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What reason? Morris thought a lot and asked other colleagues. There are many reasons for this, but the most fundamental reason is only one – Red Letter!

The Red Letter smartphone has replaced the original Apple mobile phone in Chinese market. Their performance is better and more creative. The Red Letter mobile phone system is also more suitable for Chinese users.

Morris took a deep breath and replied: “Our competitor, the company called Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology, has seized the market share that originally belonged to us.”

“I have already made people sort out the information of Red Letter, and will send it to your mailbox later.”

“Red Letter?” Tim Cook is already familiar with the name, because the name was repeatedly mentioned in the mail and report sent from China. He also knows a little, but he has never paid attention to it.

“Is this your reason? Because the competitors are too strong, it leads to a sharp decline in performance?” he asked.

Morris had nothing to say, for a long while, he said: “I admit my fault, but I must emphasize it. Please be sure to learn more about Red Letter and their HX2. This competitor is far more than our previous rivals. Terrifying!”

Tim Cook can hear his words and meditate. Morris can be sent to China as the head of the company, his ability is very good, and his words are highly credible. Now the Chinese market has become the second largest market for Apple after the North American market, and it must be taken seriously.

He decided to study this competitor.


The sales of domestic Apple mobile phones have dropped significantly, and the news of Red Letter’s hot sale has been uploaded on the Internet.

The mobile home immediately released the headline news: “Red Letter VS Apple, the first battle, red letter is win!”

“When Apple announced the infringement of Red Letter’s infringement, Red Letter’s mobile phone was affected and sales fell. However, Red Letter launched Red Cloud Intelligent Voice Assistant in time to become the most popular smartphone on the market!”

“In our survey, more than 60% of people are willing to own a HX2, which means that the sales of Red Letter mobile phones will remain high in the coming months!”

“This time, Apple’s hegemony became a paper tiger in front of red letter, a stamp broke, Red Letter Science and Technology has become a rising star in the science and technology world. Xiaobian is looking forward to red letter intelligence When the mobile phone entered the foreign market, at that time, did it fight Apple again?”


Users are also applauding: “The red letter is beautiful, I have long been seeing Apple is not good, they always think that they are the boss!”

“After the high-end smartphones preferred Red Letter, Apple is a slag!”

“Amazing! Domestic mobile phones finally have advanced performance!”

“When is the red letter mobile phone sold abroad? Those foreign companies have earned us so much money to earn them!”

“Wow, the red letter mobile phone has sold so much, and our red powder army is growing stronger!”


Lu Zixin is naturally happy to see this report. When he announced that he would break out of the Red Letter game as a subsidiary, and when he wanted to create Red Letter Electronic Science and Technology Co., Ltd., everyone would not understand.

In fact, even Tang Gang felt that the pattern of smart phones had already formed, and it was difficult to enter the market again. But today, he did it!

Red letter has become a well-known mobile phone brand. In the range of high-end smartphones in China, no one can compete with Red Letter!

Of course, this is only the current result. The market changes and it is not good to say. Maybe which brand suddenly has a best-selling model, and beyond the red letter may also be.

Therefore, while Lu Zixin promises to increase the bonuses for employees, it also encourages them to continue their efforts to develop more creative and technical products, while other services must be done.

Lu Zixin also set a meeting specifically to discuss the future direction of the company with the company’s top management.

“Now we have developed red letter to a better point, General, I think we can build a physical experience store!” Tang Gang proposed.

All along, Red Letter mobile phones are sold through online channels. Compared with other brands, it is not enough. In the after-sales service, it is not satisfactory.

“This proposal can be, in the past six months, our funds have been much more generous, and there are capital to build physical stores.” Lu Zixin agreed.

“The program of Red Letter Experience Store has already prepared a copy here. According to the plan, within one year, more than 150 offline experience stores will be opened, and the first and second-tier cities will be paved.” Tang Gang has prepared for the detailed budget. And the process is ready.

Others have also agreed that the first proposal was passed.

In other respects, they also discussed some of them until they mentioned the topic of entering the overseas market.

“Our Red Letter smartphones are very good in the domestic market and can maintain their current sales. In order to achieve new breakthroughs, we must open overseas markets.” Someone suggested.

A senior executive said: “This is an inevitable trend. But, our company is not ready to go overseas.”

“The first is capacity. At present, we can just meet domestic demand and need to improve further.”

“Then there is user service, there are still many things that we need to improve. In addition, we need to obtain some foreign audits to enter the overseas market. For cost considerations, we also need to make a large amount of funds to establish branches and investment factories overseas. It’s hard to reach.”

Lu Zixin said: “The overseas market is not in a hurry within half a year, but you can prepare early.”

“Well, in which country our mobile phone is sold, we need to investigate clearly. The policies and market conditions of other countries are completely different. We must consider it in advance. I propose to establish an overseas market research department to conduct research on these for us. The brand went out to prepare for the country.” Su Zhirong suggested.

This proposal is naturally agreed by everyone.

The conclusion of the meeting also represented the development of Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology, and entered a new stage. Lu Zixin doesn’t have to worry about small things everywhere, so he can invest more in the development of the new Science and Technology.

Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group, Red Queen is talking to Tony Stark about the last deadly virus.

Red Queen: “This alien virus is incompatible with Tvirus and Gvirus. I studied them and bombed the lab. [emoticon: sigh.]”

Tony Stark: “I am embarrassed. I didn’t expect this virus to be so powerful. I have also studied it, but nothing has progressed. Recently, this strange explosion has occurred more and more.”

Red Queen: “[emoticon: Hey, hey Karaka! I chose to explode in place.]” {X-N: not sure what this mean, anyone know this? raw: 嘣,瞎卡拉卡!}

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