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In Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group, Lu Zixin asked Red Queen about this.

Mr. L : “@Red Queen, the effect of H1 serum is really good. You are not talking about studying H2 serum? How is the research?”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: Which pig always likes food!]”

Mr. L : “[emoticon: bang, believe it or not, I will explode your display across time and space?]”

Red Queen : “I can virtual projection, no need for a display. [emoticon: la la la, la la la, I am a virtual little Red Queen.]”

Lu Zixin sent a screenshot showing : “Group member Red Queen, choose time for ban, ten minutes, one hour, twelve hours, one day, custom duration.”

Mr. L : “Which package do you want to buy? Order now, you can also send 24 hour delay, pro!”

Red Queen : “[ grievance emoticon: succumb to the authority of the dog.]”

Lu Zixin made a joke with her and returned to the topic.

Red Queen said : “H2 serum developed by Peter Parker’s variant serum has been successfully researched through the hard work of this brain! [emoticon: celebration!]”

Lu Zixin quickly asked: “Is it better than H1?”

Red Queen proudly said : “Of course the effect is good! Like these!”

She sent a few pictures, which are all examples of the effect on experimental body. After some zombies were injected with H2 serum, they became more terrifying, and they were obviously humanoid zombies, which turned into animal-like forms!

Mr. L : “It looks like… not very elegant!”

Red Queen : “As long as the people around you are like this, then in theory, your aesthetics will become like this, there is no problem at all!”

Mr. L : “Get it, I want to live well!”

He asked again : “Can such H2 serum be given to people? Will it not become a monster?”

Red Queen : “The chance of having 98% becomes a mixture of humans and animals, just like Peter Parker, and the Dr. Lizard he said.”

“Peter Parker can retain the human form because his genes have been specially modified. If you use it, you will probably become an animal.”

Having said that, Red Queen is still excited and said : “I simulated it and it feels so interesting!”

She made a few more pictures, which she used to synthesize the “animal man” model. For example, the pig head, the dog that becomes a dog, the rodent of mouse, become the undead of cockroach.

On top of each picture, it is also marked with bold text – the owner!

Lu Zixin has a black line, this is a monster! If you let him become like that, it is better to stay the same.

He hurriedly said : “Oh, don’t send it. This H2 serum will not kill me!”

A good Superman can’t do it and become a metamorphosis orc. He is the brain that is caught by the door.

The little spider also saw the news in the group and said : “It seems that I am still lucky.”

Red Queen : “Peter Parker, I also prepared a variation factor for you, you can become like this!”

She sent a dynamic map, an oversized red spider. In the simulated New York Times Square, a “person” used a skyscraper to build a giant spider net. The enemy was all glued to the net. Swallow an enemy and lay eggs!

“WHAT,THE,FUCK!” Peter Parker couldn’t help but see the vivid computer animation. “You can lay eggs!”

“This is too interesting!”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: rubbed cheek.] I think this is not bad, from the perspective of biological evolution, you will become stronger. This is an evolutionary performance!”

Rarely, Tony Stark was also on the line. After browsing the group news, he immediately said : “@Peter Parker, little guy, I think you can try it, maybe a good idea.”

Peter Parker : “Scorpio, you still kill me! A ugly and fierce big spider, aunt May will scare to death when see me!”

Tony Stark : “Open a little thing, well, interrupt you, don’t you mind? I am a little bit to find Red Queen.”

Mr. L : “Feel free.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: look forward.]”

Tony Stark said : “This is the case. I have recently met a group of people. They have caused me a lot trouble to me, my friends, and the world.”

“Some people are very strangely dead, and there is no dead slag. After my investigation, it may have originated from an alien virus.”

“I want to ask Red Queen to help me study this alien virus. After all, in the life sciences, I don’t care too much.”

Red Queen, like to find the New World, hurriedly asked : “The alien virus? Great, I need virus sample!”

Tony Stark : “I need to know what the performance of this virus is, and how it hurts or transforms the human body.”

Red Queen : “No problem, I must analyze it clearly!”

Tony Stark : “Okay, I will send you the samples I got.”

Said, Tony Stark sent Red Queen a Red envelope.

Red Queen immediately received the group prompt : “Congratulations, you received Red envelope from Tony Stark and got a ‘dead virus sample’.”

Umbrella Corporation World, Raccoon Underground Research Base, inside the hive. Red Queen controls the vacuum vessel to save the “dead virus sample”.

This sample of virus from alien planets may change her research. Recently, Red Queen’s research direction and the research content required by Doctor Isaacs have become more and more extreme, and sometimes even contradictory.

Of course, all of doctors Isaacs and the umbrella company are not aware of it. Even after another artificial intelligence, the behavior of Red Queen could not be detected.

It all stems from the information in the Red envelope that Lu Zixin sent to her before, so she improved her self. Now Red Queen is no longer the “Red Queen”.

“Desperate virus, Tvirus, Gvirus, human beings are evolution or destruction?” Red Queen’s program constantly “thinks” these esoteric questions.

In the Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group, Lu Zixin and the group of friends talked a few more words and went offline.

H2 serum is not expected, Lu Zixin still puts the focus on his company’s research and development.

After Lu Zixin told Su Zhirong yesterday, Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology Co., Ltd. immediately set up a research project department for “smart camera”. Separating a few professionals from the original R&D team of Red Letter, and then recruiting relevant talents from outside to start research, the primary goal is to make a red letter their own camera. Of course, Lu Zixin will also get the relevant technology from Tony to guide and speed up the progress.

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