words in mind.

At this moment, Su Shi said: “Let him see it, maybe he can give some advice.”

Seeing that General Su spoke, Xia Ankang took him to see some research and development materials.

Lu Zixin only saw a little and found a lot of problems. He asked: “A lot of the key things in your information are hidden, and there are too many vulnerability and too imperfect functions.”

“Can you understand?” Xia Ankang wondered. In order to protect the company’s secrets, he did hide a lot of key things. He thought he could fool Lu Zixin. Who knows that he can see it at a glance.

“Of course I can understand. If you can give me detailed information, I can improve it a bit.” Lu Zixin said.

“Can you really improve it?” This sentence was asked by Su Shi. He just wanted to strike Lu Zixin. Who knows some of the points he just made is really the same thing.

“Yeah.” Lu Zixin pointed out some places and said: “You see, these places are obvious mistakes, and some places are still cumbersome, leading to contradictions in speech recognition…”

He pointed out a few places, Xia Ankang saw some surprises, he said several of them are the problems they encountered, and even they did not find out.

Wan Yongzhi is somewhat unhappy because some of the mistakes Lu Zixin said are designed or taken care of by him.

He doubted: “I don’t agree with you. These designs are completely logical. The problem is definitely not here!”

Lu Zixin smiled and said: “Perhaps there is no problem in a single place, but speech recognition requires the whole. It is like a word in Chinese, a single meaning, and the meaning of the sentence is completely different.”

“Can it be solved?” Su Shi is still most concerned about this issue.

“Yes.” Lu Zixin nodded directly, “But I need your core information to be fully improved it.”

Lu Zixin naturally can’t give Red Cloud’s intelligent voice system to them. At most, he is correcting and improving the technology of Thunderstorm.

“This…” Xia Ankang is in trouble.

“Impossible! That is the hard work of our research, it is confidential information!” Wan Yongzhi immediately retorted.

“Then I am powerless.” Lu Zixin give up.

Su Shi said with a bite and said: “Show him! Our technology has not been successful. If the project is scrapped, the information is no more than a junk, and there is no value.”

“And, I believe that Xiao Lu will not be greedy for this information.”

Su Shi does not believe that Lu Zixin will care about these failed information files, and there is no practical value. Besides, Lu Zixin is not short of money, and it is even more impossible to remember all of these things.

Lu Zixin nodded. “That is of course.”

“Okay, let’s get ready.” Xia Ankang said, he took Wan Yongzhi to collect information.

Su Shi looked at Lu Zixin and said seriously: “If you can really improve it, correct, even if I owe you a big favor. I will make it clear, if you can finish  it, you want to marry Zhirong the next day. I don’t have any opinions.”

Lu Zixin is a little wrong, so you decided on the daughter’s lifetime major event by this. He thought that he had to go through a layer of tests, and this condition – too simple!

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