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The functions of Red Cloud Intelligent Voice Assistant are not limited to this, and many methods have been developed by users.

For example, some online shopping enthusiasts have downloaded a lot of shopping apps, which allows Red Cloud Computing to buy the most low cost money on which platform.

Some people downloaded the teaching app and used the intelligent voice of Red Cloud to practice foreign language communication.

Or fitness enthusiasts, let Red Cloud enter their body, diet and other information, according to the red cloud tips for exercise and healthy eating.

Even users are scrambling to study this Red Cloud intelligent voice assistant, using their brain holes to develop all kinds of wonderful and interesting usage.

In Red Letter Software Development Co., Ltd., Cloud host collects and filters all kinds of complicated information on the network, and expands the knowledge base of Red Letter Cloud Intelligent Information Processing System to improve its functions.

In the office, Lu Zixin is using a mobile phone to open a piece of software to watch a street access video.

The question is: “Do you use the Red Cloud Smart Voice Assistant? What do you like to do with it most?”

In the video, the sister of street interview took the microphone and randomly asked the passerby. She first found a young man in his early twenties.

“Handsome, please stay and do a small interview. Are you a user of HX2?” asked the sister.

“Yeah,” passerby A replied.

“So, do you use the Red Cloud Voice Assistant? How is it?”

“Use it.” Passerby nodded. “Now everyone is using it, and I am following it.”

“Well, it feels good. It’s smart. I didn’t use the mobile voice assistant before, and I use it now.”

“So what do you often do with it?” asked the sister.

“Play the game.” Passerby said, “I prefer to play a single mobile game. Sometimes it is very troublesome to check the strategy. I can voice it directly with red cloud.”

“Okay, thank you for your answer, this is a small gift.” The sister gave him a commemorative prize and then went to the next one.

She interviewed a sister and asked about these questions.

“Of course it’s automatic beauty, then there is shopping! It’s very convenient.”

The girl next to her said, “Yes, I know a friend. One night, I talked to the mobile phone for a long time. I thought she talked to whom. Finally, I found out that she was chatting with Red Cloud intelligent voice! My God, she actually Said for a few hours, it is toxic!”

The next interviewer was an office worker with a briefcase. He replied: “This intelligence is very useful! It reason is for my work. I want to add a lot of program groups, QQ groups, etc., and there are often some important news. ”

“But I can’t keep staring at it all the time. I set the keywords, and Red Cloud will be able to extract important information to me.”

In the video, there was still a primary school student who was interviewed. He said directly: “I use it to write homework. Just ask it, it will tell me the answer, my mom doesn’t know.”

“Children, this usage is not good!”

At the end of the video, the sister concluded: “After a simple survey, we can find out. The Red Cloud Intelligent Voice Assistant does give us a lot of convenience, turning the smartphone into a ‘smart’ phone.”

“In the past, many people who were not used to using intelligent voice assistants began to like this software. I hope that the function of Red Cloud will be more and more abundant, which will provide convenience for everyone’s life and work.”

“If you have more wonderful usages, please feel free to submit them to us. Once adopted, we will send beautiful gifts…”

After reading this, Lu Zixin smiled, and his monthly efforts were not in vain. Red Cloud has basically been recognized by users.

The current intelligence of Red Cloud is probably only to understand the meaning of the user, and to calculate and operate the existing software. More complex needs to be improved to achieve it, but even so, the benefits of this software to Red Letter are already obvious!

Red Cloud Intelligent Voice Assistant was launched only one week ago and has been frequently screened on the Internet. The sales of HX2 smartphones have doubled in a short period of time!

And this is only the beginning, with the release of HX2 MOUDLE mobile phone, it is directly to make Red Letter mobile phone, become a household name smart phone brand!

Huaxia, Jiangcheng In a high school, taking a class, Su Xiaomeng quickly took out her HX2 MOUDLE mobile phone to study.

A group of students curiously surrounded and looked at her.

“Su Xiaomeng, what is this? Feeling good high-end look.” A student wearing glasses asked, she did not understand smart products.

“This is the latest mobile phone of Red Letter, the module mobile phone!” Su Xiaomeng proudly shouted, “My brother-in-law sent me.”

“Modular phone? What?” Many people are puzzled.

“You look! This is the framework, this is the hardware module. As long as it is assembled, it can have different functions.” Su Xiaomeng took out the parts and started assembling.

In the eyes of the students, she combined the modules according to sample assembly method in the manual, and then a new smart phone was formed!

“Is this a building block? Can such things be used?” one classmate questioned.

“Of course can be used!” Su Xiaomeng said, the boot button was activated, the current passed through each module, and the screen suddenly lit up, showing the mobile phone interface of Red Letter.

“Really can use it! It looks so good!” the students exclaimed.

“Hey, don’t be excited, this is the most basic. Let you see more powerful.” Su Xiaomeng said: “I am installing a standard module, just like the HX2 phone. Now, I will add a game module to it.”

After Su Xiaomeng installed the game module, the mobile phone immediately became a game machine, and all the functions of the small smart game machine have it.

Several male students immediately excitedly said: “This phone is amazing, I want to buy one!”

“This is the camera module. With this, we will be more convenient to record videos in the future!” Su Xiaomeng said to several friends.

“There are music modules, you can record songs, put songs, and sound quality is very good.” Su Xiaomeng changed a module, and suddenly released melodious music in the phone.

Everyone is quiet, listening to the song and comparing with their own response. Although they didn’t actually hear that the music module is better than their mobile music, there is always a feeling of unclearness. Anyway, I feel that this music is better than my mobile phone.

“Su Xiaomeng, how much is this mobile phone?” Many people are already eager to move. They have a lot of children in their classes. It is not difficult to buy a smart phone.

“Standard modules are the same price as HX2, but if you want to buy another module, you have to spend the money on that module’s.” Su Xiaomeng explained.

“Of course you have to buy a module! Otherwise, what does it mean to buy this phone!”

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