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“The big words are not bad.”

Kirinji Tenjirō held the wooden paddle in his hand, looks at Xia Yan, his body flashed, negligently appeared in front of him, and the wood paddle in his hand broke out.

“So fast.”

Aizen just saw the afterimage of the opposite side, and he came to his opposite side.

Kirinji Tenjirō is very fast, is also known as Raijin no Tenjirō.

In the original work, he stood in front of Soi Fon, but before she did not respond, he appeared behind her and took her down.

Even if it is Aizen must face Kirinji Tenjirō speed it also falls to the disadvantage.

Of course, Aizen’s Strength is very comprehensive, whether it is Kido, Zanjutsu, or Zanpakuto, it is stronger than the opposite side.

Therefore, the Attack of Kirinji Tenjirō has just appeared, and a barrier is blocked between the two.

Bakudō #81, Dankū.

The wooden paddles in Kirinji Tenjirō hands were stopped and could not be broken through Dankū’s.

But only in an instant, the body of Kirinji Tenjirō disappeared and appeared behind Xia Yan, and the wooden paddle flashed again.

But at the moment when the wooden paddle appeared, a long sword stabbed Kirinji Tenjirō chest.

“God damn it!”

Kirinji Tenjirō took back the wooden paddles and blocked them in front of his chest. The long sword slammed down and banged them down. The wooden paddles were directly pressed down and hit Kirinji Tenjirō body.

Aizen slowly retracted his right hand and said, “Is this the strength of Zero Division?”

“Great big strength.”

Kirinji Tenjirō face ugly, retreat a step, pull away the distance.

“Aizen, the only thing you can do this time is to watch, but don’t shoot.”

Xia Yan said softly.

“I just want to try their level. Next, I won’t shoot.” Aizen corner of the mouth showed a smile, move a little, and opened the distance.

See this scene, Kirinji Tenjirō rushed again, and the wooden paddles slammed into Xia Yan’s head.

However, his wood paddles has not yet fallen, and it has been blocked by countless Reishi barriers.

Million shield.

The wood paddle of Kirinji Tenjirō could not be scored a minute, but at this moment, a figure appeared in front of Xia Yan, and Zanpakuto cut it in his hand.

Xia Yan did not move, and there were countless Reishi barriers in front of him, trying to block this sword.

However, the sword fell, the Reishi barrier was cut directly and the body of Xia Yan was cut.

“This is the sharpest blade I have built. Not sheathed and can cut all the objects in the world. No one can stop it. Sorry, you are dying.”

The sound of Nimaiya Ōetsu ended, the sheath that he built, even the pellets formed by Reishi could be cut open, and it was so sharp that even the blood could not be contaminated. Until now, Nimaiya Ōetsu could not find a matching scabbard.

Thus called, Sayafushi.

But at the next moment, his face became ugly, “Why can’t my sword cut you?”

Nimaiya Ōetsu saw the sword which fell on Xia Yan’s shoulder and could no longer advance an inch, and could not cause any damage to it.

Xia Yan said with a smile: “I just use electricity to block your Zanpakuto, at the same time generate a magnetic field and generate a repulsive force with your own magnetic field, so that your sword will never be able to approach me.”

Just as Xia Yan’s voice fell, a figure rushed up again, and the wood paddles in his hand slammed into Xia Yan’s head.

Xia Yan’s right hand was just about to be lifted up, only to see a few vines on the ground, and all the bodies of Xia Yan, Aizen, and Soi Fon were wrapped up.

Xia Yan’s right hand was fixed, and the wood paddles of Kirinji Tenjirō had already fallen on Xia Yan’s head.


After a loud noise, Xia Yan body did not move, gently asked: “I heard that Unohana Captain’s treatment Ability is taught by you?”

“How is it? Flash from Illuminating Heavens, Kinpika!”

Accompanied by Kirinji Tenjirō words, his Zanpakuto suddenly changed, the wood paddles became a blade, and instantly went to Xia Yan.

Xia Yan did not move, but the blade fell on Xia Yan, but the latter did not hurt.

“I mean, you don’t know how to cut people like Unohana Captain.”

Xia Yan said softly, the thunder on his body shone, constantly hitting the surrounding vines, and the vines shattered a little.

But then, the vines rose again.


Xia Yan raised his eyebrows slightly, and Hikifune Kirio’s voice sounded, “This is the vine I just cultivated. It is a special contribution to you. It can absorb your thunder and promote the growth of vines. The stronger the power of your thunder, the more it will stimulate the vines.”

“It turned out to be the case.”

Xia Yan nodded, no movements, and a few shadows in the distance.

These figures, some open their mouths, sprayed out a Flame.

Some unplugged their teeth and then turned them into a sledgehammer.

There are also a purple pattern on the arm, clenching the fist, toward the Xia Yan Attack.

Sword Spirit, the entity of Zanpakuto made by Nimaiya Ōetsu, has the basic Ability.

In the face of these attacks, Xia Yan wants to attack them with Reiatsu, but the Reiatsu has just left, and the vines have risen again.

“Thank you, in fact, my Reiatsu, can’t maintain the thunder that you scatter. For the promotion of the branches, the vines will be destroyed, and you will provide a rich Reiatsu, so that they will go up again.”

Hikifune Kirio said with a smile in the distance.

Under the supplement of Xia Yan’s Reiatsu, the vines are getting thicker and tighter, and Xia Yan is tightly wrapped around there.

These knife-shaped attacks fell on Xia Yan’s body and could not cause damage to him.

Behind Kirinji Tenjirō, but did not carry Attack, but the arm rose, the rich white soup fell on Xia Yan’s body.

The next moment, Xia Yan’s Reiatsu overflows uncontrollably, and the spilled Reiatsu promotes the growth of vines to some extent, and Xia Yan is more and more tight.

Shutara Senjumaru in the distant, all the bones were dropped and replaced with new bones. Then the bones became popular and instantly stripped off all the nerves of the body.

Finally, she appeared next to Xia Yan, again attack Xia Yan.

However, at this time, Nimaiya Ōetsu recovered and then fell down again, directly stabbing Xia Yan’s chest.

Xia Yan’s body was banned and unable to move, and the body’s Reiatsu became more and more unstable, making it impossible to use Thunder.

When Nimaiya Ōetsu and Shutara Senjumaru fell on the body of Xia Yan, Nimaiya Ōetsu was also hit Xia Yan’s neck, and countless needles also penetrated his body.

“Xia Yan.”

Soi Fon yelled and wanted to help, but the body couldn’t move.

Xia Yan’s head fell directly to the side, rolled to the ground, and the blood flowed to the ground.

The vines slowly receded, and Xia Yan fallen to the ground, leaving only the headless body.

“It’s finally over, this brat is really difficult.” Nimaiya Ōetsu breathed a sigh of relief.

Shutara Senjumaru said with a chuckle: “It’s a brat with arrogance that no-one else matters, his arrogance will only bring results to himself.”

“What about the two?”

Kirinji Tenjirō looks at Soi Fon and Aizen, frowning and asking.

Hikifune Kirio said: “Take them to the center room for trial.”

Not far from Xia Yan, Soi Fon is a lonely look at the scene, her eyes are ruddy and her tears are accumulating.

It’s just like this.

Soi Fon was very sad, tears just came out, and a voice sounded.

“Do not Cry.”

Xia Yan’s voice came, and She saw that Xia Yan’s head on the ground slowly grew up, and he recovered again. She climbed up in a hurry.

“Eh… You are not dead?”

Soi Fon glimpsed a little, she saw that Zero Division was better than herself, and thought that Xia Yan was really killed.

“Sorry, I didn’t expect Soi Fon’s sister to really think that I am dead. I still want to wait for their emotions to brew for a while, and finally make a show in the show.”

Xia Yan reached out and wiped the tears from Soi Fon’s cheeks.


Nimaiya Ōetsu saw this scene and said with ugly face.

“The head has been cut and it should have been killed.”

Kirinji Tenjirō said dumbly.

Xia Yan looks at four people, smiled and said: “Sorry, I am not killed, unless you destroy my Heart, or I can be born again and again.”

At this moment, the sword in the hand of Nimaiya Ōetsu flashed, and Nimaiya Ōetsu ran through the heart of Xia Yan.

Xia Yan’s body fell to the ground again, lying on the ground, motionless.

Everyone looks at Xia Yan body, and they are somewhat suspicious.

Is this dead?

Nimaiya Ōetsu looks at the sword in his hand and said: “The vine that does not absorb Reiatsu, according to the truth, I can’t hurt him.”

Hikifune Kirio frowned and said, “Is he careless? After all, he said that we could kill him by destroying his heart. ”

Nimaiya Ōetsu looks at Soi Fon and said, “You ask him, if he die, you will get up soon after you die. If you don’t die, I will kill you.”

“Xia Yan, you, are you dead?”

Soi Fon looks at Xia Yan on the ground, she looks a little worried. This time, she is running through Heart. Since Heart is a vital point, it is likely to die.

Xia Yan stood up and said, “Haha, I am not dead.”

Nimaiya Ōetsu asked: “Why? You are not saying that your heart is a weakness?”

Xia Yan nodded and said: “Yes, my heart is a weakness. As long as my heart is not destroyed, I can regenerate with heart as the center.”

Nimaiya Ōetsu frowned and said, “But I just walked through your Heart.”

Xia Yan took a picture of her chest and said, “My Heart is not on the left, but in the middle.”

At this moment, Nimaiya Ōetsu was stabbed again and stabbed into Xia Yan’s chest.

However, Xia Yan did not hurt, Nimaiya Ōetsu slowly pulled out Sayafushi, holding the eyes looks at Xia Yan.

“Yes, only destroying my heart can completely kill me.”

Xia Yan’s mouth showed a smile and said: “But my Heart can’t be destroyed.”

Hogyoku Aizen, the fourth form, can be reborn with Hōgyoku as the center and can no longer be killed.

Unless Hōgyoku is destroyed, but no one can destroy Hōgyoku and can only seal it in hell.

Xia Yan used Hōgyoku to become Heart, and it can do this.

Of course, if the attack heart is really, Xia Yan can’t be injured.

“You are really scary.”

Kirinji Tenjirō coldly said.

Xia Yan said with a sullen face: “Scary? It is because of my terrible that you have not experienced true terrifying.”

The entire Zero Division, except the Hyōsube, was killed.

It is his own appearance, save them, and let them stand here to protect Soul King and deal with himself.

Xia Yan’s voice fell, Thunder flashed in the air, and at the moment the thunder flashed, Xia Yan appeared behind Shutara Senjumaru.

“So fast.”

Kirinji Tenjirō saw the thunder appear, Xia Yan has appeared in the distance, “Be careful.”

Kirinji Tenjirō shouted, but Xia Yan’s hand had already been thrown.


Blood Splash, Shutara Senjumaru’s back is penetrated by Xia Yan, a blood hole appears directly in the chest, the spine breaks and falls heavily.

Seeing this scene, other people looked alert, Nimaiya Ōetsu took Zanpakuto, turned the position, facing Xia Yan.

But his body just turned, Xia Yan appeared behind him, his arm grabbed again.

Nimaiya Ōetsu’s chest was penetrated and fell to the ground again. Just as he fell to the ground, Hikifune Kirio’s chest also had a blood hole.

After the two fell to the ground, Xia Yan looked at Kirinji Tenjirō, “Your treatment technique is very good? These three people just destroyed the spine by me and have not died yet, so you take them away.”

Kirinji Tenjirō face was ugly and asked: “Don’t you kill us?”

Xia Yan shook his head and said: “My purpose is to kill Soul King. Instead, your Strength is good and there is a place to use it.”

Kirinji Tenjirō coldly snorted, said: “Even if you let us go, we will not be loyal to you.”

Xia Yan yawned and said: “Of course I will not let you be loyal. I have my own subordinates and people I trust. Naturally, I will not let you be my guard. When I become Soul King, let you leave the Soul King Palace and go to Gotei 13th on duty. Go and save them, otherwise they will really die.”

Kirinji Tenjirō hesitated a moment, his right hand waved, two huge figures appeared in the distance, Kirinji Tenjirō whispered: “Carried them.”

One of them picked up one, and Kirinji Tenjirō picked up the last Hikifune Kirio and said: “We are willing to fight for Soul King, even if the death of our companions can not stop us from protecting Soul King. The reason why I am willing to leave is because there is an opponent in front of you. You can overcome us, but you cannot beat him.”

Leaving this sentence, Kirinji Tenjirō body flashed and disappeared into the distance.

When they left, Soi Fon said in a complicated way: “Is this Zero Division? Each of their Strengths is stronger than me, but it is so easily defeated by you. Especially your speed is almost too late for me to catch up.”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “It’s just that the ability has reached its limit.”

Xia Yan abandoned the light form that Aizen once had Evolution, but he himself and Zanpakuto have combined to control the amount thunder.

This means that he can eliminate air resistance and generate a magnetic field for the body.

At this same time, the body becomes the Reishi form, and Xia Yan can already be close to the Thunder.

Even if it is Kirinji Tenjirō, he can only see the moment when his figure appears, but he can’t see the whole process.

So any physical level attack can’t hurt him.

Xia Yan looked into the distance, where the five islands in the middle of the floating island will have this trip to Soul King Palace, the only one who can deal  damage to himself.

Hyōsube Ichibē.

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